Round Knob Door Lock 607 PB-A

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Product Description:

Product Name:  Round Knob Door Lock 607 PB-A

Product Information






AB/AC/PB/SB/SS/PSS/WR/WH (other finish is also available)

Door Thickness

35-50mm, other thickness available upon request




Brass cylinder


Normal/Computer key (brass/steel)


60/70mm adjustable tubular latch



Quality Standard

ANSI Grade 3


Box package, 24 Sets/Carton

N. W. per Ctn

12 Kg

G. W. Per Ctn

13 Kg

Payment Terms

T/T (30% deposit, 70% pay before shipment)


40-45 days upon order confirmation

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Q:Can not lock the door only with the key lock is going on?
Hello, you look at the key there is no electricity, no electricity can not press the anti-theft device, there may be anti-theft motor burned, it is possible to fuse burned
Q:How to look padlock is good or bad, what brand of padlock is good, lock the classification
Small bronze padlock words: 1. Material, relative to the larger range, Foshan, Foshan, the material with the material than the Wenzhou real. 2. Cylinder, cylinder interlocking rate is also very important. The less the difference is naturally the better. 3. Copper lock and imitation copper is naturally different, copper lock is from the inside out, is entirely copper material. Imitation copper is inside it may be iron, aluminum, zinc alloy die-casting, the surface and then plated a layer of copper, the surface looks like the same copper lock is the same. Just use it, imitation copper lock is very easy to rust, with a period of time, no way to open, if you want to sell padlock, then the proposed or take good quality. Can not do a hammer trading thing.
Q:The working principle of motorcycle lock
I do not know what you say is the exchange of ignition or DC ignition. The two are different.
Q:Car door remote control bad, how to match it!
This must generally go to 4s to go, for the motherboard computer with frequency, the new replacement of the new remote control.
Q:QQ now has a device lock, how can skip the verification phone number directly log. Know that, thank you
1 We all know that there is a device lock function, the first time the device needs to log SMS verification, to prevent the password leaked by others malicious landing. Now I teach you to open the equipment lock does not require SMS verification can be the first landing method: first of all first on the phone landing on a number, 2. landing number will be reminded after the associated number, enter the associated number page, 3. Click on the immediate association , Click on the link to the other number, 5. Enter the number and password, and then click on the association. 6 at this time regardless of whether the success can be connected, and then open the account management will see you want to board the number, click directly Go on the line. (Note: I was tested by uwp beta test, the other system platform whether this method is temporarily available)
Q:The door automatically locks off a lock on the door
The door is not locked on the control of the motor is broken, the motor did not have the strength, so the lock is not on the control motor and the middle of the connecting rod loose, or locked
Q:X5 after the flame, with the key remote control lock the door, why a door lock can not open, you can open. The other three doors are locked?
Hello there. Maybe the door of the lock is not good. [Car problems, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:Electric car electric lock line how to connect?
Thick red line is the negative line of the battery. The red line is the positive line of the battery, fine red line is the lock line! As you said, you may get the wrong line, that is, you put the fine red line and thick red line directly connected to the battery output The correct way is to find the lock line, the two positive and negative lines directly connected to the lock. Carefully check the body to the controller line whether there are other The positive line is controlled by the lock. Five lines of the spin, there are two control the speed of the button line, then do not control it. The other three is the rotation of the positive and negative and signal lines, according to the color Can be. {If the same color} general body into the controller line, spin and the speed line is separate, you can in the original controller line to determine the rotation of the line color.
Q:Padlock in a separate open and not open, what is not open padlock, detailed point. Thank you
Do not open the padlock: is a lock of intelligence is the key to open the key, that is, we understand the traditional padlock can only own key to open, but for a project on the padlock situation, each lock a The key management is very troublesome, so the user will be able to use a key to open all the padlocks on the project, resulting in the concept of open padlock, a key can open all the locks on the project.
Q:The door key does not move
1, check the security door key is correct, anti-theft door key and lock with or without damage. 2, anti-theft door key to turn in the move is not a good position, and some are caused by dislocation of the lock, you can press the keyhole, the other hand and then you can try to focus on the key. 3, lock core ball astringent, the key and the ball stuck, and this time the use of universal lubrication rust agent into the keyhole, the activities of the key, and then try to turn. 4, find a security door repair lock master to help you open.

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