Room Service Vehicles of Different Specifications

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Product Name : Room Service vehicles
Product Type : Q5
Product Specifications : L950 * W480 * H1100mm
Material: wood and steel structure

 Material: Stainless Steel

Use Scope:

1. Banks, stock exchanges, churches, bookstores, office buildings, telecom business .

2. Hotels, commercial buildings, supermarkets, Chinese and Western fast food restaurants and other high places.


Our products are specialized, through the provision of high quality, innovative design products and attentive service and dedication to provide customers with high-quality , durable , cost-effective , innovative portable products.

2. Product Characteristic:

--Simple design, with firm metal frame, lightweight and practical

--Adjust eco-friendly toughened glass, chrome frame, and meet the environment standard

--With 4 roll-around wheels, smooth and easy to move

--With 3 shelves for well placing various of accessories


3. Product Specification

Room service vehicles : Room Service vehicle to collect the used linen and issuance of new linen , with a pull -formed sub-grid column can store all kinds of tools and equipment , such as cleaning tools , disposable supplies. Second, the function of the refuse collection room.


4. Reference Picture

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Q:What are the materials of hotel furniture?
Particleboard is a kind of artificial board which is made of the leftover material of wood processing, sawdust and so on. It is dried and mixed with glue, hardening agent and waterproof agent. Because of its profile similar to honeycomb, so called particleboard.
Q:There's a label on the bathrobe in the guest room closet where you're staying at the five-star hotel. What do you mean?
This is for a fee, or you walk through and let somebody wash it and wear it to someone else So the boss wants someone else to buy it, and it's also humane to offer a bathrobe in the store
Q:Is there any difference between hotel furniture customization or ordinary furniture?
Yes, according to the requirements, the design is more personalized, the price is more expensive
Q:What are the details of customized theme hotel furniture?
Pay attention to the rational use of furniture, hotel furniture should take into account the support, practical, beautiful, not wishful personality, should pay attention to rationality. It is the furniture that belongs to the hotel according to need to be custom-built, the furniture that a lot of friends make according to the style on the net, put in specific hotel space, appear very crowded however. This is because consumers are not professional and overly confident. In fact, it is not absolutely necessary, more and more hotel furniture manufacturers to research more energy into products, and equipped with specialized hotel furniture designer for each customer can according to their own needs to design a more reasonable, more suitable for their own hotel furniture products.
Q:Which is better, a combination sink, an upright post basin or a sink?
The column type hand washing basin is composed of a column and a basin, and the pipeline can be hidden in the upright post, and the appearance is simple and beautiful. It also saves space, but the function is single, and it is not convenient to be equipped with cabinet. It is suitable for small bathroom. Since the pots are made of ceramic, it is easy to maintain. Detergents, washing powders and cleaning balls all play a part. If you have enough room in your home, you can choose a desktop sink
Q:What does "guild hall" mean, and what's the difference between and Gaestgiveriet Hotel?
Museum is a feudal society composed of countrymen or businessmen in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Beginning in the early Ming Dynasty, the earliest known hall is the Wuhu guild hall built in Yongle period in Beijing.
Q:What material Restroom basin cabinet is better to waterproof
And the marble itself is mildew proof
Q:Mahogany furniture with oil and water color difference
Oil is treated by half finished grinding and toning, spray drying, and then paint, lacquer or wax.The maintenance of mahogany furniture wax on the first is safety and environmental protection, and is able to reveal the natural texture of mahogany itself, there is a guaranteed mahogany breath, actually rubbing natural teak teak oil refining body can better maintain your mahogany furniture, in front of the advantages of teak oil have, but can not guarantee the deformation of mahogany wax cracking, then wipe wax as teak oil well operation, must be professional personnel, and teak oil can be directly rubbing, truly DIY, the most important is the maintenance of mahogany furniture, especially teak oil is simple, easy to overcome the mahogany furniture mahogany furniture, especially a deformation especially in the maintenance of the delicate the problem, can prolong the service life of mahogany, and tangla very frequently, rubbed teak oil does not need so frequently.
Q:What kind of material is good for the sink cabinet?
Disadvantages of stainless steel cabinets:(1) stainless steel while higher hardness, but stainless steel in violent crash will have the presence of deformation and deformation of stainless steel is not easy to restore it, so the hardness is his advantage, and disadvantage of stainless steel.(2) bright and clean mesa is easy to delimit flower, this has always been one of stainless steel's big shortcomings, scraping the mesa can say is very ugly.(3) matte stainless steel cabinets will not scratch, but the matte is not easy to clean, in the matte inside there will be bacteria breeding problems.(4) stainless steel cabinets give a cold impression, the lack of family warmth, a large area of stainless steel is not ideal kitchen decoration.
Q:What furniture should be composed of hotel rooms or furniture?
The general configuration of two or three star hotel standard room, single bed, bedside table (2) (indoor electrical console), 1 or 1 closet wardrobe, desk, stool 1 1, table 1, a small sofa or a single seat 2, 1, 1 floor lamp.

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