Rubber Flap,buytl inner tube flap

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* Used in the heavy duty trucks,trailers and semi-trailers

* Conform to GB/T9001-2008 idt   ISO9001:2008 Standard

* OEM Service and customized design for printing and packing
* Audited  by SGS and ZD
* Around 20 years experiences in the Air brake System

   We are a manufacturer of Various Air Brake Parts covering various Vehicles such as VOLVO, Mercedes Benz, Scania, R.O.R, DAF , D-C, MCW, MAN, FORD, BPW, FIAT, Foden, ERF, LDV, Leyland, Iveco, Kamaz ...etc

   We make the formal commitment that we will offer one year's gurarantee after the shipment, if any quality problems of our products, we promise to replace the defective ones in the next shipment.

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Q:rims and tires?
I'd be concerned with clearance going that much wider. It'll be a little taller as well. eg. 55% of 245 mm instead of 55% of 215mm
Q:What is the tire company of the car company?
Repair tires for tires
Q:What is the level of car tires?
Such as a tire size of 205/55 / R16 91V 205 - refers to the tire width of 205 mm. 55 - refers to the flatness of the tire, that is, the height of the section is 55% of the width of the R - refers to the tire for the radial tire (the tire layer for the radiation tire manufacturing method 16 - refers to the rim diameter is 16 inches 91 - refers to the load index 91, on behalf of the tire can bear the maximum load 615 kg, four tires is 615 × 4 = 2460 kg. V - refers to the speed level of 240 km / h.
Q:Help with tires?
BF Goodrich g-Force Super Sport A/S about $131.00 each. Yokohama YK520 about $157.00 each Goodyear Eagle F1 All Season about $160.00 each Yokohama about $170.00 each Pirelli P-Zero Nero M+S about $171.00 each
Q:Kuhmo tires?
I am a mechanic and have used them on several cars. The first set of Kumho tires I bought I was attracted to the very low price for a car I intended to sell (more profit!). I was so happy with the first set that every set of tires I have bought since then has been Kumho. They have all been quiet and ride and handling has been acceptable. I was most impressed by how little weight it takes to balance them. I'm not sure if that is a real indicator of quality, it just took far less weight to balance them then most other tires do. On one set of 4 I didn't use more than an ounce of lead total to balance all four.
Q:How many kilometers of car tires are guaranteed
50,000 km
Q:What are the tires of cars?
According to the purpose is divided into passenger tires and tires. ① passenger tires: for the inflation pressure of 4 kg / cm 2 low-pressure tires, ply is generally 4 to 6 layers, bead diameter is generally below 16 inches. Passenger tires for cars and light trucks. Passenger tires are moving in the direction of ultra low pressure. ② tire tires: for the inflation pressure of 4 kg / cm 2 or more low-pressure tires, ply is generally 10 to 16 layers, bead diameter is generally 16 to 32 inches. Tires are used for medium and heavy duty trucks, buses and trolley buses.
Q:What is the aspect ratio of car tires?
Refers to the ratio of the height and width of the tire cross section
Q:What are the car tires?
Level refers to the tire rubber layer of the number of layers of the car, and the actual number of ply is not exactly the same, is an important indicator of tire strength. Level with the Chinese logo, such as 12 levels; with the English logo, such as "14P.R" that is 14 levels.
Q:True or False: Your tired?
False...Not now and,NOT this one, but some questions weary me in that they are mis-placed or just a drain due to repetition and people posting the same question,in different form/avatar so it is a chore to know what is a question, a troll or an interrogation. lol, anyway, hope you are all on top and energised.

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