Rotary Heat Transfer Printing Equipment -2.5Meter

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Rotary Heat Transfer Printing Equipment is adopted electric heating diversion around oil layer. The quality is very stable!

Rotary Heat Transfer Printing Equipment is adopted electric heating diversion around oil layer, fast temperature rising, stable temperature on cylinder surface, four shafts interlock, blanket disengaging mechanical structure, three frequency conversion adjustable device, easily operation and service, best printing effect, widely used in digital printing industry both domestic and international


1) Electronic digital display temperature control temperature.

2) Aluminum hot plate used : safety, durability.

3) Electronic time control.Process is complete instructions.

4) High Temperature Materials floor installed.

5) Double spaces for high efficiency pneumatic

Technical parameters:

Model No. FTP-2500
Printing Area 2.50 meter
Roll Diameter 37.5cm
Roll Material Oil+steel w/ 0 seam + teflon
Blanket 2.5M(Width)x3.22M(Perimeter)
Temperature Range 0-260 degree
Time Range 0-99 hour
Input voltage 380V/220V
Frequency 50-60HZ
Rating Power 28KW ( motor power is 2.2KW)
Input current 38A
Timing turn-off 1-12 Hours
Machine (LXWXH)
Gross Weight 850kg

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As a leading manufacturer, all Microtec products are fully assembled by our state of the art manufacturing facility prior to shipment and released only after extensive testing and inspection by our qualified technicians, maintaining the strictest quality control procedures.Our mission is to be a world supplier of Heat Transfer Products and Consumables. We are committed to the principal of satisfying customer and market demands, pursing scientific administration and superior quality by using the latest technology grounded in a thorough understanding of the end-user's needs.

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Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 6
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