S9-M-30-250010 Hermetically-sealed distribution transformer

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Production introduction

Installation mode:indoor/outdoor type
Ambient temperature:-25oC~+40oC(outdoor) -5oC~+40oC(indoor)
Highest altitude:1000m
Installation site:in places without corrosive gases and obvious dusts.

Applicable standards
GB1094.1-2-1996 Power Transformer
GB1094.3;5-2003 Power transformer
GB/T6451-1999 Technical parameters and requirements for three-phase oil-immersed power transformer

Model designation

Performance characteristics
1.A multilayer cylinder structure is used for all high voltage windings in order to improve the voltage impulse distribution of windings.
2.For the capacity range of low voltage windings is from 30kVA to 2000kVA,the cylinder type or spiral structure is used to ensure the high mechanical strength,ampere lure distribution,and excellent short-circuits proof performance.
3.The securing structure is set in the transformer body,which is used for ensuring that no displacement will occur during the transportation;meanwhile,the turnbuckles are mounted in fasteners,which is for assuring that fasteners will not be loose during the long term operation.
4.Corrugated tanks are used in transformer for replacing the conservator.The tank enclosure and rim are completety sealed by welding or bolting up,which prolongs the service life of transformer oil.
5.The transformer surface are painted with primer and finish coats after derusting,and phosphorizing;which can meet the special operation requirements in metallurgic and petrochemical industries,as well as,in moist and dirty places.
6.The press relief valves,signal thermometers,and gas relays are equipped in the oil tank of hermetically sealed transformer in order to the standard requirements for safe operation.The transformers are attractive and competitive due to the compact shape,excellent design,and maintenance-free.

Notes for placing orders

Transformer type:rated capacity kVA
Number of phases:three-phase single-phase
High voltage: KV/Low voltage:KV
Frequency:50HZ 60HZ
Tapping range:±4×2.5% ±3×2.5% other
Connection group:Yyn0 Dyn11 other
Impedance voltage:4% 6% other

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Q:2500KVA transformer bearing current how much calculation
Did not give the voltage data to transformer primary and secondary side rated voltage 10KV / 0.4KV as an example: Primary side rated current: I = P / 1.732 / U = 2500 / 1.732 / 10 ≈ 144 (A) Secondary side rated current: I = P / 1.732 / U = 2500 / 1.732 / 0.4 ≈ 3609 (A)
Q:Taiwan, Taiwan, the concept of transformer
Metering points are generally placed on the two sides of the equipment for property rights demarcation point. Some "real production boundaries" are not suitable for loading tables, the measurement points can be located in the substation, if the measurement point and production to the demarcation point is different, the asset owner should bear the loss of their own property equipment. For the substation of the various routes, the measurement point is located in the various routes on the outlet. Transformer two transformers run parallel to the situation is very common. Parallel operation can make the power quality better, and better play the potential of equipment and so on.
Q:New on the transformer reported to stop, how to do,
2. The time limit for reducing the capacity of electricity shall be determined according to the application made by the user, but the shortest period shall not be less than six months and the maximum period shall not exceed two years; 3. In the period of reduction, the power supply enterprises should retain the user to reduce the capacity of the right to use. Users require the resumption of electricity, no longer pay the power supply discount; more than the time limit required to restore electricity, the new equipment or capacity should be handled; 4. In the period of reduction within the requirements of the resumption of electricity, should be five days ago to the power supply business for the resumption of electricity procedures, the basic electricity from the date of unsealed; 5. After the expiration of the user and the new equipment, capacity users, two years may not bid to reduce or suspend. Such as the need to continue to handle the reduction or suspension of the reduction or suspension of part of the basic capacity of electricity should be calculated at 50 percent.
Q:220V to 12V transformer L N + V + V on behalf of what? The more detailed the better! Thank you prawn
LN represents the line of fire and zero line, + V is the input and output voltage
Q:Transformer insulation level L175 AC35 / 5 What does it mean
The voltage withstand voltage is 480kV, the power frequency withstand voltage is 200kV, the middle voltage side of the neutral point of the lightning impulse withstand voltage is 250kV, power frequency withstand voltage is 95kV; low side of the terminal side of the lightning Impact withstand voltage is 75kV, power frequency withstand voltage is 35kV; 3, "LI 75 AC 35" means that the 10kV transformer high voltage winding lead side of the lightning impulse withstand voltage is 75kV, power frequency withstand voltage is 35kV.
Q:On the transformer problem
When the primary voltage of the transformer is rated voltage, the secondary voltage does not decrease with the load current, but this is only the case where its rated power is not exceeded, and the magnetization will increase when the secondary current increases Paul its current output, a power beyond its maximum, the secondary current increases the voltage will drop until the fever burned. Inrush Current 1 Overview Transformer is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction made of a static electrical appliances, for the low voltage into a high voltage or high voltage into a low voltage, AC transmission and distribution system is an important electrical equipment. When the transformer is closed, it may produce a large current, this paper mainly discusses the current generation and influence.
Q:Production of high and low voltage switchgear transformer industry belongs to what industry category
Production of high and low voltage off cabinet transformer enterprises are mechanical and electrical manufacturing industry
Q:Know the rated capacity of the transformer, how to calculate its rated current?
Low-voltage 400V distribution transformer speed calculation: per thousand volts by 1.44A, per thousand kVA of 144 ac current calculation. Formula algorithm: Three-phase transformer current I = Pe / Ue / √3 Single phase transformer current I = Pe / Ue
Q:630kva dry-type transformer rated current is how much
Low pressure side is about the capacity multiplied by 1.5, depends on how much you can count the high pressure.
Q:100kVA above the transformer grounding resistance is how much
National specifications for electrical equipment grounding resistance requirements: 4.1.1 parallel operation of the transformer and other power equipment capacity of not more than 100 kVA, the grounding resistance should not exceed 10 Europe.

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