RS0 Series powder-filled fast acting fuse

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It is applicable the condition with 50Hz (or 60Hz), rated voltage750Vand below, rated current 30A-600A the chief effect is to protect against over load and short circuit for element of silicon rectifier and complete sets.

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Q:how to distribute power 6V DC to 20 load components?
This depends on the current demand of your components and the capacity of your power supply. If each of your components draws 1 Amp and the supply is only rated for 10 Amps, something is likely to heat up in the power supply.
Q:How can I replace a broken automotive fuse, but insure that the fuse doesn't blow again due to the same cause?
You'd have to wire the switch to a relay, which in turn would power the air horn. The wiring between the battery, the relay, and the horn would have to be a lower-gauge-number (i.e., thicker) wire and would have to be protected by a suitable fuse or breaker.
Q:smog test: what are reasons for engine check on?
It is important to know the type of vehicle to make a correct diagnosis! Not the jump start.but yes, a blown fuse WILL cause a check engine light if it is powering a component of the OBDII system! And in this case it is very common to have the power for the OBDII connector on the lighter fuse with no power to the OBDII connector you can expect to see a bunch of communication codes (U1***) in the system (Wonder what the auto zone employee would do if he had no communication at the OBDII connector?) 1. Faulty oxygen sensor The sensor measures the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust and tells the car's computer how much fuel is in the tank. Would MSNBC Really print this without verifying the source? WTF?? Most common reason for the check engine light-#1. Catalytic converter efficiency P0420 #2 Misfire P03**, #3 EVAP system leak detected P04** #4 Lean codes P0171+P0174 and finally #5 O2 sensor!
Q:Broken T.v?
Its got a short circuit. u only got to change a little piece in the tv.
Q:mercedes 83 300sd fuse for the clock?
If your clock has stopped working in your W126, it is most likely not a fuse problem but instead the clock is broken. Below is a link on a step by step DIY guide on how to fix the clock. Edit: Sorry I couldn't be of help but I could tell if I was back home and took a look under my hood and the fuse box. I am currently on business in Korea and won't be back home until Oct. 3rd. I believe the fuse box label tells you which fuse it is, and fuse is used for other electrical components too. Below I found some more links dealing with the fuses in a W126. Take a look at the link towards the bottom of the page (fuse #13).
Q:What's happening because I wrongly put the battery terminal on my 2002 Honda Accord EX?
Connecting the battery backwards will most likely cause significant damage to the electrical components without necessarily causing lots of smoke. Check the fuses. They can blow open without any smoke. You might get lucky by just replacing blown fuses. Otherwise,you'll have some major expense to repair the electrical damage (alternator, radio, computer, etc).
Q:My 92 Cadillac DeVille's horn, dash display, and antenna died. Why?
fuses are meant stop anything thats powered to be blown, check all your fuses and i'm betting a number 15 is blown.
Q:Why is my fuse blowing all the sudden?
Start by disconnecting the wire from the amp. Replace the fuse and see if it blows. If it does, there is a short in that wire. Look for somewhere where the wire has rubbed against metal, like where it goes through or around the firewall! If that is not the problem, re-attach the amp power with the amp off! See if the fuse blows! If it doesn't, turn on the amp. What you want to do is continue testing components until you find the problem!
Q:Electrical problems on bike?
make confident the two events are not basically coincedence. because of the fact the different adult adult males stated, with the ignition change off, there could desire to be no juice going to any of the lighting fixtures fixtures. With the change off, the only place wires would be energized is between the starter soleniod and the change. i'm doubting that's a shorted cord on the grounds that could in very almost all likelyhood blow the top-rated fuse. If the fuse did not go, you may fry the shorted cord and at perfect you have got a melted wiring harness or at worst a charred bike. i've got had shorted wires and that i'm speaking from journey on that count. If this subject happens returned, i could verify the ignition changeperchance squirt somewhat WD-40 down the keyhole.
Q:i have a mono block amp and its one channel at 1 ohm stable so how may subs can i put on my subs?
HOLY BIG AMPLOL. for a four subs hook up: SVC sub running at 4 ohm each in parallel 1 ohm three subs hook up: SVC sub running at 4 ohm each in parallel 1.34ohms

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