RS30 Rotor spinning machine, Semiautomatic oe machine

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→ Increase production. The speed of rotor is up to 110,000RPM,Speed of guiding yarn reaches 170m/m

→ 416 spin boxes can be available

→ Carrying out integrate channel to ensure the better sealing, decrease the unnecessary interruption during the fibre transport, which also assures the stable pressure to promote yarn quality

→ It is very easy to operation and replaces spin boxes

→ Lower energy consumption, 5–10% lowers than similar machines for power per ton yarn

→ High rate for finished products

→ Abundant optional: Waxing device, Keep tail device, Yarn Clear, overhead Blower

Integrate self-sucking spin box perfectly combine multi-technology to get best quality of spinning. All focus on the following advantages:

→ Self-sucking,long passage, large capacity for remove impurity 

→ The maximum rotor speed can be up to 110,000RPM

→ Integrate channel ensures the better sealing and stability pressure

→ Non-cover cavum of opening roller can avoid the fibre or impurity accumulation. 

→ Many parts of spin boxes are gotten through die-casting, which reduce the replacing parts quantity and improve the unanimity of the spin boxes 

→ Many kinds and series of units enlarge the range of yarn, and increase the range of material

→ Series standard units enlarge the spinning range and yarn range 

→ It is easy to disassemble and install the rotor, opening roller, withdraw nozzles and other key parts without any tools

Semiautomatic piecing device is used to do the preparation before the piecing, such as worker should finish lift creel, find out yarn end, cleaning spin box, etc. But for yarn feeding, yarn sink, yarn draft, and winding are completed instantaneously by the device, which is constituted by the lever device, electro-magnet and high precision time controller device. The unique combination of electromechanical components ensures the time error of piecing less than 0.01 second. This advantages are as following: 

→ The piecing can be completed even speed over 60000R.P.M and keep good quality

→ Only one minute training, operator’s piecing quality can meet the standard 

→ The quality of piecing can’t be affected cause of different operators 

→ Success ratio of piercing is more than 95%

→ The strength of the piecing does not affect the following procedures Semi-auto doffing system:

→ Conveyor belt can be used as the temporary store for doffing; while bobbin is full, it is conveyed to the tail side of the machine 

Reliable impurity collection system:

→ Backward and forward running waste conveyer belt & cleaning cart can completely remove the spin box waste, reduce labor intensity, and improve spinning condition

Strong trash system

→ Spin box use strong trash system, and more efficiency for fiber and waste separate, Improve yarn quality & qualified ratio

Lower energy consumption

→ Through long time experience comparation, power consumption is lower of the same type

Electronic controlling system: Adopting loop-locked technical & intelligent controlling system:

→ Parameter display (rotor speed, opening roller speed, yarn drawing speed, feeding speed, traverse speed, yarn length, shift production)

→ Spinning technology parameters display (draft ratio, negative pressure) 

→ Semi-automatic piercing technology parameters display 

→ It is easy to set or edit technique parameters 

→ Technological parameter info management can save huge parameters

→ Photoelectric sensor for yarn broken changed to non-contact measure, better anti-pollution and operational reliability 

→ Emergency off device to avoid accidents 

→ Adopt remote computer system to realize network management by control PLC systems and machines running 

→ Inverter control for Opening roller speed, yarn drawing speed, feeding speed and traverse speed, convenience for technological parameter adjustment

→ Negative pressure alarm device can avoid yarn defects cause by whole machine negative pressure decline

→ Keep tail device: To avoid the yarn break, and reduce the working strength to increase the working efficiency

Yarn Clear 


CCD character check 

digitwise operation, can’t be effected by temperature and humidity, good consistency, higher detection sensitivity, stability system and antijamming electromagnetism 

Absolute measure 

Diameter inspect can avoid effect by yarn speed and material, and get real-time status and average status for each spindle 

Perfect yarn clear function 

According rotor spinning features setting 6 slub channels, 2 snick channels, 1 wrong count channel and 1 stick channel 

System can get whole machine average status 

According the setting range, indicate and cut unusual spindle, with individual meter 

Perfect defects statistical functions 

It can calculate each spindle defects quantity, help user find and analyze reasons of problems in time, improve quality and efficiency. According to user requirement to setting permitted defects for unit length, get best fit for quality and efficiency. auto correcting current Can improve components reliable, avoid interference of cinder and light source System is isolate design, antijamming




Wrong count



Channel quantities






Setting Diameter




Setting Length

0-630 mm

0-630 mm



Since RIFA established, all the time we devoted ourselves to developmental research for spinning technical, made customer get more good and economic product. These guide RFRS series open end spinning popular those years, Now it? is already widely used for jean fabrics, knit goods, cotton flannel, upholstery fabrics and industry cloth, etc. Main products are jeans, T shirt, Sportswear, bed clothes, upholstery fabrics, caps, hosiery and PU leather, etc. These are benefit from:

→ The adaptability for material and yarn count is more broad

→ Succeed for Non-cotton fiber produce, such as blend polyester-cotton, hemp cotton yarn, viscose yarn, filament yarn and blended wool , etc.

