Rubber Insulated Ship Control Cable various ships and sea petroleum platform

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It  is suitable for various ships and sea petroleum platform; as well as  control electric circuit that is not sensitive to interfere with rated  voltage up to 250V.  

Technical parameter

1The  DC resistance of the fifth-class tinned flexible cord conductor shall  be in accordance with the requirements stipulated in GB/T 3956.

2Burning  test: it shall meet the single vertical burning test stipulated in  JB/T18380.1; the uncarbonized part shall not be less than 50mm in  length.

3Oil-immersed test: after being immersed in the oil solution at 100  for 24h, its tensile strength variation shall not be more than 40%, and  the variation of its elongation at break shall not be more than 40%.

4Oil-immersed test: after being immersed in the oil solution at 100  for 24h, its tensile strength variation shall not be more than 40%, and  the variation of its elongation at break shall not be more than 40%.

5Hot set test: under the conditions of the air temperature 200, loading time 15min and mechanical stress 20N/cm2,  elongation of the insulated material shall not be more than 175%; after  cooled, the permanent deformation shall not be more than 25%.




Rubber  insulated ship control cables have flame-retardant property, good  buckling resistant property; its main characteristics are its  performances of oil resistance, salt resistance and water proof as well  as excellent anti-electromagnetic interfere and tensile resistance.




Rated voltage


Number of core

Nominal cross-section mm2











 (recommending core numbers)247101419243037


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