Rubber Underlay

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50 Rolls roll
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100000SQM/Month roll/month

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Product Description:

Description of Rubber Underlay
Rubber underlay is the isolated layer between carpet and ground , which be lied close to ground in order to enhance moisture protection , increase flexibility and make the ground flat. Mainly used under carpet  etc. The damp check helps to protect carpet, and prolong carpet service life. It is suitable for all types of floors including concrete, wood, asphalt and many more,can be used in all hotel,office,bedroom and so on.

 rubber underlay

Advantages of Rubber Underlay
1. Environmentally friendly ,non-toxic
2. Luxury underfoot comfort
3. Impact resistant
4. Noise reduction
5. Extends the life of your carpet/floor
6. Anti-fouling
7. Low-cost and prompt dilivery,manufacture price
8. Isolated bubble structure, less, low thermal conductivity and superior heat insulation
9. Invariable if it is attacked repeatedly, good highly resistant to shock

Specifications of Rubber Underlay

Product Name

Flat rubber underlay


 2mm or as customer's requiements



Regular size

1m x 10m , 1.1m x 16.9m or 1m x 9.3m 


PE bag per roll or packed in pallet

Backing Material

Nonwoven fabric; Silver aluminum foil ; Gold aluminum foil 

Uses or Functions

underlayment for real wood floor, laminate floor etc; packing materials etc.






1) water resistance , good breathability

2) sound resistance , give you a silent environment

3) Soft handle , foot comfortable

4) Light weight

5) Closed cell structure

6) Economical

7) 100% recyclable

8) STC rate: 73DB

9) IIC  rate: 72DB


Manufactured in China, quality control by inspector strictly


 rubber underlay

Applications of Rubber Underlay
Laminate floor/flooring,Wood floor/flooring, Engineered floor/flooring,Hardwood floor/flooring, Floating floor/flooring, Sub-floors,Vinyl tiles, Carpet, vinyl plank floor,etc.

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Q:Wood floor and floor heating are how much money per square meter how much? How much is the installation fee?
Wood floor from 50-300 have, to warm from 120-280 also have. Are installed package, there is no other cost
Q:The elephant floor installation is free of charge
Floor installation free content is mainly in the contract or when the negotiations settled, such as the floor below the moisture pad, baseboard, the entrance of the buckle and so on. If you buy the floor, moisture-proof pad, baseboard, buckle and other ancillary accessories, indicating that the package is installed, then all the content is free.
Q:World Friends of the floor 5A service specifically refers to what?
5A grade accessories solid wood, solid wood composite category - genuine floor accessories, to create the ideal space 1A: the use of World Friends genuine wood keel 2A: the use of World Friends of genuine rust-proof floor nail 3A: the use of World Health genuine special anti-pest anti-corrosion 4A: Genuine aluminum platinum moisture pad (double moisture proof). 5A: the use of World Friends of genuine natural wood linen 5A grade accessories to strengthen the class - genuine floor accessories, to build comfortable home 1A: dedicated baseboard 2A: safe, environmentally friendly floor glue: 3A: special floor mat 4A: comfortable bedding 5A: genuine ground protection 5A level installation - standardized installation services, built on the quality of life 1A: professional ground measurement 2A: professional ground leveling treatment (optional) 3A: professional ground moisture treatment 4A: skilled and comprehensive installation Skills 5A: Professional installation of the process of 5A maintenance of the first half of the maintenance of the first step in the rescue of the power to find the helmet - 1 A: long warranty period 2A: professional maintenance 3A: professional maintenance 4A: Extreme file management 5A: regular return visit system
Q:Heroes Union, how to do the mouse has been a little soldier near the floor, the hero has been a soldier
Press the altA to automatically attack the nearest thing
Q:I bought a second-hand car, bought the time has been running 40,000 km, need to replace what parts?
Coolant, brake pads, oil and other three filters
Q:What parts do you need to buy violin?
Material, the color of the wood is darker, the lines on the panel more and straight and uniform will be better, the backplane is a full version or imposition problem is not too loud sound sounds soft, not harsh, rounded melodious can be the most general Good to buy hand piano, if you see the piano is very bright and bright natural, there is the feeling after the floor waxing, in general, it is likely that the mechanical piano attack ridicule off the beginning of the end. Hand piano surface shiny and shiny soft, not dazzling, and sometimes some time you will find the surface of the hand piano some dark, this is the characteristics of hand-piano brand, the impact is not, to that kind of relatively large piano pick on the line Piano box to piano to buy, with the boss to talk about the price on the line As for the accessories, fine tuning tuner metronome rosette a good spare strings are needed, if you often practice at night, it is best to buy a mute ... ... Price, it depends on how much you buy the piano, and 15 years old (can be on the 43) are generally used in the adult piano 44, worse about one or two thousand, slightly better to buy three or four thousand Almost a beginner is the child can buy a little cheaper, as I started to buy 300 yuan. To buy the shoulder pads, piano boxes and bow and roses are generally sent to send piano
Q:What are the parts of the car body? The The
Sub-frame belongs to the chassis pieces ... ...
Q:Home kitchen tiles greasy what can be removed
Try the diesel, if the line, finished and then washed with a wash in addition to taste in addition to taste
Q:Floor mats, baseboard accessories on the wood floor with what is the impact?
Floor mat is to prevent the wood floor and the ground of moisture contact, also known as moisture-proof pad, this is a must, wood flooring and baseboard color is the same as the general barred of the barnyard grass, Stronger, the impact is no effect.
Q:Will the desktop computer ground wire be connected to the floor? Or can the wall take power?
Then do not pick their own socket are generally connected
With advanced production equipment,the company produce a variety of medium-class and high-class lamiante floor and accessories.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Changzhou
Year Established 2008
Annual Output Value USD 1000000
Main Markets America 50%, Asia 40%, Africa 10%
Company Certifications

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 2
Language Spoken: English
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10000m2
No. of Production Lines 2
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range USD2-USD5