rutile titanium dioxide R6638

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The characteristics of the product

R6638 is a multipurpose water-based rutile titanium dioxide produced by silicon, aluminum and organic treated. It is suitable for papermaking with a high demand of water dispersion, water-based paint especially interior and exterior emulsion paint and water-based ink and so on.

Quality index

The content of titanium dioxide %          ≥93.0

Brightness %                          97.5

PH value of aqueous suspension          6.5~8.5

Oil absorption g/100g                 20

Tint reducing power (Reynolds number)    1800

The content of rutile %                  97.5

Water dispersion %                     85

Screenings(45μm) %               0.05

Resistivity Ω•m                     80

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Q:Huang Meitian brush paint and paint what impact?
Affect the adhesion of the coating, poor adhesion - so the coating quality can not be guaranteed.
Q:Open paint and closed paint which is more expensive? What is more beautiful? Is doing white
The open type is made of nitrocellulose. Closed is made of polyester paint and water-based paint. The price of water-based paint is the most expensive. Nitrocellulose and polyester varnish are relatively less than the type of nitro. The price is generally the same as the price of polyester mid-range paint. Polyester paint more types. Selectivity is relatively large. The price range is relatively large. But do open with nitro has a disadvantage is the amount of great. The general use of polyester paint construction, then painted three times more than twice the paint on it. If you use nitro, then the general six times to paint six times before the paint effect we go. General paint workers are not afraid of trouble with nitro. Nitro makes it very good. More suitable for young people with. There are time to try to find a good way to paint the painter. Because the difficulty of the construction of nitro is higher than that of polyester. Nitro environmental performance is also very good. Polyester and water-based paint is more suitable for closed. This is more suitable for mature type. If you are more personal. Young people use nitro to do open is pretty good indeed. If you are more mature nature that with polyester and water-based closed may make you like more. I know the knowledge is poured out. Give me points to it.
Q:What is wood dyeing technology?
The dyeing effect of wood is measured by the above indexes such as dyeing rate, dyeing property and light fastness. In addition to the influence of pH value and dyeing process of dyes, adjuvants and dyes, the wood structure, Chemical composition of the impact. Due to the diversity and complexity of the wood structure, coupled with the wood dyeing industry is a new industry, so different tree dyes, different dyes on the wood dyeing, different products for the necessary dyes there are many problems, further research.
Q:What kind of pen ink?
Pen ink is divided into two kinds of pigment ink (also called carbon ink) and dye ink.
Q:What is the difference between paint and plastic?
Plastic paint to thermoplastic acrylic resin as the base, supplemented by high-grade additives and pigments from the deployment of standard plastic paint. The paint has a high hardness, high gloss, high score fullness, good adhesion between layers, easy construction and other characteristics, widely used in plastic substrate coating products. Such as plastic toys, plastic daily necessities, electrical products, plastic handicrafts and so on.
Q:Is the waterproof paint a paint? If not, with the paint class, what is the difference?
Whether it is paint, or wall paint, or has been eliminated by the market what 88 anti-porcelain paint are collectively referred to as paint, but now the paint is generally used for furniture (wood used in paint before also known as paint, now called wood ), Metal surface, due to the requirements of environmental protection, whether it is paint or wall paint to use water to dilute to use, it can also be called water-based paint or water-based paint, is used before the capacity and water, construction can not be dry after the water , Also known as waterproof coating.
Q:How can one distinguish between dye inks and pigment inks? The
Why water-based pigment ink may become the mainstream inkjet ink products? A: The water-based pigment ink is the first water-based, add ingredients away from the organic solvent composition, the human body and the environment is not harmful, it is environmentally friendly ink, in line with today's social civilization development direction. Furthermore, due to the use of nano-pigment production of ink, to overcome the dye-type ink on the temperature, humidity, atmospheric conditions, light effects such as sensitive to water-resistant anti-UV anti-UV fade the ideal effect, just to overcome the traditional inkjet printing defects , So there is reason to believe that water-based pigment ink is the future of printing ink mainstream products.
Q:What pigment does not fade
With almost all of propylene and textile, but textile paint is more suitable for painting on cotton products, such as T-shirts
Q:What is the paint on the wall?
It is best to buy their own harmless dyes
Q:What is the difference between oily and waterproof latex paint?
Oily paint is a dry oil as the main film forming a class of paint, mainly oil, thick paint, oil blending paint, oil-based anti-rust paint and putty, putty and so on. The oil used is mainly tung oil, linseed oil, oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, fish oil, etc. It is characterized by easy production, low price, good brushing, flexible coating, good permeability. Disadvantages are slow drying, poor performance of the coating film and material, most of the performance has been excellent synthetic resin paint replaced.

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