rutile titanium dioxide R6628

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The characteristics of the product

R6628 is a silicon, aluminum inorganic and organic surface treated rutile titanium dioxide, it has high whiteness and glossiness, strong tinting strength, good weather resistance and dispersability.

Quality index

The content of titanium dioxide %         not less than93.0

Brightness %                          not less than97.5

PH value of aqueous suspension          6.5~8.5

Tint reducing power (Reynolds number)    not less than1800

The content of rutile %                  not less than97.5

Water dispersion %                    not less than 85

Screenings(45μm) %               not more than0.05

Resistivity                    not less than80

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Paint, painted in Chinese tradition as a paint. China's paint industry more authoritative "paint technology" a book is so defined: "paint is a material, this material can be used in different construction techniques coated on the surface of the object, the formation of strong adhesion, with a certain strength, continuous Solid film. This form of the film known as the coating, also known as paint film or coating. "Most of the early vegetable oil as the main raw material, it is called" paint. " Whether the traditional natural materials as raw materials of paint products, or modern development of synthetic chemical products as raw materials, paint products, are organic chemical polymer materials, the formation of the coating is a polymer compound type. In accordance with the classification of modern chemical products, paint is a fine chemical products. Modern coatings are gradually becoming a versatile engineering material, an important industry in the chemical industry.
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Q:What does the theoretical strength of the polymer include?
For a polymer, assuming that the macromolecules are neatly arranged, the 5 × (10) ^ (14) macromolecule chains will be added per square centimeter cross section, so that the tensile strength of the section will reach 25 × (10) ^ (10) ) Dyne / cm, or 25 × (10) ^ (4) kg / cm². This value is the highest theoretical strength value for the polymer. The actual strength of the polymer is only 1/10 to 1/100 of this value.

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