→ OE yarn twist is tight inside and loose outside, good for gigging or pile

→ Economic yarn count range is expanded together.

→ Yarn is even, polished and spotless, less piercing and defects, big package, bring high efficiency for next processing

From promote the first rotor spinning in the domestic market, at present our rotor spinning is the most stable and mature' self-automatically rotor spinning machine, now there are nearly 1000 sets equipments total 200,000 have a good running in the customers' factory.



Technology data


Yarn count range



Range of rotor speed



To ± - diameter Series



Range of fibre length



Opening roller speed



Sliver count range



Maximum winding speed



Draft range


Twist range



Pitch of spin boxes



MAX spindles



Per section



Dimension of cylinder tube








Maximum weight of yarn  package



Can dimension









Total motor power rating


124(416 spindles)

Total exhausted air



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Q:Textile machinery production process is probably what kind of?
And then the processing of a good machine frame is the initial installation of the wall after the installation (here first to do the foundation).
Q:When did Chinese ancient textile technology come from? Why does Europe call China "silk country"?
The world's first plain crepe silk textiles - in Gaocheng Taixi Shangxi ruins unearthed in the silk, plain crepe silk fabric ... a Gok, is currently found in China's world's first similar fabric samples
Q:What is the current status of the textile industry?
From the international environment, the international market is still a large expansion of space and opportunities. With the end of 2007, China and the EU textile limit expires, the end of 2008 the end of the Sino-US textile quota limit, the Chinese textile quota era is approaching, accounting for more than 60% of the global textile market share area is fully open, will bring to China's textile trade Great opportunity. And the next few years the world economy will remain in the rising range, will promote the growth of international trade, which will give China's textile and garment exports to bring favorable international market protection.
Q:What is the cashmere dyeing process?
The effect of dyeing on the quality and cost of woolen cashmere yarns The relationship between dyeing cost and dyeing cost is very small. When the fiber is dark, the fiber strength decreases and the spinning consumption increases. Heavy role
Q:What are the high efficiency of the spinning machine and the Jenny spinning machine of the invention?
From the 1738 AD 1779 to 40 years, spinning from manual production into a huge industrial manufacturing. In 1737 Paul (Paul) invented the roller-type spinning method, as many pioneers of the invention. In 1764, J. Hargreaves invented the machine (spinning Jenny), this machine can make sixteen spindles at the same time, in addition it can also operate in accordance with the order of multiple yarn The Subsequently, the spinning machines that refer to other power sources appear successively. AD 1769 Arkwright (R. Arfwright) was the help of watchmakers, improved old-fashioned spinning machine, invented the hydraulic spinning machine
Q:What is the chenille mechanical principle?
The chenille spinning machine is also called a new type of spinning equipment for the production and processing of chenille yarn
Q:Textile equipment to protect the work is not a special type of work?
First, the original State Administration of Labor "on the textile industry chemical fiber (viscose) toxic and hazardous operations early retirement job of the reply (81) Laojue Zi word 36) document, the following 13 types of toxic and hazardous special types of work: Carbon disulfide manufacturing, calcium sulphate liquid preparation workers, diggers, detergents, bleach, sulfonation, plate and frame filter workers, spinning workers, filament twist yarn and silk workers, filament head workers, filament Silk workers, cellophane manufacturing workers, iron chromium salt manufacturing workers.
Q:What is a pedal loom?
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Q:What are the risks of safety accidents in the textile machinery industry?
Textile machinery industry is the light industry, mainly to master with high-speed rotating machine production
Q:What is the structure and working principle of Jenny's spinning machine?
The hand cranker is connected to the shaft with a small runner through a rope, which is provided with N driven wheels connected to the spindle with a rope, which is also equipped with a spindle. Roving through the small car's platen, hook the spindle. Small car is a car can move on the slide before and after the car, with the upper and lower two pieces of pressure, pull up through the roving, put down after the cotton yarn can be suppressed.

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