robot vacuum cleaner high class vacuum cleaner luxury robotic cleaner

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Low price And High quality Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1.Our factory accept trail order and OEM
2. UV vacuum cleaner


1.  Remote Controller: All you need to do is press the button, and the robot will clean your floor automatically.

2. Compact Shape (Thickness: 8.7cm): Allows cleaning under the beds, tables and other furniture.

3. Auto Charging Base: Seek the auto charging dock station once it is starting to run out of power, and re-charge automatically.

4. UV lamp: To kill the bacteria on the floor. To supply you a clean and healthy environment.

5. Stair avoidance detector and non-marring bumper: Automatically senses to avoid stairs, drop-off or damage the object in front of it.

6. Space Isolator: Creates an invisible wall which can block the cleaner from entering off-limit areas.

7. Wireless remote controller: Conveniently control the robot (within 10 meters).

8. Full Go: Press full go button, the robot will restart cleaning when it is full of charging.

9. Speeds choose: You can choose the speed of the robot moving by controller.

10.Mop Cloth: Sweep and mop the floor at the same time.




Black, white

Running Time

Min. 70 minutes


DC 14.4V

Working Area

4.8M*4.0Min 20 min.



Charging Time


Noise Level






N. W




Gift box size


Dust Bin Capacity


Carton Size


 product parts

NO.1 Main body.....1pc

NO.2Charging home base.....1pc

NO.3Remote control.....1pc

NO.4Virtual wall(battery not included).....1pc


No.6Cleaning tool.....1pc

No.7User manual.....1pc

No.8Extra side brushes.....2pc

No.9Extra HEPA filter.....1pc

robot vacuum cleaner high class vacuum cleaner luxury robotic cleaner



What is your packaging of robot vacuum cleaner?

It's according to client's  requests.we can also accept OEM.


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Q:If you had a house cleaner would you prefer that they bring their own vacuum or use yours?
Bring their own, plus if you have a vac already why don't you do it yourself, are you disabled or injured? or just lazy?
Q:what gas law is applicable to vacuum cleaners?
Boyle's law * for a fixed amount of gas kept at a fixed temperature, pressure and volume are inversely proportional (while one increases, the other decreases). PV = k P = pressure V = volume k = constant value representative of the pressure and volume of the system.
Q:What you you identify as a sweeper?
perhaps the group desires extra artwork on protection and can score for all time. if so, you will desire to be the best participant to place at sweeper. or you are the main gifted and you get to handbook the protection. i'm a protective coach and my terrific gamers are the sweepers. They run the full container, call out marking assignments, and can see the different group's performs advance, so they are in a position to look after against them. Your taking part in sweeper will help you get a extra advantageous first touch with the ball, help you're making faster judgements, and help you study some management skills. believe your coach, she's the coach. If she says Play right here, play there and play as annoying you are able to. in case you start to get wimpy on her, she'll get annoyed and positioned you at outdoors fullback.
Q:What's the best way to clean laminate flooring?
I use the Swifer WetJet - it is safe for the floor and cleans beautifully!!! It took a bit to dry, but it dries without smearing or streaks. Everything else I've tried leaves streak marks. Also, you can get a $5 off coupon from swifer on their web site. ...otherwise you can follow the advise of the guy who installed my floors...he said just a small amount of dish soap and water, but I found that to leave streaks.
Q:Are Roomba's good vacuum cleaners?
My latest one is more heavy duty then the first. Gee two Yes I love it. Simple enough to run it every day and definitely better to clean daily then haul out the Big vacuum once a week. Glides from carpet to wood floor to area rugs and ceramic tiles easily. It does tend to chew up the fringe on rugs so I just got rid of those. Love it and would not do without. Picks up gravel, cheerios, dust and tumbleweeds if need be
Q:kirby vacuum cleaners?
Kirby's are good but they are big and bulky. Shark makes EXCELLENT vacuum cleaners.
Q:Statistics Problem - Please help. I'm really stuck.?
It means like this.... In making a vacuum cleaner, since it is fairly complicated and made of many parts and does not come out exactly the same every time it is made, there are many small random effects that contribute to the amount of noise that the vacuum cleaner makes. The normal distribution is what we see whenever there are many random effects that are added together. If the same random effects apply every time, and the same measurement and sampling method is used the same time, then the distribution of the measurements will fit the normal distribution.
Q:I have a math question if anyone would like to help me. Please tell me how to slove it then give me the answer?
He must sell $8000 because if he kept one eighth of it, he would have $1000
Q:Vacuum Sales?
Q:thinking of buying an LG compressor vaccum cleaner, does anyone have reveiws of this product?
Vacuum cleaners are very cheap at the moment and L G have a very good name in lots of products. We have always stuck to Hoover and use one called The One,good for picking animal hairs up.

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