Rotoary Die Double Winder Film Blowing Machine

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High Speed Film Blowing Machine With Rotary Die-head, Double Winder

Performance  and Characteristics

Degradable Film Equipment has been widely for producing supermarket bag,garbage,
agricultural mulch film,if the draw ratio of film is increased and the mould head is change,
it can be used for blowing
200-3000mm high-low pressurefilm.

Optional Device
1. Auto Loader
2. Corona Treater
3. Air Compressor
4. High Speed Filter

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Q:What's the difference between a heated plate and frame oil filter and an ordinary plate and frame oil filter?
Ordinary plate oil filter is composed of filter bed, pump motor and coarse filter element, filter bed is composed of multi level filter plate and the filter frame, filter paper or cloth lining the filter plate and the filter frame, with pressure filter pressing device, the filter chamber is fixed independently formed between the plate and the filter frame is pressed in between the filter plate and the filter frame of the paper or cloth to play the role of filtering. The heating plate oil filter is independent heating device based on general frame increase oil filter, to filter high viscosity oil, oil filter plate ordinary machine is not filtered for high viscosity oil.
Q:What kind of vacuum oil filter belongs to the fixed assets?
GB / T 1488594 "fixed assets classification and code" provisions of the fixed asset classification, code and calculation unit, for reference, non mandatory.The self selection of the fixed assets by the enterprise. It can be divided into the following categories:I. land, housing and structures (TDJZ-001~xxx)Two, general purpose equipment (TYSB-xxx)Three, special equipmentFour, transportation equipmentFive. Electrical equipmentSix, electronic products and communications equipmentSeven 、 instruments and meters, measuring standard instruments and measuring instruments, weighing apparatusEight, literary and sports equipmentNine, books, cultural relics and exhibitsTen furniture, appliances and otherEight or nine, ten, if the quantity is not many, can be classified as other equipmentTherefore, according to the above, the vacuum oil filter is an oil purification equipment, which belongs to the enterprise's special equipment
Q:What should be noticed when using an oil filter?
If you encounter equipment failure, you must first power off, and other machines completely stopped, in the inspection; if you do not understand the structure of the machine and electrical components, it is best not to disassemble, you should call the manufacturer to its home repair.
Q:How often is the filter element of the transformer oil vacuum oil filter changed?
How long is the filter element of the transformer oil vacuum filter? There is no definite time
Q:How to select oil filter in small hydropower station?
The two are mechanical methods of purification. Now the city's pressure filtration can completely eliminate mechanical impurities, but in addition to water is not complete; vacuum filtration can completely remove moisture, but it can not eliminate mechanical impurities.
Q:Can hydraulic oil filters change color after filtration?
Can only become shallow, because part of the color is suspended particles, impurities caused by some of the high temperature oxidation, chemical properties change, filtration is physical, how can I do?!
Q:What is the effect of the oil filter on the filtration of fine particles?
When the temperature occurs, the reactions will not react with the filtered liquid and will pollute the filtered liquid. As long as it is not the core technology of the company, the problem of oil treatment and filtration can be exchanged.
Q:Transformer oil filter how to choose?
Don't know how much of the transformer, how much oil, transformer oil, vacuum oil filter only high vacuum oil filter and double stage vacuum oil filter, if the oil is not much, is not particularly high efficient vacuum oil filter can, if need to improve the vacuum pressure value, and these. High altitude double stage vacuum oil filter machine, see you under questioning, if interested can go to look at the following address
Q:What can I do to make the oil filtered by the centrifugal oil filter very bright?
So it's impossible to make your waste oil translucent, because you're a food oil, and if you want to make it translucent, you can filter it with a stainless steel LY filter
Q:How to separate the rapeseed oil with centrifugal oil filter, how to use in the separation, how to use the water.
The utility model relates to a high precision centrifugal filtering device for oil filters, which utilizes the high-speed rotation of the centrifugal body to rapidly separate the oil, water and impurities from different lubricating oils with different degree of pollution by different centrifugal forces

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