RVVZ Communication Power Supply With Flame Retardant Flexible Cable

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Communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable RVVZ - RVVZ (aka ZRVVR) series flame retardant cable is soft and filaments multilayer complex ground forms a partnership, has good flexibility, high flexural performance, high flame retardant performance at the same time, apply to telecommunications, post and telecommunications, railway, chemical industry, fire control, communications, chemical and other power distribution system of the internal connections of the telecom room, communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable RVVZ is suitable for fixed installation can be used as mobile cable and is especially applicable in the special environment. 


1, name: communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable RVVZ (communication power supply with the antiflaming fire-resistant flexible cable)
2, communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable RVVZ specifications: 6-240 - mm
3, communication power supply with a flame retardant flexible cable RVVZ dc cable, communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable is applicable to the communication board (station) and lose of high-rise buildings, such as power supply and distribution system used in the flame retardant flexible cable. 
B communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable RVVZ used in overhead, pipelines, indoor cable conduit, directly buried underground. 

Standard: YD/T1173-2001

, the product model: ZA - RVV (ZRRVV ZRVVR RVVZ) communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable
ZA - RVV22 (ZRRVV22 ZRVVR22 RVVZ22) communication power supply with flame retardant steel tape armoured flexible cable
ZRYJVR, ZRYJVR22 communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable
6, communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable RVVZ flame retardant performance
Communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable under specified test conditions, specimen was burning, after removed test of ignition, flame spread only in a limited range, residual flame or residual burning characteristics of self extinguishing reaction in the limited time. 

 Main Features

A, communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable rated voltage: 600/1000, 450/750 v v. 
B, communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable long-term working temperature of conductor: 70 ℃. 
C, communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable when installation should not below 0 ℃ environment temperature. 
D, communication power supply with flame retardant flexible cable minimum bending radius: the armoured cable, flame retardant for 6 times of cable diameter, armoured cable type: for 20 times of cable diameter.




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"Electrical design of civil buildings," 8.10.13; steel cable bridge straight section length of more than 30m, aluminum or glass fiber reinforced plastic cable bridge length of more than 15m, should be set up expansion joints. Cable bridge across the building deformation joints, should be set compensation device. The telescopic section is set for temperature change; the compensating device is to prevent settlement at the deformation.
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See home improvement or tooling, home improvement we will be buried in the trench below the pipe. Also need not particularly out of the picture, not so high demand. All the lines of the tooling must take the bridge, that is, from the ceiling to go, must be strong and weak to separate a distance, the line can not exceed 40% of the tube (tooling home improvement) to no longer clear the label is not OK, simply can not repair. And this is the national norm. Of course, the construction process of a lot of strong power or take the ground, but this is inside the floor. Can be drawn directly.
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Calculation method: the amount of engineering calculation formula: L = (pipe length calculation + wire reserved length) × with the number of cross-section wire. Note: plastic pipe should not be flattened, cracks, no debris in the tube, cut the mouth should be flat, the nozzle should be shaved plastic wire pipe connection using glue bonding, plastic pipe bonding must be tightly tight, and in the pipeline plug on the plastic pipe plug, to prevent the paddle, plug tube concrete floor, wall and brick structure of the various switches, socket bottom box , The lamp junction box and the pipe connection must be connected with the wiring, is strictly prohibited plastic pipe directly into the junction box dark in the concrete junction box requirements with wet cement paper or plastic foam filled with internal, not allowed to use The cement paper packs its outside. Embedded in the floor, the shear wall of the plastic pipe, the junction box should be fixed firmly to prevent the shift
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" Why should the closed wall or protective wall closed on the second side of the closed junction box? This need to understand if you do not add this closed junction box, what kind of harm Civil air defense project in the closed wall is divided into the clean area and the area of ​​the infected area, and the wire tube in the thread after the inside is a cavity, directly through the wall to communicate with the cleaning area and exposed areas, so wartime works outside the dyeing The poisonous air can penetrate into the clean area through the cavity inside the wire tube, which is harmful to the personnel inside the project And the installation of a sealed junction box, you can thread in the line after the box filled with sealing material to block the tube cavity connectivity This is why the electrical safety pipe in the air defense project must pass the closed wall or protect the closed wall when the two sides must be closed in the closed junction box reasons
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Depending on how much of the 24 switches that U ah, 1U, then up to 42 slightly, but still empty position good heat dissipation, 2U, then installed a 20 up to the bar.
Q:What kind of material should be selected for the fixing bracket of the cable trunking
2.5 square copper (green, with the threading tube) theory will be able to withstand about 20A current, consider the pipe, temperature and other factors, so according to the actual can withstand about 3 kilowatts of power. In fact the 2.5MM2 copper wire is generally open 16A can withstand about 3.4 kilowatts of power.
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Q:Why does the sparrow stand on the wire without electric shock?
AC power is a two-phase exchange of the power system, itself is positive and negative exchange, the electromagnetic effect can almost count the daily life of the free radiation are more than this number, and can rest assured that the general life supplies, the larger electromagnetic radiation from the DC Of electrical supplies, which only need to pay more attention
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You can use sc. if too long, or bend the best use of the bridge
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If you put seven 1.0 square conductor twisted together, as a power can of course. But you twisted the copper wire, how to solve the insulation? In addition, the manual twist, then there is the problem of density, can not be a bit twisted copper wire twisted round? And if you put the seven core core is not peeling, directly twisted together, then, when the wire when the core heat how you solve. So, do not use this line to do home improvement. But if you want to use this line to do the lamp line or can.

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