rotary blown film machine

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Product Description:

Blown film machines

Product Description

1.The specially designed screws ensure high plastification rate.
2.Precise temperature control(-1`C or +1`C) and special modules ensure precise thickness and flatness control.
3.The thickness of sheet is precisely adjusted by adjusting the screws and oil pressure wheels.
4.The winder can automatically adjust the speed and tension and set the width of needed products freely.
5.The machine equipped with meter counter can set the length of product.

PVC Free/Skinning Foam Board Production,pvc decorative board production line,pvc foam plate production line

PP  sheet production line,PE  sheet production line,PVC sheet production line

1) Plastic board production line
2) Compact structure, excellent capability
3) Optimized screw and canister design
4) Professional machining of alloy steel
5) Mold equality, extruding stabilization, high output
6) Material cooling: Wind cooling
7) Continuous production
8) The automatic material feeding, adjusting function
9) Suitable for PP, PE, PS, ABS, PET, PVC, PMMA and PC
Most of the equipment operation, including extruder, mould, melt pump and change nets device, pressure roller is through light touch screen to operate.

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Q:What happens when the oil filter is powered off?
After the power cut, the whole performance of the oil filter is affected.First, the impact on the pump and motor: easy to cause abnormal wear and tear, reduce its service life.
Q:What is the reason for the oil running out of the turbine oil filter?
Improvement measures for running oil in exhaust port of vacuum oil filter:Check the reasons for the failure to start the automatic heating of the sealing oil filter oil.Stop sealing oil filter before checking out the cause.Strengthen the operation inspection of the sealed oil filter, ensure the automatic operation of the oil pump, the oil pump and the electric heater chain, and carry out the transmission test regularly on the chain of sealed oil filter.Using the opportunity of unit overhaul to improve the exhaust pipe of sealed oil filter and vacuum pump, completely eliminate the hidden trouble of oil leakage of oil filter.Strengthen the training of operators, fully grasp the working principle of the sealed oil vacuum oil filter, as well as the matters needing attention in the operation process and the accident treatment.
Q:Which is the best vacuum oil filter?
Vacuum oil filter machine imported brands and domestic brands of domestic brands, but also imported and domestic configuration configuration; imported oil filter oil filter better than domestic, domestic and imported configuration than the domestic configuration, the price must be configured expensive. In addition, the vacuum oil purifier has to distinguish the two-stage vacuum oil filter and the single-stage vacuum oil filter, and the vacuum effect of bipolar vacuum is better than that of the single stage vacuum, but the price must be higher.
Q:Vacuum dewatering oil filter and coalescence separation dehydration, which dehydration effect is strong?
Vacuum dehydration oil filters are in fact a general term for negative pressure power supply. What you should know is what method of dehydration is used If it is the coalescing filter, then it is the poly series dehydration product, but the direction of the power is different.At present, poly dehydration is king. As we all know, industrial petroleum products have a certain proportion of additives, whether centrifugal, heating or sedimentation methods will cause loss of additives.
Q:How to choose insulating oil vacuum filter
2. Large area flashing technology of branched nozzle, unique patent separation system, free maintenance. High vacuum rapid and efficient removal of volatile oils, such as water, gas and hydrogen in insulating oil. Increase the compressive strength and the quality of the oil.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic oil filter
We only have vacuum pumps in our vacuum cleaner, and you shouldn't listen to them when you buy them
Q:What is the principle of vacuum oil filters used in steam turbines?
The most important function of vacuum oil filter is to remove water and remove impurities
Q:How much is the optimum temperature for cooking oil in a centrifugal oil filter?
Hello,The temperature of the centrifugal filter is directly related to the amount of water added.
Q:How often is the filter element of the turbine oil vacuum oil filter changed?
1, this depends on your own oil content of impurities, as well as vacuum filter oil filter itself quality and function. For example, your higher oil turbine impurity content, so it is easy to clog the filter clogging, need to clean or replace (note that some of the filter can be cleaned, and some can not be bought, when the oil filter need to ask, and generally can clean the filter than cleaning the filter element to the high price); and if the purchase of oil filter machine as well as filter quality, low intensity, filtering accuracy is not good, the assimilative capacity is small, the filter is easy to jam.
Q:Consult experts, power plant turbine oil vacuum filter machine, why use ah?
Turbine oil vacuum oil filter can remove the dissolved water in oil (about 150mg/L) and non dissolved water (more than 150mg/L will have, that is, the tiny drops of water) in oil water content reduced to below 50mg/L, but if the oil with high water content, the dehydration rate is relatively slow. Beijing instant Technology Co., Ltd. turbine oil vacuum oil filter is a new technology, new products, it is recommended concern

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