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The first class full-automatic large-size CNC concrete tile moulding machine for roof or floor usage is the most advanced innovative, cost-effective and eco-friendly professional tile forming equipment by far.


Main technical parameters of the first class full-automatic large-size CNC concrete tile moulding machine for roof or floor usage:

Main technical parametersDetails
Voltage380 V
Rated Power12 KW
Molding Cycle6-8 seconds / piece
Molding Pressure6500 Kilo Newton
Output Per Shift2400-3000 pieces
Product Specification940 x 640 x 15 mm
Weight of the Main Machine12 Ton
Dimension of the Main Machine 4500 x 1680 x 2650 mm


The first class full-automatic large-size CNC concrete tile moulding machine for roof or floor usage includes the following parts:


Product NameModel Number
one mixerLK-350
one elevatorLK-1
one main machineMYW-10
one hydraulic forkliftLK-1
one manual ridge/edge tile making machineLK
2000 pieces of steel tile mouldsLK

5 pieces of plastic ridge tile moulds

5 pieces of plastic edge tile moulds


Working Principle

Mix water, raw material such as cement or coal ash and sand up in proportion and feed the mixture evenly to the main machine of the CNC concrete tile moulding machine, and then under the high pressure of a hydraulic cylinder and a mould, semifinished concrete tiles which become concrete tiles after maintenance and painting are produced. If different moulds such as terrazzo or brick moulds are applied, terrazzos or bricks can be obtained.


Advantages of the tiles produced by the first class full-automatic large-size CNC concrete tile moulding machine for roof or floor usage:

1. Unique water-proof structure

2. Easy to construct

3. Strong wind resistance

4. Good heat insulation

5. Freezing-thawing resisting and weathering-resistant

6. Diversified shapes and various colors

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In order to facilitate the regeneration of various post consumer plastic products will need to use different kinds of plastic sorting, because the plastic consumption channels and more complex, some post consumer plastic and it is difficult to simply be distinguished by the appearance, therefore, the best in the plastic products marked material varieties.
Q:Plastic lunch box logo 5, what does PP stand for?
PP5 is the identification of material grades that can be used directly in food packaging and in materials directly in contact with food. But you said that you can use repeatedly, this is generally not used repeatedly, because the plastic is thin, easily damaged, and is generally not recommended for hot food, if clean, can be reused. As you said to environmental protection, energy saving, this way, I think you can do garbage treatment, you can, because 90% of the plastic material can be done as long as the classification processing, can be recycled, which will not pollute the environment, but also save resources.
Q:Can I put food in a plastic product that has just been soaked in hot water?
Better not eat. May be toxic.The plastic is made of monomers as raw materials, polymer by polyaddition or polycondensation polymerization (macromolecules), commonly known as plastic resin (plastics) or (resin), can freely change the composition and form style, composed of synthetic resin and filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, pigment and other additives.
Q:Is ABS plastic poisonous?
ABS plastic is the most widely used in household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machine, air conditioner, microwave oven, we call the white plastic. The seldom used additives, with the application of pure ABS resin + toner more, according to the current level of the plastics industry, the vast majority of toner are environmentally friendly products, on the human body and the environment will not be affected. So don't worry, ease to use it.
Q:The working principle of plastic mould
The moving die part is mounted on the moving template of the injection machine, and can be moved with the mould system on the injection machine during the injection molding process. Start injection molding, mold closing system drives the movable die toward the fixed mold direction, and at the parting surface and the fixed mold of I, the accuracy of the mold oriented mechanism, a guide column and a guide column is opened holes in the fixed template guarantee. The movable mould and the fixed mould of after fixing groove in the template and fixed on the movable punch on the template structure and product shape and uniform size of closed cavity, the clamping force can be provided in the clamping system of injection molding process in the cavity of the lock, to avoid it to open up in the press under the force of the plastic melt. The injection from the nozzle in the plastic melt into the mold through the opening in the mainstream channel die central, then the sub channel and the goods to be poured into the mold cavity, the mold cavity is filled with melt and after packing, feeding and cooling, clamping system with moving die back reset, so that the dynamic model with two fixed mold opened from sub type surface. When the movable die back to a certain position, installed in the interior of the stripping mechanism will be in the clamping system in pushing device produced by the action of moving and die the other part, so the aggregate will products and runner and runner was the top of the runner off from their punch on one side of the driven mode in this, a complete injection molding process.
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It is by virtue of this characteristic of molding, the use of the first heating of the plastic flow, under pressure filled cavity, and then solidified into a shape and size of the product. Thermosetting resins are linear or branched before curing, forming a chemical bond between the molecular chains after curing, becoming a network of three degrees, not only without melting, but also insoluble in solvents. Bakelite, formaldehyde, melamine, formaldehyde, epoxy, unsaturated polyester and silicone plastics are all thermosetting plastics. Mainly used for heat insulation, abrasion resistance, insulation, high voltage resistance in the harsh environment of the use of plastic, mostly thermosetting plastic, most commonly used should be wok, pot handle and high and low voltage appliances.. Commonly used thermosetting plastics are phenolic resin, urea formaldehyde resin, melamine resin, unsaturated polyester resin, epoxy resin, silicone resin, polyurethane and so on
Q:What's the way to clean the greasy food on the plastic?
Cleaning of heavy greasy plastic products: same method, but the soaking time should be more than 4 hours.
Q:Why should I granulate before injection? What's the advantage of granulation?
The process of granulation is to rearrange the structure of the plastic by melting, and the injection is exactly the same. No change in physical properties. Their relationship is upstream and downstream, not tied together. Granulation in order to facilitate injection molding.
Q:What is environmentally friendly engineering plastics?
Now technically called environmentally friendly engineering plastics generally refer to halogen-free plastics,
Q:What materials do you use for plastic moulds?
As there are many varieties of plastics, the requirements for plastic products vary greatly, and various materials for making plastic moulds are also put forward

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