RVVZ Communication Power Supply With Flame Retardant Flexible Cable

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Communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable RVVZ - RVVZ (aka ZRVVR) series flame retardant cable is soft and filaments multilayer complex ground forms a partnership, has good flexibility, high flexural performance, high flame retardant performance at the same time, apply to telecommunications, post and telecommunications, railway, chemical industry, fire control, communications, chemical and other power distribution system of the internal connections of the telecom room, communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable RVVZ is suitable for fixed installation can be used as mobile cable and is especially applicable in the special environment. 


1, name: communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable RVVZ (communication power supply with the antiflaming fire-resistant flexible cable)
2, communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable RVVZ specifications: 6-240 - mm
3, communication power supply with a flame retardant flexible cable RVVZ dc cable, communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable is applicable to the communication board (station) and lose of high-rise buildings, such as power supply and distribution system used in the flame retardant flexible cable. 
B communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable RVVZ used in overhead, pipelines, indoor cable conduit, directly buried underground. 

Standard: YD/T1173-2001

, the product model: ZA - RVV (ZRRVV ZRVVR RVVZ) communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable
ZA - RVV22 (ZRRVV22 ZRVVR22 RVVZ22) communication power supply with flame retardant steel tape armoured flexible cable
ZRYJVR, ZRYJVR22 communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable
6, communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable RVVZ flame retardant performance
Communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable under specified test conditions, specimen was burning, after removed test of ignition, flame spread only in a limited range, residual flame or residual burning characteristics of self extinguishing reaction in the limited time. 

 Main Features

A, communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable rated voltage: 600/1000, 450/750 v v. 
B, communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable long-term working temperature of conductor: 70 ℃. 
C, communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable when installation should not below 0 ℃ environment temperature. 
D, communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable minimum bending radius: the armoured cable, flame retardant for 6 times of cable diameter, armoured cable type: for 20 times of cable diameter.




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