Round Knob Door Lock 607 H-BK

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China Main Port
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100000 Pcs/Pc per month pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Name:  Round Knob Door Lock 607 H-BK

Product Information






AB/AC/PB/SB/SS/PSS/WR/WH (other finish is also available)

Door Thickness

35-50mm, other thickness available upon request




Brass cylinder


Normal/Computer key (brass/steel)


60/70mm adjustable tubular latch



Quality Standard

ANSI Grade 3


Box package, 24 Sets/Carton

N. W. per Ctn

12 Kg

G. W. Per Ctn

13 Kg

Payment Terms

T/T (30% deposit, 70% pay before shipment)


40-45 days upon order confirmation

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Q:Mobile phone is red rice 1S lock this phone associated millet account, please log in to activate the device password forgotten
You first on the computer board millet official website, forget the password, try to your millet account password back or modified
Q:My phone lost, but my QQ opened a device lock, not on the QQ how to call the device lock to lift, I have a password I only use another phone
First of all, you need a new phone, download the security center, bind it. Log in to the Security Center. Find the account protection - login protection, you will find (login to verify the mobile version or secret security (ie equipment lock), to prevent being used to get money. Mobile phone without network state can use the security center to verify.) This sentence in front of Box, marked with a counter, click on the sign, ask to verify the security center, after verification. It can be canceled
Q:Peugeot 307 remote control lock on the door is what reason
Peugeot 307 remote control lock on the door may be the cause of the lock itself may also be in the control line problems, it is recommended to repair the factory to check. Automotive control system: the car control, including the central control of the door lock system, the driver can control the vehicle through the car door switch and glass lift system. Also includes the central console, a variety of vehicle controller, such as audio control panel. Central control: 1, the central control: When the driver locked the door around the other doors are also locked, the driver can open the door through the door switch at the same time, you can also open a door alone. , 2, speed control: When the speed reaches a certain speed, the door can be locked on their own, to prevent the crew misuse the door handle and lead to open the door. 3, a separate control: In addition to the driver around the door, but also in other doors set a separate spring lock switch, can independently control a door to open and lock.
Q:Bought a second-hand ipad, remove icloud account, need a password how to do
Found iPad has iCloud lock, you should do the following things: 1. If you can contact the seller, then contact the seller immediately, ask each other to the correct iCloud password to unlock the device can be. 2. Assuming that you can not contact the seller, or sellers to play missing, shameless, extortion, etc., can only consider themselves unlucky. Equipment will always be the seller to monitor, when the lock is hard to say, see the seller feel good or bad. It is best to sell equipment directly, you can minimize the loss. Do not try to spend money to find expert solution iCloud lock, because the equipment may be scrapped, more harm than good. After buying iPad must see whether the device has iCloud lock, it is best to take the computer brush machine test. ICloud lock the Apple device with iTunes brush will prompt to close iCloud, even if the seller is also useless to conceal (for the outsourced, no use), immediately wear a gang.
Q:Canon G12, storage card lock, ask how to unlock
There is a small switch next to the card, looking carefully
Q:Home has a room lock on the door can not find how to do it?
Is a room at home is not a big door. Do you want to change the lock? Will the locksmiths help with the spoon?
Q:I picked up an apple 5s inside no card, brush machine also no phone number, but to | D password to open, where can I open ld password lock
Hello, I suggest you return to the owner. After all, you are picked up, the owner will certainly not blame you, on the contrary very grateful to you, because ID lock no one can solve, not my lying, there is no solution to the way, thieves can only be opened when the parts Out. So still return to the owner, but also plot points Germany
Q:Buick business car door lock heart how bad repair
Can only be replaced [car problem, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:Will the bank card password be locked and can the call be opened?
Can not open the call, go to the bank you do card, take the ID card directly to the counter to do on the line, at least three working days to open.
Q:Can a motorcycle not be associated with a door lock?
According to your fault phenomenon is likely to be the ignition switch off your motorcycle flame is ignited by the ignition line of the iron line to complete this line has to rely on the ignition switch control your ignition switch may be in the NO position flame line also Iron, so your motorcycle can not beat the fire with the electric lock

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