Rubber sheathed Flame-resistant Cables for coal mine

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This product is the rubber sheath flexible series used in coal-mining. It is fit for power connected lines for the coal mine machine and the similar to power supply of rated voltage 1.9/3.3kV and below

Executive standard:

MT818.2-1999 GB12972.2-1991

Characteristic of cable
1,Rated voltage Uo/U is 0.38/0.66KV,0.66/1.44KV and 1.9/3.3KV
2,Long-term operating temperature allowance of conductor for rated voltage upto and including 0.66/1.44KV is 65°C.Long-term operating temperature of conductor for rated voltage 1.9/3.3KV is90°C
3,The min. bevelling radius should be 6 times of cable outer diameter

Type,Description,Application of cable

UC MC-0.38/0.66Rubber sheathed flexible cable for mining purposesConnected power for winning machine and similar equipment rated voltage0.38/0.66KV
UCP MCP-0.38/0.66Rubber sheathed flexible shield cables for mining purposesConnected power for winning machine and similar equipment rated voltage0.38/0.66KV
UCP MCP-0.66/1.14Rubber sheathed flexible shield cables for mining purposesConnected power for winning machine and similar equipment rated voltage0.66/1.14KV
UCP MCP-1.9/3.3Rubber sheathed flexible shield cables for mining purposesConnected power for winning machine and similar equipment rated voltage1.9/3.3KV

Note:The new old type together

Rubber sheathed Flame-resistant Cables for coal mine


NO.×Nominal cross-section of conductor mm2Nominal Thickness mmOuter diameter of cable mm
Power coreEarthing corePower core insulationsheathUC MC-0.38/0.66UCP MCP-0.38/0.66

NO.×Nominal cross-section of conductor mm2Nominal Thickness mmUCP MCP-0.66/1.4 Outer diameter of cable mm
Power coreEarthing core type AEarthing core type BPower core insulationsheath type Asheath type Btype Atype B

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