Rohs Ce Led Tree Light

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Product Description:

Product Description

led tree light ,high quality,e12/e17,holiday lights.



Specification Parameter:

LED Source:SMD 5050(4 chips)SMD 5050(6 chips) 
Size:Φ20mm×H59mm Φ28mm×H78mm
Lamp holder:E12E17
Lamp Luminous Flux:6-8LM  11.5-13.7LM  
Power:0.28—0.3W  0.47—0.49W  
PF:  0.23—0.25  0.33—0.34  
Current value:  9.5—9.8mA  11.5—12mA  
Spherical shape:  Rhombus/Smooth shape   
Color:Red/yellow/green/purple/orange/pink/amber/warm white/cold white   



Improved Christmas advantage:


1.Brightness advantage:Because the plug-in LED lamp beads low luminous efficiency, so low brightness, high power consumption.After the improvement of LED SMD 5050 package, the plug-brightness lamp beads from around the base 8LM, to around 12LM, an increase of 50% brightness.


2.PF value advantage:Plug-in LED light source because the PF value is only about 0.17, the led tree light improved PF value of 0.33, the PF values improved 94%.


3.Cooling advantages:SMD lamp beads because its structure can be quickly put on the junction temperature of the heat-emitting body quickly through the pin comes out, the product also do a double-sided PCB copper to accelerate the cooling effect.

tree lights

4.Life Advantage:Because SMD lamp beads have an advantage on the heat dissipation structure, which prolongs the decay time of the light source, thereby safeguarding the effective life of the bulb.


5.Structural advantages:Before lamp beads plus a polyhedron diffusers, making light softer and in hood side also opened a deflector hole, it is a good cooling effect of heat through the outer housing.


6.Assembly advantages:The led tree light assembly made improvements in three areas, namely shell abandoned the way of other products the glue bonding, using ultrasonic welding, so you can put an end to the housing base masks and lampshades shedding;The second is to improve the adhesion of the housing and cap,use the machine RBI fixed way, so definitely avoid making the cap off because the glue fittings and shell isolated phenomenon;Third, waterproofing treatment lamp fittings and shell, this product is soluted by silicone ring, rather than a waterproof glue.


Other led lights colors:


Our Services

Our services are perfect, simple and feasible.

1.Samples can be offered freely and immediately.

2.OEM/ODM is OK.

3.Warranty is 3 years.




1.Before the product installation cut off power to prevent electric shock, otherwise it will affect the life of the product.


2.Products equipped with power according to the number of design installation and use within the approved voltage.


3.Products should be avoided in the heat and hot steam, corrosive gas, so as not to affect life expectancy.


4.Avoid touching the surface of the lamp by hand when the product work.


5.Product when using high pressure power, should not work in the frequently pass off state, it will affect their life.


We can also design and produce other LED products according to your requirements.



Customized options

Customize your strip light by picture or by technical datas.


Packing & Delivery


plastic bag intside, cartons outside 



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7-12 business days

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14-30 business days

Air freight

3-10 business days

By Sea

30-40 business days

1.    3-5 business days for Sample Orders; 7-30 business days for Bulk Orders for Bulk Orders.

2.    "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3.    DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address

4.    The Shipping Service above is for reference only, for any other questions, please feel free to contact us.



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Q:Do you want city lighting?
I am professional to do this, in fact, the concept of city lighting China is not deep, because the industry was founded only 15 years, but we already have a mature operating system, and LED lighting now have replaced the traditional light source, LED power consumption is only the traditional source of electricity consumption 15/1, light effect is also higher than him.
Q:The problem of intelligent lighting control
Outdoor power is generally larger, such as street lights, factory lights, the application environment is relatively poor, moisture-proof, dustproof, high temperature needs to
Q:What are the main technical measures for the implementation of energy-saving lighting?
But in the place with higher color rendering requirements, rare earth energy-saving fluorescent lamp, three primary fluorescent lamp, small power high color display sodium lamp and other light sources should be adopted.
Q:What is lighting energy-saving?
Therefore, it is imperative to actively promote energy-saving lighting.
Q:In the application of the following electrical appliances, what is said is incorrect
D lighting circuit, the lights and other electrical connection between are parallel, so the option D either.
Q:Does the lighting for the workshop use energy-saving lamps or LED lights?.
there is mercury pollution in the process of production and after the use of waste;
Q:How to use electric car storage battery and energy saving lamp to produce street lamp
The most important point of using LED is that the supply voltage is stable, and the slightly higher voltage can cause LED damage.
Q:The sign and meaning of energy saving lamp
A color mark marked with blue and white background, 50 mm long and 30 mm wide.
Q:What are festivals fireworks?
It is no longer just for the holiday fun, and is widely used in national defense and national economy, such as: Ye Guangdan, flares, smoke bomb, fire bombs, coach imitation bomb, bomb and so on target indication
Q:Aomori Festival
Time is not a holiday, the city of Aomori is August 2nd to 7, Hirosaki city is August 1st to 7, five in August 4th to 8 is set up. People use traditional Japanese paper to make huge square paper seat lights and parade them up and down the streets with their lighting.

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