Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Water Tank(Wet and Dry Mopping)

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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

With water tank, can do Wet & Dry cleaning
LED touch screen with tone 
Two side brushes 
HEPA filter 
Intelligent suction adjustment 
Self-Adjusting cleaning system 
Anti-falling system 
Schedule vacuuming 
Remote Controller 
Virtual wall 
UV sterlization
Mop function

 Product parts: 


What`s in the color box?

1 XMain unit

1 X Charging base

1 X box of spare parts ( side brush *2 + filter* 2 )

1 X Remote Control 

1 X SonicWall 

1 X Battery pack

1 X Charger

1 X Manual

1 X Cleaner brush ( on the top of dust bin)

1 X Rolling brush cleaner ( on the back of charging base )

 Diameter: 340mm
 Height: 90mm
 Weight: 3.0kg
 Power voltage: 14.4v
 Battery: NI-MH 2000mAH
 Dustbin capacity: 0.3L
 Charging type: Auto Charging/Manual Charging
 Cleaning mode: Auto, Spot, Edge, Daily Schedule
 Charing time: About 3-4 hours
 Cleaning time: About 90min
 Main Unit Button Type: Touch(LED display)

Short-haired carpet, Wooden floor, Tile floor , Terrazzo floor 
 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Water Tank(Wet and Dry Mopping)


 1.Is the vacuum cleaner passed strict testing?

Of course yes.

The motor passed 120hours destructive life test

The switch passed 10000times life test(Push on and off)

The nozzle button passed 10000times life test(open and close)

The cigarette plug passed 10000times life test(out and in)

The power cord passed 50000times bending test


2.If the item with warranty service?

Of course yes.

All our vacuum cleaners with 1year warranty service.


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Q:Why are cats generally terrified of Vacuum Cleaners?
Because they are very loud and not something a cat experiences all the time. I vacuum weekly and the cats leave a trail of bricks behind them when I do. However, my 7.3 liter diesel engine doesn't phase them a bit when I fire up the truck and they're standing nearby. It's a matter of exposure. If you ran the vacuum twice a day, every day, it would eventually cease to have an effect on them.
Q:How to repair the starting switch of vacuum cleaner?
Make sure that the power line of the vacuum cleaner is removed, and then remove the cover panel to reveal the back of the switch. The switch may be on the handle or cover
Q:Looking for someone to buy used vacuum cleaners?
Do you have ELECTROLUX canister models?
Q:What was the top selling consumer product of the 1920s?
Cars of course! Radios were huge too. Henry Ford was rolling off a new car every 10 seconds from his Factory in Detroit. If you cant choose both, Cars were sold more in AMERICA only... Radios were bigger throughout the world tho..
Q:I'm afraid of vacuums! help me!?
you have to realize, it's just a machine. It does one function- it sucks. You need to face your fear and desensitize yourself. That means, repeatedly turn on the vacuum each night and vacuum the place. Eventually, the fear will fade.
Q:Should I dole out $400 for a vacuum cleaner.?
I would go to a vaccuum cleaner shop and tell them about your carpet cats. They will most likely reccommend a cleaner that will specialise in removing pet hair. Aside from good suction, It needs to be easy to clean. Some of the bagless vacs are good, BUT you still need to clean the filter (make sure you do this every time you vac for a trouble free machine - most vacs die coz they are full of dust which gets into the mechanics). I am not a vaccuum cleaner saleswoman - but someone much like you who has killed their fair share of vacs!! The one I have at the moment is a cheap one, but I dont have cats in the house. I know how hard it can be to pick up cat hair!!
Q:Which Vacuum cleaner should we buy?
Go for a nice Handy Vacuum Cleaner or go for Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner with Filter, Bagless.
Q:How many vacuum cleaners do you have?
2 vacuum cleaners
Q:Can science find a use for the scientific vacuity of intelligent design?
Yes. I have a very high military security clearance, so I'll have to ask you to keep this all under your hat ( or helmet or whatever), -- but the scuttlebutt is, that we're in the process of building, ( in Area 51 ), a very large concrete bunker where the government intends to bury all those things that the government certifies to be non-existent. The real hope is that it may be dug up, at such a time that science is able to produce something from nothing, and put it to good use by intelligent design. Remember you didn't hear it here.----Loose lips sink ships, ( or whatever it is they sink).
Q:Question about my vacuum?
That motor burned. Need a new one. Good luck...!

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