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* Used in the heavy duty trucks,trailers and semi-trailers

* Conform to GB/T9001-2008 idt   ISO9001:2008 Standard

* OEM Service and customized design for printing and packing
* Audited  by SGS and ZD
* Around 20 years experiences in the Air brake System

   We are a manufacturer of Various Air Brake Parts covering various Vehicles such as VOLVO, Mercedes Benz, Scania, R.O.R, DAF , D-C, MCW, MAN, FORD, BPW, FIAT, Foden, ERF, LDV, Leyland, Iveco, Kamaz ...etc

   We make the formal commitment that we will offer one year's gurarantee after the shipment, if any quality problems of our products, we promise to replace the defective ones in the next shipment.

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Q:How long does the car tire need to cheer? Where should I play?
Friends, the general tire pressure is a week to check once the general method of checking the air pressure is to use barometer to measure the pressure, and now the tires are vacuum tires, the eyes are not easy to see.It is recommended that you go to Auto Parts City to buy a barometer, Also about 30 yuan. Need to add gas, then you can go to the car beauty shop and tire store, you can add air pressure.
Q:Car tires in several speed grades, respectively, how is it?
Each tire sidewall is engraved with the tire speed symbol (also known as the speed level), the corresponding speed symbol can know the maximum speed of the tire, for example: tire specifications 195/65 R15 91V in the speed symbol is V, search speed The symbol and speed correspondence table know that the maximum speed of the tire is 240 km / h. Michelin tires on the label attached to the speed of the symbol and the specific maximum speed of information.
Q:What is the meaning of car t and tr?
The car tire R says it is a radial tire, TR-Typer precision tire.
Q:How wide are low profile tires?
A low profile tire is generally considered anything in a 50 series or less. So, how wide is a low profile tire? Well, an 8 inch wide low profile tire will be 8 inches wide. A 9 inch wide low profile tire will be 9 inches wide. A 10 inch low profile tire... well, you can probably already see a pattern developing there. In short, the tire's profile may be measured in relation to the width, but they are not really connected. How much rubber is on a low profile tire? This will depend on the specific tire, and what you mean by "how much." If you are referring to tread depth, most street tires will be around 8-12/32" with competition radials coming in around 6-8/32" for dry running. If you mean total area, then π times the tire's diameter times the width will give you the surface area; multiply that by the tread depth if you want the total volume of rubber used in the tread... etc. How wide should a good handling supercar's tires be? Again, this depends on the specifics. The car's weight distribution, drive train properties, suspension geomtry and setup, the specifics tires, and what the goals of the design engineers are (ie, is on track performance more important than drivability on the street and to what degree, are there government mandates in terms of milage that much be met, etc etc). But, as a generalization, more contact area means better performance, so wider is better. But there are limits... one of the biggest will that the wider your front tires get, the slip angle at which they will work becomes less and less. And in terms of balance, while you can generally run at least somewhat wider in the rear, this will eventually contriubte to unbalancing the car if this difference becomes too great.
Q:What is the difference between snow tires?
Winter tires are not like All-Season tires. Winter tires have special rubber compounds designed to improve traction, handling and braking in all cold weather conditions, not just ice and snow. Winter Tires are designed to deliver safety and control in snow, ice, and cold weather conditions. Many people think that all-season tires can deliver this same performance, but this is not true. The superior traction that winter tires deliver, as much as a 25 to 50 percent increase over all-season tires, can very well be the margin you need to stop in time or turn to avoid trouble.
Q:Tire Workouts?!?
Flip the tire the length of a football field and have your buddy flip it back. Repeat until one of you can't make it. Get on your knees, with the tire between you and your buddy. Push the tire over onto him, he has to catch it and push it back onto you. Repeat until one of you is killed by the tire. Stand inside tire, lift tire until it is over your head. If you can't get all the way up, person who gets it the highest, wins. Throw tire off a cliff. Get tire back to top of cliff. Throw self off of cliff in tire. Survive. That last one was funny to me anyway. Hope it helped.
Q:Chinese car tires which brand the best
Michelin and Bridgestone, resulting in increased braking distance
Q:what is the best tire pressure on a ford tauras 97 with goodyear viva 2 205/65/15
it really is stamped on the area of the tire the motor vehicle manufacture has a plate commonly on the door it truly is for the most gentle vacation and coping with skills no longer for the existence expectancy of the tire i run what the tire producer advise.
Q:What is the top of the car tires? Is inside the tire inside.
Is the top of the tires? Will not be a hanger
Q:How is the car tires packed and transported?
General tires next to a formation of a column, installed in the iron shelf inside!

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