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1.Lemon coaxial external antenna connector
2.High sensitivity integrated antenna
3.USB: Mini B/slave


PJK 7 is a bran-new rugged handheld GPS/GIS equipment. It provides a complete set of all necessary features required of a mapping device for anyone who needs productive data collection and efficient asset management in the field. Through post-processing, the positions of every GIS feature you collect can be better than sub-meter-level accuracy.
The innovative design integrates all the communication components offering an all-in-one robust solution to the user. The PJK 7 offers a unique design with various crackajack capabilities. It includes internal and removable battery, internal memory, specific kits per application and full compatibility with various software solutions from the third part.
The PJK 7 comes with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6, a color touch-screen, and has Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. This handy feature-rich GPS includes an integrated 3-megapixel camera, an embedded speaker and microphone to enrich the collected data with pictures and voice notes.
High performance fully rugged handheld for real-time communication in any harsh conditions:
l MIL-STD 810G and IP65 Compliance
l 128M RAM/128M ROM
l Microsoft Windows CE 6.0
l 400MHz Mobile Computing Platform
l Portrait 3.5QVGA(240×320),
Transflective sunlight readable display
Pressure sensitive touchscreen
l SDIO / SDHC Card Slot for Flexible
Expansion and Storage
l Field Swappable 1900mAh Li-Ion,
Battery with Long Battery Life
(12Hours without GPRS)
l Embedded High Sensitivity GPS
l Embedded Bluetooth 2.0 module
l Embedded 802.11b/g WLAN module
l Receiver and 3M Pixels Auto-focus Camera
l 2.5G/3.5G WWAN (HSDPA / WCDMA /EDGE / GPRS / GSM)(Option)
l Embedded RFID module (Option)
l Lemon coaxial external antenna connector
Package Contents
The PTK 7 handheld device package contains:
1 PJK   7 handheld device
1 USB data communication cable
1 Rechargeable battery pack
2 Styluses
1 Power adaptor
1 CD-ROM Software Development Kit and Users manual
1 Warranty card
Optional Accessories
- External GPS survey antenna
- Hand Strap
- Carrying case
- Charging on cradle
- Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 Professional
- Processor:400 MHz
- 128MB DRAM and 128MB Flash ROM
- Display 64K Color TFT LCD with 320 x 240 pixel resolution, with LED backlight and touch screen, Advanced sunlight readable display.
GPS Characteristics
20 parallel channels
L1 C/A code and carrier
Update rate: 1Hz
Protocol: NMEA 0183 v 3.0
RTCM SC-104 version 2.3(9.2 &1.2)
High sensitivity integrated antenna
Accuracy Specifications
Real-Time Performance (RMS)
- 80cm with VRS/CORS corrections
- 1m with one base corrections
Post-processing Performance (RMS)
- 40 cm
Static Survey Performance (RMS)
(With need external survey antenna)
- Horizontal:0.005m + 1ppm
- Vertical:0.01m +2ppm
Mechanical Features
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 17.5 x 8.2 x 4.1 cm
- Weight: 450 g (incl. battery)
Power Characteristics
- Battery type: 7.4V lithium-ion,1900mAh
- Removable, Rechargeable battery
- Battery life:
Over 12 hours run-time with GPS
Over 6 hours run-time with GPS and wireless communication
- External power port for extended operation time
Environmental Features
- Operating temperature: -20° to + 50 °C
- Storage temperature: -30° to +70 °C
- Humidity: 90% non condensing for temperatures < 40°C
- Protection: IP65
- ESD protection: 8 KV contact discharge, 15 KV air discharge
- Drop resistance: 1.2 m / 4 ft
- Integrated Bluetooth/802.11b/g WLAN wireless technology
- Lemon coaxial external antenna connector
- USB: Mini B/slave
- Integrated 2.5G/3.5G data-link (option)
- 3-megapixel digital camera
- Port for communication Dock
- 2.5G/3.5G Wireless module
- RFID Module
Stand Software

Receiver Description
Front Panel

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