rotary blown film machine

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Product Description:

Blown film machines

Product Description

1.The specially designed screws ensure high plastification rate.
2.Precise temperature control(-1`C or +1`C) and special modules ensure precise thickness and flatness control.
3.The thickness of sheet is precisely adjusted by adjusting the screws and oil pressure wheels.
4.The winder can automatically adjust the speed and tension and set the width of needed products freely.
5.The machine equipped with meter counter can set the length of product.

PVC Free/Skinning Foam Board Production,pvc decorative board production line,pvc foam plate production line

PP  sheet production line,PE  sheet production line,PVC sheet production line

1) Plastic board production line
2) Compact structure, excellent capability
3) Optimized screw and canister design
4) Professional machining of alloy steel
5) Mold equality, extruding stabilization, high output
6) Material cooling: Wind cooling
7) Continuous production
8) The automatic material feeding, adjusting function
9) Suitable for PP, PE, PS, ABS, PET, PVC, PMMA and PC
Most of the equipment operation, including extruder, mould, melt pump and change nets device, pressure roller is through light touch screen to operate.

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Q:What is the effect of the oil filter on the filtration of fine particles?
Can filter, filter media to understand the industrial products, chemical properties of oil, liquid filtration requirements, now there are many ways of using the corresponding filtering method to deal with (such as: membrane filtration, fine filtration, ceramic filter, activated carbon filter, silica gel filtration and clay filter)
Q:How often is the filter element of the transformer oil vacuum oil filter changed?
How long is the filter element of the transformer oil vacuum filter? There is no definite time
Q:Where has the waste lubricating oil to come in, it is the oil filter of the finished oil
Waste lubricating oil is used after the deterioration has been unable to use the oil, oil filter main machine is mainly pure physical filtration, filtration, filtration, removal of impurities of water gas, waste oil emulsion breaking, can recover after filtration DY lubricating oil vacuum oil filter function, cleanliness, moisture, gas content so, the acid value can be restored to the new oil standards, this time can be put into repeated use.
Q:What is the difference in the filtration accuracy between the electrostatic oil purifier and the filter cartridge filter?
The electrostatic oil purifier can effectively absorb impurities from 0.02 M to 100 mu m, with high accuracy. Filter is mainly used to filter method, the accuracy of high and low, and the filter clogging. However, electrostatic adsorption is not easy to plug, and most of the adsorbed impurities are discharged from the machine
Q:I am pressed sunflower oil, vacuum phase electric heating oil filter
After the oil is filtered, open the oil drain port of the oil filter,The oil will stay in the barrel.To be exact, the oil will drop vertically into the oil drum,
Q:The oil filtered by a vacuum oil filter is then placed in a centrifugal oil filter and filtered without salt water
You must add water without adding salt water, which is to remove the residue
Q:Is the on-line oil filter for on load tap changer convenient for use in substations?
Characteristic:1, according to the actual situation, choose the operation mode, can automatically control, start every day, or can manually continuous operation;2, with operation and fault signal remote transmission function, remote timing start, and the load tap switch synchronous start.3, the use of composite filter, not only can filter solid impurities, but also dehydration, deacidification, reducing contact with coking, maintaining high breakdown voltage to extend the service life of insulating oil.4, pump motor and pump body integration, fully enclosed structure, small size, no oil leakage, and low noise, but also suitable for night operation
Q:Fig. 1 electrical control diagram of lubricating oil vacuum oil filter lv_80
Besides the general bought oil filter, as long as the regular manufacturers will have the instructions, the above detailed parameters of oil filter, and the electrical principle diagram and electrical control chart, do you buy the oil filter machine instructions are not even,. If so, either you choose to return it, or you call the person who sold it to you, and let them come home to deal with the problem, which is the minimum after-sales service.
Q:What should be noticed when using an oil filter?
If you encounter equipment failure, you must first power off, and other machines completely stopped, in the inspection; if you do not understand the structure of the machine and electrical components, it is best not to disassemble, you should call the manufacturer to its home repair.
Q:What is the working vacuum in the oil filter?
Therefore, the so-called "working vacuum" is the vacuum filter oil function, the completion of gas-liquid separation and oil-water separation function vacuum control range.

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