Rohs lead free solder wrie for PCB welding

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Hebei, China (Mainland)

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0.8 1.0 1.2mm

Melting Point:



5kg 10kg 15kg


for welding low carbon steel,light gauge sheet,structures

Flux Content:








Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:black plastic spool+layer winding welding wire+tarnish paper+plastic packing+carton 15kg:72cartons on a pallet,one 20FT container can loading 20-25tons
Delivery Detail:with15-20 days

 MS flux cored welding wrie  for boiler welding :

The series of welding wries can be used to welding low carbon steel and low alloyed steel structure, such as ships, vehicles, bridges, boilers and buildings etc.


have excellent mechanical performance such as fast melting rate, high depositing efficiency, stable arc, little spatter, beautiful seam. Suitable for all-position welding work.

Specifications of welding wire:

1) Sizes: 0.8mm,0.9mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.6mm

2) Applications: Widely used as welding carbon steel wires in shipbuilding,

Bridge building, machinery manufacturing and general welding purposes


Mechanical properties of deposited metal





























Mechanical properties of deposited metal

Yield stregth(Mpa)

Tensile strength(Mpa)


Impact value (J)






Rohs lead free solder wrie for PCB welding

Rohs lead free solder wrie for PCB welding

Rohs lead free solder wrie for PCB welding

Rohs lead free solder wrie for PCB welding

Rohs lead free solder wrie for PCB welding

Rohs lead free solder wrie for PCB welding

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Q:Welding rod welding wire preservation many time failure cannot use, has this aspect stipulation? Is the electrode qualified for more than one year after reinspection?
Should be okay?
Q:What kind of wire is ER80S-G and what material is it mainly welded to?
Carbon steel or low-alloy steel of 550MPa strength
Q:What are welding wires for 20G and 15CrMO?
20G belongs to carbon steel, 15CRMO belongs to heat-resisting steel, should use welding wire ER55-B2TIG-R30 for 1.25%Cr-0.5%Mo and other heat-resistant steel, such as 15CrMo, P11, P12, no state and industry standards, Shanghai power repair plant and other enterprises have its enterprise standard Q/FAAX-31, equivalent to GB/T8110 ER55-B2.
Q:What is the distance between the welding nozzle and the template for argon arc welding?
Start attached to the template on the wire, welding needle (welding nozzle tip) the distance is not in contact with you in the wire under the premise of the closer the better, but you do not close enough to touch the wire, the welding needle will be re grinding away, the spark is wrong.So to say, the best time to start a small fire, and then attached to the template on the wire, welding needle because the fire is small, so the wire is distance as close as possible, otherwise it can not melt wire; you slowly cooked after trying to fire up...... Several times behind the test should be able to get it! Ha-ha。
Q:What welding wire for F22 valve steel and 12Cr1MoV pipe welding?
F22 belongs to Cr2.5% Mo1% heat-resisting steel,12Cr1MoV belongs to the F11/P11 (Cr1% Mo0.5%) 2 kinds of heat-resistant steel, welding material should be used if the F22 welding material, welding wire GB ER62-B3 American Standard: ER90S-G/ER90S-B3
Q:Q235 plate thickness 4mm-5mm what is the diameter of the wire to be selected by submerged arc welding what is the flux?
In fact, 4-5MM has a special submerged arc welding 1.6 wire, that is automatic two welding machine, remove gas and welding flux. Or use 2.5 of the wire,
Q:16Mn what welding wire for seamless steel tube?
ER50-6 welding wire is used for tungsten arc welding.Flux cored wire adopts E501T-1 welding wire, that is Y502 welding wire.Electrode J506 can be used.
Q:What are the characteristics of fuses? What are the properties of welding wire?
A fuse is also called a fuse, and the IEC127 standard defines it as a fuse (fuse-link)". The utility model relates to an electric component which is arranged in a circuit and ensures the safe operation of the circuit. When the current flows through the conductor, the conductor will be heated because of the resistance of the conductor. And heat follow this formula: Q=0.24I2RT; Q is the heat, the 0.24 is a constant, I is the current flowing through the conductor, R is the resistance of a conductor, T is the current through the conductor time; so the formula we can see that the principle of simple fuse.1 、 over current protection and over temperature protection. A fuse used for overcurrent protection is a fuse (also called a current limiting fuse) as it usually is.2. Fuses used for overheating protection are generally referred to as "temperature fuses"". The temperature fuse is divided into the low melting point alloy shape and the temperature sensitive trigger shape, as well as the memory alloy shape and so on. The temperature fuse is used for preventing the heating appliance or the heating device from being too high and the temperature is too high to protect.Welding wire is used as filler metal or metal wire welding material at the same time as conductive.1, in gas welding and gas tungsten arc welding, welding wire for filler metal;2. In submerged arc welding, electroslag welding and other gas shielded arc welding, the welding wire is both a filler metal and a conductive electrode.3, the surface of the wire is not coated with anti oxidation flux.
Q:What is welding wire? How to translate welding wire?
Welding, also known as solder wire, the use of electric iron melting wire, tin solder cooling, you can complete the welding
Q:Who knows the C02 gas shielded welding gas and wire consumption ratio?
Depending on how you solder it, use a bottle of gas a day

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