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S690QL1 steel high strength steel S690QL1    

S590Q, S690Q, S690QL, S690QL1, WQ690D, Q550D, WQ590D, WH70Q,WDB620E, WH785E

The content of elements - [maximum early

A maximum of 0.50 Mo Cu, a maximum of 0.70, maximum 0.06 Nb, 2 Ti Ni maximum,a maximum of 0.05, maximum 0.12 V, 0.15 Zr maximum

Executive standard: EN10025-6, I like GB/T16270-2009

S690Q used in the manufacture of low temperature resistance, high strength of thekey parts, construction machinery, mining machinery structure, is of high strengthstructural steel plate.

S690Q: the yield strength of sigma 0.2 > 690- > 650 MPa, S690Q: the ultimate tensile strength of B 770-940MPa, S690Q: extension rate greater than 14 Delta 5%, S690Q:-20 C V impact work vertical is greater than or equal to 30J. I like

S690Q high strength steel plate, quenching and tempering heat treatment method,main use: manufacturing of all kinds of mechanical engineering, such as various types of mines and construction projects for the drilling rig, excavator, electric wheel dump truck, mine car, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, cranes, various typesof hydraulic support in coal mine mechanical equipment and abrasion proof structure; widely used in petrochemical industry, power plants and other industries,for the production of separator, nuclear reactor pressure shell, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, hydropower station high pressure water pipe, water turbine voluteequipment and components

Plate for bridge: Q235qC Q345qC Q370qC Q420qC14MnNbq

Construction plate: Q235GJC Q345GJC Q390GJC Q420GJC Q460GJC

Shipbuilding: A B D E AH32/36 DH32/36 EH32/36 2hgr50 AH40 DH40 EH40

Grinding plate: S48-50 P20 718 WSM30A P80A 6388: X50 X56 X60 X65 pipeline steel X70

Wear resistant steel plate: NM360 NM400

High strength steel WH70Q WQ590DQ550D

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Q:How to pass through steel at water stop steel plate?
The steel bar cannot pass through the water stopping steel plate, and this should be taken into consideration when arranging the water stop steel plate.Therefore, the water stop steel plate is usually arranged at the end of the plate or wall, but can not be arranged at the edge of the beam column, otherwise the stirrup is interrupted.
Q:Can the steel surface be made of epoxy resin flooring?
Because of the problem of surface adhesion, special coatings should be used, such as zinc rich primers, polyurea coatings, etc..
Q:What kind of material does ordinary steel plate refer to in steel market?
This is not difficult to understand. The chemical composition of ordinary steel is very simple. It is only made of carbon and iron. But the alloy steel plate is according to the different design request and the construction request to deploy its chemical composition, the different design request will affect the alloy steel plate in the choice alloy element choice.
Q:What are hot and cold plates?
Hot and cold plate is cold rolled sheet (coil) and hot rolled plate (coil) collectively.
Q:How can the white steel plate be bright and cleaned?
The corrosion resistance of white steel depends mainly on its alloy composition (chromium, nickel, titanium, silicon, aluminum, etc.) and the internal structure of the alloy. The main element is chromium. Chromium has high chemical stability, can form a passive film on the steel surface, so that the metal is isolated from the outside, protect the steel plate from oxidation and increase the corrosion resistance of the steel plate. When the passive film is destroyed, the corrosion resistance will decrease.
Q:Definition and application of steel sheet pile
The steel sheet pile is a kind of edge with linkage device, and the linkage device can be freely assembled so as to make the linkageA steel structure forming a continuous tight retaining or retaining wall
Q:Steel plate pile length, adjacent two steel plate pile joints should be staggered what position?
Hello, due to site transportation restrictions and insufficient length of existing materials and other reasonsSome projects need to meet the design length by using the site connection method.
Q:Is galvanized iron sheet the same as galvanized steel sheet? solve
The same thing is done to slow down the rate of oxidation. Because the zinc is more active than the iron, the zinc first responds, the zinc reaction is finished, iron should. Thereby slowing down its oxidation.
Q:1.5mm galvanized steel prices?
Steel plate is made of molten steel, cooled and compressed into flat steel. The steel plate is flat, rectangular, and can be rolled directly or cut from a wide strip of steel. Steel plate by thickness, thin steel plate <4 mm (thinnest 0.2 mm), thick steel plate 4~60 mm, extra thick steel plate 60~115 mm. The steel plate is divided into hot-rolled and cold-rolled parts according to rolling. The width of the sheet is 500~1500 mm; the thickness is 600~3000 mm. According to the type of steel sheet, ordinary steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, spring steel, stainless steel, tool steel, heat-resistant steel, bearing steel, silicon steel and industrial pure iron sheet; according to professional use, with drums board, enamel board, bulletproof plate; surface coating and plating, plating with zinc thin plate, tin plate, plating lead sheet, plastic composite plate.
Q:What is called steel plate sanding process?
The friction requirement of high strength bolts on the joint surface is accomplished by sand blasting.

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