Robot Vacuum Cleaner A500 Upgrade for Home

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner A500 Upgrade for Home


Item No.





Dust Tank




Main Features


2000MAH NI-MH battery







LED touchscreen with tone

Two side brushes

HEPA filter

Intelligent suction adjustment


Self-adjusting cleaning system

Anti-falling system

Schedule vacuuming 


Remote controller

Virtual wall

4kinds of working modes

*Powerful suction &intelligent suction adjustment

(1)Power suction

Suction power of this product reaches 25W,ensuring that even tiny dust on the floor will be cleaned thoroughly.

(2)Intelligent suction adjustment

This product is able to automatically its suction power when meeting different floor environments.Not only could it make cleaning more efficient,but also it helps save more power than 30%.

3.Considerate designs

*Easy step-by-step operation

By Pressing only one button ,u could direct the robot.Besides,operation you take on the robot will be double confirmed by tone.

*Dust bin wash

Dust bin could be wash by water.Simply wash dust bin under water per dayto avoid dust blowing in the air to cause a second polluting.

*With touch screen,HEPA filter,two side brush,remot control and virtual wall.

4.Various clean modes

Four cleaning modes are provided to meet your needs.

*Auto cleaning mode

The robot will clean the room automatically and adjust its cleaning according to the situation.

*Spot cleaning mode

The robot will spiral intensely when it detects a dirtier area.

*Edge cleaning mode

When the robot detects obstac;es(wall for example),it will start cleaning the corner with its two side brushes.

*Scheduling mode

When certain time is scheduled,the robot eill leave the home base and start working in the scheduled time.

5.product parts

NO.1 Main body.....1pc

NO.2Charging home base.....1pc

NO.3Remote control.....1pc

NO.4Virtual wall(battery not included).....1pc


No.6Cleaning tool.....1pc

No.7User manual.....1pc

No.8Extra side brushes.....2pc

No.9Extra HEPA filter.....1pc


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Not more than 24hours

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Q:Certified air purifier/vacuum?
I I hope this helps, good luck!
Q:My mom has a vacuum cleaner that gets clogged up what can we do so it dosen't get clogged up any more?
First of all, unless your mother is very enthusiastic about her vacuuming, don't fix it for her birthday. Take her out to dinner, buy her a nice pair of slippers and her favorite perfume. Not a vacuum. All you can do is clean it out as much as you can. Look for larger objects that may have been sucked in and remove them. If it is clogged with a bunch of hair from someone or some pet, try and stop that hair from reaching the floor. Combing your pet on a regular basis and throwing away the hair not only helps your animal in the summer heat, but also keeps the hair off the floor. Good luck, and find a better gift for your mom than a working vacuum.
Q:What are the structural principles of a vacuum cleaner?
The fan impeller of the vacuum cleaner is driven by the motor at high speed, and the air in the impeller is discharged out of the fan at high speed, and the air in the dust collecting part is continuously added into the fan.
Q:household appliances and entertainment with wheels?
Household Appliances With Wheels
Q:How long do vacuum cleaners last?
I have an old Hoover from Wal-Mart that I bought fifteen years ago for the job. It's cleaned perhaps a thousand homes, I've replaced the belt a dozen times, the roller maybe a dozen times, it runs like a champ. I purchased a Orek XL and, it's a pile of crap. I paid four times the amount of the hoover and it can run circles around the Orek, I've tried many times to return the Orek so, if that old fart on TV that advertises Orek is reading this Help? I want my money back and thank you to Hoover.
Q:Does anyone know how to make a very organized looking pattern on the carpet when vacuuming?
You need to vacuum so the grain of the carpet is pulled up. You need to experiment, tho it sounds ike you did. You need the find the direction of the weave. And you need to hold the brushes on the vacuum so they brush the pile. And enough suction. Pull the vacuum slowly so the brushes work the pile.
Q:I'm afraid of vacuums! help me!?
Afraid of vacuums? That sucks! Best advice is not to let the end of the hose get too close to your dick. If you do you will find out that 'blow' job is just an expression. But if you want a realistic answer, wear an mp3 headset with the volume loud. You won't be quite as afraid if you can't hear the noise. Good luck
Q:what metals are used to make vacuum cleaners and why?
The basic unit in vacuum cleaners is a motor with steel housing for safety, windings of copper, brushes of copper -impregnated carbon. The rest of the cleaner can be made of almost anything. Copper for the windings for conductivity, steel housing in case the 3000 rpm parts break apart.
Q:Is it true that jewish men hide money under their wives vacuum cleaners?
If you think so??
Q:why are some dogs afraid of vacuum cleaners?
coz of the noise.....and the fact that it can move....and that its sucks- 3 very strange facts when your the size of a dog and can smell and hear SOOOO much greater than a human.

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