Robotic Vacuum Cleaners with Mixed sweeping and suction, controlled by Smart phone

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Product Description:

Quick Details

· Type: robot vacuum cleaner 

· Installation: Robot 

· Bag Or Bagless: Bagless 

· Function: Dry 

· Certification: CB, CE, EMC, EMF, RoHS 

· Power (W): 24 

· Voltage (V): 14.4 

· Model Number: S600 

· Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) 

· Color: Black 

· OEM: Yes 

· Filter: Hepa 

· Virtual wall: 1set 

· Dust box: 350ML 

· ODM: Own lab 

· best point: controlled by smart phone 

· Delivery time: 45days 


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Each robot vacuum cleaner packed in a customized color box;4pcs in master carton; 20 Feet container 800pcs 40 Feet container 1600cs 40 Feet HQ 2000pcs

Delivery Detail:



1.Highest quality robot vacuum cleaner factory 
2. sweep and suction 
3. controlled by smart phone 
4. Self recharging; 

Main Material:



Dry and Wet

Input Voltage of charger:

AC 100-240V

Output Voltage of charger:


Input Voltage of battery:

DC 18.8V

Output Voltage of battery

DC 14.8V

Main Body Power:


Suction Power:

50 W

Working Low Speed:


Working High Speed:


Remote Distance:


Temperature Range:

-10°C- 40°C

Humidity Range:

≤ 85RH

Noise Level:


Battery Type:          

DC 14.4V 1500mAh  NiMH Battery pack

Battery Life:


Charging Time:


Working Time:


Dust Bin Capacity:


Outside Diameter:




Net Weight:


Gross Weight:



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Q:Vacuum cleaner went ka-put?
A Kirby is a good vacuum. It would be worth it to have it serviced, as newer vacuums just are not near as good, especially for as expensive as they are. Yes, there are shops that service and repair vacuums. I don't know where you are, but look in a yellow pages.
Q:Dyson Vacuums?
I have the purple dyson animal 07. I love it for the most part. You wouldn't believe how much that thing picked up the first time, and still picks up. That being said, I got a special deal on mine or I wouldn't have bought it. It was on sale at Kohls for $450, and then I got about $100 Kohls cash back when I purchased it, and a $100 Kohl's gift card by mail, making the Dyson about $250. It's a good vacuum, but not worth $500. There are comparable vacuums out there in the $200- $300 range (Oreck IS NOT one of them, don't get an Oreck). It's very easy to empty, but here's the thing, no matter how good the suction is, the roller still gets clogged and tangled with hair. I have long hair, and we have a golden retriever, so I'm cleaning that roller about every other week. And it makes a really bad sound when it gets too tangled. But I think that would be the case with any vacuum. It is easy to use, and pretty. I think the attachments are also a little pricey. I do like the cleaner, Zorba, that comes with it.
Q:Vacuum Cleaners? What is better bagless or bags. What can I get for $100.oo?
I actual have a bagless vacuum. i actually like the suction that it gives you yet i actually do in comparison to having to empty it. that's a terrible job and that's maximum suitable to do empty it over the dustbin which isn't super if that's a windy day. you additionally should sparkling the filter out each and every time you empty the vacuum. The instructions state that all and sundry you are going to be able to desire to do is faucet the filter out and the dirt will fall out of it. properly that's not real in any respect - The filter out is nearly a fan pulled around and joined at the same time at the two area to make an entire cone shaped style factor. yet provided that's zig zaggy like a fan the dirt gets somewhat caught interior the zig zaggy bits and that i might desire to apply an previous toothbrush to get it sparkling. regardless of if, having pronounced all that, I nevertheless choose the bagless because of the fact the suction is super. i won't be able to see the element in pushing a vacuum on the subject of the homestead if it extremely is basically doing a million/2 the job that it did the day previous to this. So, you finally finally end up putting the comparable quantity of attempt in for much less return - not my theory of exciting i'm afraid - i choose the comparable result each and every time so it must be bagless for me.
Q:fear of Vacuum cleaners?
I believe it's Zuigerphobia. I think I have it too, I saw my moms toes get run over once and since then, ehhhhhhh. It's usually more rare in older teens and adults but no reason to be embarrassed, it's kinda cool, it makes us stand out����
Q:What are good vacuum cleaners?
Dyson is the only good brand
Q:Looking for a site that will tell me the marketing mix for Dyson vacuum cleaners?
Anyway marketing mix is unique to each product, says you cannot really copy wholesales from any web pages. u can see how they do it on their web page, i.e. distribution channgels, product mix, Marcom strategies, etc. good luck. Cheers.
Q:What are the best vacuum cleaners on the market today? I've heard good things about the Dyson, how bout you?
I bought a Dyson DC15 Animal in March. Upon opening the shipping box I was terribly disappointed in the quality of the plastic used. Very soft and flimsy material everywhere. I contemplated at that point bringing it back to the store, but decided to give it a try. The noise is somewhat unsettling. My kids and wife did not like the high pitched sounds it made. Motor and exhaust sound levels are quite high. Despite the claims of easy stair cleaning, I found it quite clumsy. The mini turbine head is air powered, not electric, and has very little power for real cleaning. Its speed dropped considerably when applied to the carpet. It looks and sounds great while held up to watch, but its functionality is poor. The flexible plastic hose is flimsy and appears very low quality. I started vacuuming a small area of floor about 4 feet square. The canister filled quite quickly and needed to be emptied. It needed emptying a few more times after cleaning the entire upper floor. Next cleaning was the same, as well as the time after that. Clearly my carpet isn't that dirty! The canister was filling not with dirt, but with carpet fiber. I was literally vacuuming up my carpet. The DC15 was returned to the store for refund. After the hype and optimism I was terribly disappointed. I'm back to looking for a replacement for my 35 year old Electrolux.
Q:uhh so this is a weird question but i want an answer...?
There does not appear to be a scientific term to specifically describe a fear of vacuums. Perhaps the fear stems from the loud noise the equipment makes or anxiety that you might lose something valuable while you operate it, a dropped wedding ring for example. The suction capability of most vaccuums is not enough to cause serious injury, but it may be enough to cause you to worry. Traumatophobia is the fear of injury. Ligyrophobia is the fear of loud noises.
Q:My vacuum cleaner isnt working???? HELP!?
Sometimes when the bag is over-full the dirt, dust gets backed up into the hose. Open it up again see if the hose is free, clear of obstructions.
Q:What's special about Kirby vacuum cleaners?
Right they are built like tanks, Powerful and rugged. In fact I have an old kirby vacuum unit, just the motor and blower mounted on a old shop vac that went bad. The Kirby was bought by my grandmother over 50 years ago and its still running.

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