Rose Flower Holiday Christmas Led Solar String Lights

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Product Name: solar yellow rose flower light Model Number: BS0086

Product Description:

Product Description

Solar rose flower lightSolar garden light, solar Christmas flower light , a variety  of color options ,high quality lamp head, flower solar lights for garden.

Rose Flower Holiday Christmas Led Solar String Lights


Brand name


Item  name

Solar rose light

Item No.




1.2v 600mah AA NI-MH rechargeable battery 


 2.Solar Panel:

2v 30mA  Multi-crystalline solar panel 


super bright white LED 12000-15000MCD

4.Working time:


more than 8 hours 

5.Charge time:





Stianless steel + plastic


Rose Flower Holiday Christmas Led Solar String Lights

Rose Flower Holiday Christmas Led Solar String Lights

Rose Flower Holiday Christmas Led Solar String Lights

Rose Flower Holiday Christmas Led Solar String Lights

Rose Flower Holiday Christmas Led Solar String Lights


1. Automatically turn on light at dark, turn off light at dawn.

2. No electricity or wire need. Powered by solar, eco-friendly and energy saving.

3. The unit has over-charge and over-discharge protection system.

4. DIY items, easy to install, maintenance-free.

5. High Quality materials and performance.

6.A variety of color options, mainly white, yellow, red, and purple and other colors. 

7. Used for garden villas, parks, hotels, garden decoration.

Rose Flower Holiday Christmas Led Solar String Lights

Rose Flower Holiday Christmas Led Solar String Lights


Uses: This lamp suitable for villa / garden stairs, no wiring, just need parts installed in the open switch can work automatically with the light (by the sun during the day, automatic charging, dark or Yin Tianguang line is poor will automatically open.

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Brown Carton

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Shipped in 7-15 days   after payment

Rose Flower Holiday Christmas Led Solar String Lights


Q1.Can you send sample for us?


Q2.Can you accept small order?

A2.Yes, we can accept trial orders, it is the starting of business. But       according to different product the price may be higher as normal quantity.


Q3.Do you inspect the product? How?

Q3.Yes, each step of production and finished products will be carried out inspection by QC before shipping.


Q4.What is your payment term?

A4.We can offer L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, etc.



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Q:equation for wavelength given frequency of light?
c = nu * lambda
Q:what solar lights are the best?
Low voltage lighting still has to be plugged into a power outlet in order to function, even though the voltage level is very low and relatively safe. But solar lighting is powered entirely by sunlight. Use the light components from the old solar lights to make accent garden art.the decorative light apparatus and the stakes used to insert them into the ground. Often, you can easily remove the light section from the stake. After the solar cell stops working, remove the lights from the stakes and use each component separately
Q:how far does light travel in 3 months?
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Q:What is the difference between light dependant and light independant photosynthesis?
Light dependent reactions occur on the grana. Light energy stimulates electron activity in the chlorophyll (which is on the grana). This splits water molecules into 1. oxygen (which is released into the air) 2.hydrogen ions (or just protons) which are carried by acceptor molecules (NADPH) 3. electrons, which are carried by ATP molecules. obviously, this stage needs light, so it can only happen during the day. Light independent occurs in the stroma. All it needs are CO2, the acceptor molecules from above and ATP from above. The CO2 goes through the krebs cycle which produces two PGAL from 6 CO2. The two PGAL can form glucose or other sugar in the cytosol. This stage doesnt need light to occur, and can happen anytime.
Q:Other than efficient light bulbs, what lighting techniques save energy?
Sorry Kate, halogen bulbs are NOT energy efficient. They cost more to light give off a tremendeous amount of heat. Maybe you are thinking of a diff type of bulb mistakenly called it halogen ? Using solar panels to partially provide lighting or slow down that electric meter.
Q:I overfilled my zippo lighter :[?
the little bugger is dangerous, it will ignite big time if you over fill. Go with butane, it is easy to fill neater, and not as dangerous. Let it dry out some, or light it, if you dare, and be careful, and some of the excess burn off. I wouldn't light that around friends, again ! Real advice is STOP SMOKING
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Q:Do i need a light on my tank?
Well a light is mostly for planets. But it also depends on the fry some but maybe a low light is a good idea, medium or bright light is a good idea if your tank doesn't get any natural sunlight
Q:photographers, what kind of lighting do you use?
Natural Look at the photo's, Shooting Grace in China All done with available light. Peace Jim .

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