Rubber tyre Gantry Crane

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1 Introduction

The straddle carrier/ Mobilift offers the technical and economical solution to handle bulky loads on squares and inside large sheltered places. It can satisfy various needs, managing big blocks up to various types of warehouses. This is suitable for loading and unloading trucks, and can also be used in container terminals and for many other uses.

2 Design general data

One Mobilift will be designed and manufactured to be reassembled in a 80 Ton capacity configuration, and will be used to place 15 segments on the first spans of one ramp.
The equipment is fabricated to satisfy the following requirements:
Segment dimensions
·Width 8 / 13 / 19.25 / 25m
·Length (maximum) 3m
·Height (maximum) 2.1m
·Maximum segment weight 180Ton
·Maximum slope ±4%
·Anchoring points and anchoring devices to be defined

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Q:What are the technical parameters of the gantry crane?
Lifting height refers to the vertical distance of the top position (or ground) of the crane running track to the limit position in the take-up device, in m, usually when the hook is used, to the center of the hook and hook; with grab and other containers
Q:Is the gantry crane and the gantry crane the same concept?
The gantry crane has the advantages of high utilization rate, wide operating range, wide adaptability and versatility. It is widely used in the port freight yard.
Q:How is the gantry hanging up?
Rise when the first two links at the link to release the bolt, and then by the hydraulic device will be above the part of the increase, the following fixed, because there are sets of outside the box, so it will not fall, and then hanging from the tower crane
Q:What is the distance between the wheel of the gantry crane and the track?
and if you find the hoist crane wheel crooked, oblique, cracks need to be timely maintenance and replacement.
Q:Gantry crane in order to prevent the wind movement and anti-collision pier can be together?
There are a lot of two knives (semi-hanging) level of design even 50% of the effect also play out
Q:What is the gantry of the gantry?
Applicable to the use of frequent or heavy weight of the site or beam field.
Q:Gantry crane running two motor is not synchronized, how to test?
In contrast to this type of test, the general need to use multiple data acquisition card, data acquisition card to be synchronized between; or with the data acquisition function of the instrument parameters of the motor real-time synchronization acquisition;
Q:Gantry hanging touch line break how to connect the outdoor by the overhead empty?
Third, the use of trench-type installation, this approach is not recommended, this approach requires trenching on the ground, from the size of the standard, and to ensure that the ground can not have water, this is said.
Q:Container track gantry crane how to change the crane hanging steel?
In order to meet the transport needs of the port, the crane has a higher level of work.
Q:What is the principle of the cable reel?
Longmen hanging cable reel generally divided into three kinds of design.With ordinary motor plus damping.

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