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Q:How to distinguish the quality of car tires
How to distinguish car tires Car tires are roughly divided into radial tires and slanted tires. The cords of the oblique tires are arranged in a crossed line, hence the name. The carcass forms the basic skeleton of the tire, and the softness from the tread to the sidewall is consistent. Although the noise of the slant tires is small, the tread is soft and the ride is good at low speed, and the price is cheap, but its comprehensive performance is not as good as that of radial tires. Automobile manufacturers are developing new cars with radial tires. Continuous improvement, slash tires will be basically eliminated. The ply of the radial tire is equivalent to the basic skeleton of the tire and is arranged in the same direction as the tire meridian section. Since the tire is subjected to a large tangential force during driving, in order to ensure the stability of the cord, there are several layers High strength, easy to stretch the material made of the belt (also known as hoop tight layer), the cord direction and the meridian section was a larger angle (70-75 degrees), the material used more choice of glass fiber, polyamide fiber Or wire and other high-strength materials, both play a fixed role in the cord, while the use of belt to improve the rigidity of the tread. The rigidity of the side of the tire is less than the rigidity of the tread, so that the side of the tire is deformed by the lateral force of the ground during turning, thus ensuring that the touch area of ​​the tread remains basically unchanged. Radial tire compared with ordinary slanting tire, flexible, good wear resistance, rolling resistance is small, good adhesion, good cushioning performance, carrying capacity, easy to pierce; drawback is the sidewall easy to crack, due to lateral deformation , Resulting in less lateral stability of the car, manufacturing technology requires high cost.
Q:Toyota Prius tires?
the tire will last around 30-40k miles, the cost is a bit more than conventional tires due to the load rating of the tire. i think they may cost maybe $30 more than regular tire. but if you put the wrong load rating on there they will not last long at all. so the extra cost is well worth it.
Q:Do you want to change your car tires?
Break apart to see, hurt the wire yet, if the injury must be changed, if not hurt and not too deep, change to the rear wheel, you can use
Q:True or False: Your tired?
My tired? Whats that mean?
Q:Car tires that brand the best comfort
Used a lot of brands, I think from the comfort in terms of Michelin good.
Q:What does car tire t mean?
Car tires T represent the speed level, T the maximum speed of 190 km / h
Q:How much air is the car tires?
Under normal circumstances we recommend that the reference to the car notice on the provisions of the pressure or sidewall indicated maximum pressure of 80-100%. If you are going to travel at high speed, increase your air pressure by 10-15% to reduce heat generation due to sidewall flexion. In addition, the load capacity of the tire is corresponding to its inflation pressure. The reasonable pressure of the tire must be determined according to the load condition of the vehicle, and the air pressure can not be raised or lowered according to the change of climate and seasons.
Q:What is the flattening ratio of car tires?
The height of the tire is the percentage of the tire width
Q:Tire question?
All season and all weather should essentially be the same thing. However neither one is much good in snow.
Q:How to judge the car tires should not change the new?
Tire life is generally 2-3 years or driving 6-10 million km or so. Tape depth should be changed at 1.6mm (minimum wear). Over the shelf life of the tire (especially spare tire, spare tire life is roughly 3 years), the overall performance has declined.

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