Roll to Roll Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine

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China main port
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1 set
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10 set/month

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Product Description:

Roll to Roll Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine Function


1. Double blades (upper blades and down blades) slitting. Cutting edges are more smooth and neat.

2. Adopt shaftless material loading device which can bear 2000kgs weight.

3. Pneumatic loading and unloading system; material paper roll loading and finished rolls unloading to be automatically.


Roll to Roll Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine Technical Parameters 


Technical Parameter

                  Control System

Material Paper


Main Motor

15kw Wannan

Unwind Width



18.5KW Delta (Taiwan)

Unwind Diameter

1200mm (standard)

Lifting Motor

1.1kw*2 pcs Wannan

Rewind Diamter

1200mm (standard)

Clamping Motor

1.5kw *2 pcs Wannan

Minimum Slitting Width


Execute Components


Working Speed

0-250 meters/min

Signal Components


Speed regulation

By Inverter

Pneumatic Components


Material Loading Device

Shaftless Device

Electric Components


Loading Type

Automatically by Pneumatic (hydraulic can be customized)



Rewinding Type

Air Inflation Shaft


Unloading Type

Automatically by Pneumatic

Material Paper Fixing Cone

2 Pieces (76mm ID)

Power Supply


(can be customized)

Lifting Air Cylinder

2 Pieces

Discharging Air Cylinder

2 Pieces


Material Shafts Braking Device

2 Sets

Mainframe (two parts)

3000*1700*1100mm (Unwinding side)


20 Sets (standard)


(Rewinding side)

Operating Box

1 Set

Curved Roll




Meter Counter


Enclosed Spare Parts

Automatic Correcting Unit


Useful Tool

1 Set


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