Roofing Sarking Insulation Aluminum foil and House warp Insulation

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Product Description:


1.Structure of Roofing Sarking Insulation Aluminum foil Description:

Roofing Sarking Insulation Aluminum foil consists of two layers of aluminum foil with plastic bubble laminated between the aluminum foil,provides excellent insulation: Reflects up to 97% of radiant energy in addition to resisting other types of heat transfer from conduction, convection and radiation. The two side aluminum foil forms an effective barrier against moisture, air currents and vapors.

Roofing Sarking Insulation Aluminum foil is an economical solution for a wide range of industrial, manufacturing and consumer applications.

2.Main Features of the Roofing Sarking Insulation Aluminum foil:

Bubble Foil Heat Insulation

Excellent insulation

Industrial Furnace and Special Equipment heat insulation

Good Quality

Competitive Price

3. Roofing Sarking Insulation Aluminum foil Images


4.Roofing Sarking Insulation Aluminum foil Specification 


Product name

Bubble foil heat insulation material

Material Structure


AL+Woven Cloth+Bubble + Colored Foil  

AL+ Woven Cloth + Bubble + Woven Cloth+AL

Bubble Size(Diameter*Heihht)


20mm* 7mm


Bubble Weight




Roll Width

1.2 m (customized)

1.2 m (customized)

1.2 m (customized)






256 g/m2

425 g/m2

500 g/m2


0.03-0.04 COEF

0.03-0.04 COEF

0.03-0.04 COEF

Thermal Conductivity




Apparent Density

85 kg/m3

70.7 kg/m3

83 kg/m3





Water Vapour Transmission

0.013 g/m2Kpa

0.012 g/m2Kpa

0.012 g/m2Kpa


Doesn't generate

Doesn't generate

Doesn't generate

Tensile Strength(MD)

16.98 Mpa

16.85 Mpa

35.87 Mpa

Tensile Strength(TD)

16.5 Mpa

15.19 Mpa

28.02 Mpa



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Q:can you insulate ceiling if rubber roof installed?
If you have vaulted ceilings you need to get the right insulation. Basically it wont be as thick and still leave some room between the insulation and the roof for it to breathe. You should be able to get it at any home improvement place.
Q:should thermal insulation ever be applied directly to the underside of a roof top?
Should it be done, No. Thermal Insulation is put direftly above the ceiling. Not on the actually roof top. The reason being, that even though both methods will trap in heat, With the insulation on the arches of the roof, it still allowing heat into the Attic, Or roof space. This means that the top of the roof will infact be the warmest part of the house, and lot of heat will be lost. from the main rooms of the house.
Q:what effect does changing the pitch of a roof have on the insulation properties and durability of a roof?
As long as the insulation in the attic area is not changed then the insulating value should not change. As far as durability concerning the pitch of a roof it realy depends on the type of shingle you use.
Q:How do I insulate an attic with only 5 inches between the inner ceiling and roof?
It sounds like you will have to use blown insulation. They will drill holes in the walls to blow the insulation in. Over time, this type of insulation will drop down or compress; so you will have to top it off over time. You might also add acoustical tile to the exiting ceiling to add a little more insulating value.
Q:What are the roof insulation materials?
Compared with EPS sheet, XPS board is made of polystyrene resin and other additives by extrusion process has a continuous uniform surface and closed-cell honeycomb structure of the plate, the closed-cell structure of the insulation material can have different The pressure (150-500Kpa) also has the same low thermal conductivity
Q:Can a heat pump be used to take the heat out of the space below the roof and above the insulation?
Not very practical. You would, in essence, draw the heat out of the space (rooms) below. Insulation in your attic does allow some heat to pass through.
Q:Can anyone recommend a good roof insulation company in Phoenix AZ?
Blow in insulation is so easy and cost effective, do it yourself. Machines can be rented at Lowes, HD, etc where you buy the material.
Q:How to make a building roof insulated against solar heat?
Closed cell spray foam applied to the inside of your roof sheathing will work just fine. It needs to be installed by a specialty contractor. Good Luck
Q:My upstairs ceilings are not insulated and on the other side of the 2x6 rafters is the roof.?
Suggestion: install the insulation with the foam channels but leave the center section (roof ridge area) open from end to end. At each end you can install a static vent or an active one. Depending on the amount of space you have you may be able to install a power vent.If you can send me a diagram with measurements I can give you a more definitive answer.
Q:mold in an attic,on roof decking,in insulation?
is your HVAV unit in the attic?Is the moisture coming from it? Also-ridge vents help allow proper ventilation.

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