rutile titanium dioxide R6658

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The characteristics of the product

R6658 is an aluminum inorganic and organic surface treated rutile titanium dioxide. It has excellent optical properties, good whiteness, high weather resistance and dispersibility.

Quality index

The content of titanium dioxide %          ≥95.0

Brightness %                          98

PH value of aqueous suspension          6.5~8.5

Oil absorption g/100g                 20

Tint reducing power (Reynolds number)    1800

The content of rutile %                      97.5

Oil dispersion (Hegman) %                     6.5

Screenings(45μm) %                     ≤0.05

Resistivity Ω•m                           80

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Q:What is the difference between dyes and pigments?
Pigment and dyestuffs Pigments are a kind of fine powdery colored material, generally insoluble in water, oil and solvent, but can be evenly dispersed in it. Pigment is the secondary film forming material of paint, in the wood decoration process modulation primer, putty and wood coloring, but also often use the pigment.
Q:Epson R270 and 1390 what pigment ink is good? Do not fade, color is good.
Any pigment ink, are not easy to fade. As long as the brand ink can be. Do not use no-print ink.
Q:Paint wastewater treatment
The degreasing waste liquid is subjected to demulsification pretreatment by acidification, adding the inorganic acid to the degreasing waste liquid to adjust the pH to 2 to 3, so that the fatty acid in the emulsifier is soaped with fatty acids, and the higher fatty acids are insoluble in water and dissolve Oil, so that degreasing waste liquid demulsification oil. In addition, after adding acid in the degreasing waste in the anionic surfactant in acid solution easily decomposed and lose stability, lost the original lipophilic and hydrophilic balance, so as to achieve demulsification. After the pretreatment, CODCr decreased from 2500 ~ 4000mg / L to 1500 ~ 2400mg / L, the removal rate was about 40%, while the oil content decreased from 300 ~ 950 mg / L to 50 ~ 70 mg / L, the removal rate was as high as 90% ~ 95%.
Q:How does the pigment pick up the rose red?
There are only two ways: 1 red plus violet (purple not) 2 red and then add a little more green lotus violet, green lotus, rose red is the color of the system ... the difference between them only red and blue. Rose red up , Qinglian blue up to ... three primary colors and white than any column are not transferred out
Q:What is the main ingredient in furniture paint?
Paint materials contain a variety of solvents Benzene, xylene, nitro paint in the diluent Ethanol, butanol, etc. are also toxic in the construction of volatile solvent vapor, high concentrations of human nerves have a more serious stimulation and harm. Low concentrations also have headaches, nausea, fatigue and abdominal pain and so on. In the long-term exposure will cause loss of appetite, damage to the hematopoietic system, the occurrence of chronic poisoning. But as long as the attention to strengthen the protection, try to prevent paint contact with the skin, if possible to more window ventilation and `let the indoor air distribution. I know a lot of life in the paint of the old master, although older but very healthy, more live to ninety birthday, another eighty one year old this year still ears, there are several have six or seven years old, Disease-free disaster, so as long as the attention to protect themselves, you can ensure safety. After the completion of the construction and use of all the opportunities for a lot of window ventilation ventilation is it.
Q:What is the difference between dyes and pigments for plastic dyeing?
Standing on the point of view of plastic color: dye I have a little higher coloring, but the stability is almost. Both are difficult to dissolve water.
Q:Paint will heat the body
There must be hurt sprinkle, paint preheat molecules evaporate, the more concentrated smell, the more toxic gases
Q:Can alcohol dissolve paint?
With gasoline or other thin to clean, it is useful. Try to try. Wash water can also, the effect is also good, and with a fragrance.
Q:acrylic paint or fabric paint?
First, fabric paint is acrylic paint... it's just had a clear textile medium added to it to make it more supple after it's dry. On objects that won't flex or move, regular acrylic paints will be fine (and they'll actually flex somewhat on their own). On objects like fabric, shoes, etc, which will flex after they're painted on, it can be better to add some textile medium to your acrylic paint (buy textile medium wherever acrylic paints are sold --usually in small bottles with the other acrylic mediums), or you can just buy fabric paint from the start. If you're just painting little things here and there on the shoes (in an area that wont' be flexed like across the toe base) as opposed to painting a larger expanse, you probably won't need for the dried acrylic paint to be more supple than it normally would be. All acrylic paints are waterproof and will wash well --as long as you wait at least a week before washing (since they take a little longer to fully cure than to simply dry). It can also be good also to put them in a cloth bag or something while washing (perhaps on a gentle cycle, and not using a strong detergent like Tide--Cheer and All would be better) so that the paint won't be rubbing against other things as much. Also to keep the paint on as well as possible, be sure to remove any dirt** or oil from the surface to be painted first so it won't act as a release, and also to pounce the paint down into the shoe fabric when applying it (rather than just laying it on the surface). **for clothing, it's recommended to wash the item to be painted first for best adhesion of the paint, since stiffeners and other things may have been used on the fabric to make it look good for purchase... also, fabric softeners shouldn't be used on fabric to be painted for the same reason HTH, Diane B.
Q:What is the difference between latex paint and mixed water paint?
Latex paint is actually what we often say that the paint, milk paint. While the mixed paint is paint, in addition to transparent paint called varnish, the other are called color mixed paint

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