Robot Vacuum Cleaner A306 upgrade for Home

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Product Description:

Easy spray mop 

Extendable aluminum handle  It can spray scour from the head and makes the floor wet to clean easily.

spray mop

Automatic Spray water

Product Features:

1) With a hole for free water spray

2) Microfiber refill or one-off paper refill available

3).The bottle can be assembled

4) water capacity:600ml

 Application:vinyl and linoleum,wood and laminate,ceramic tiles,marble and stone

when dry cleaning,microfiber pads attract and hold hair and dirt.

 when wet cleading:

1.twist off the red cap

2.pour in water or your preferred cleaning solution.if using a cleaning solution,dilute with water as directed by the cleaning solution's manufacturer.most cleaning solutions suggest ½teaspoons of cleaning solution to one spray mop bottle of water.screw the cap on tightly and shake to mix.

Do not use undiluted cleaner or bleach.for best performance,do not store unused liquid in the bottle.

 3.squeeze trigger to release a fine mist of liquid onto the floor. as you clean,dirt and grease will be trapped in the mircofiber pad.

 4.when finished,peel pad from the strips.durable microfiber pad can be washed and reused.if use disposable dust cloth,you may throw it away or use it for several times as you like.

 what is microfiber?

 microfiber is made up of millions of microscopic fibers that grab and hold dirt,dust and is so effective that microfiber is a common cleaning tool in hospitals to keep dirt and germs away.

 mop features: pad thoroughly cleans multiple rooms approxiately 1000 square feet.

2.scrubs away heavy duty dirt,grease and grime

3.sides of pad protect furniture amd clean basebords

4.absorbs spills

5.machine or hand wash with warn or hot water;air or tumble dry low;do not use fabric softeners,dry sheets or bleach

6.still effective after 50 or more washes

Robot Vacuum Cleaner A306 upgrade for Home

Robot Vacuum Cleaner A306 upgrade for Home


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Yes,we can post the samples by DHL.


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Q:Can someone know why my vacuum cleaner won't suction?
If the bag is full they will not suck dirt try enptying the bag
Q:Mad Vacuum Attack!! My 14 mos old GSD Bear becomes an absolute maniac when I am trying to vacuum the house.?
I dislike vacuum cleaners intensely too. The noise really gets on my nerves and I would bite it if I could! Shut the dog in a different room, a crate, outdoors, or in the car if not sunny. Arrange to have a high value treat to distract the dog with so he sees the vaccuum cleaner as the start of something nice.
Q:When did Amish people stop using elephants as vacuum cleaners?
when they found the Crumb Pet Table Top Vacuum - Black Sheep
Q:Hi Aussies, is my wage fair? (sales job) Should I quit?
As somebody else suggested, find yourself another job, and then quit. But, if you tell your boss you want to keep the job, then be careful if he gets you to sign anything that says you agree to stick with the company for a period of time. If you get given something like that, then I would say you should turn it down. As far as I can see, you are being paid only per sale, not per hour, so instead of working 10 hours/day, I suggest working until you get your first customer, then spend the rest of the day looking for other jobs. Your boss might want you to work harder, but he's not offering you any incentive to do so, so don't.
Q:kirby vacuum cleaners?
I have a kirby and love it, i have all the scrubing tools etc and Never have a problem with it, I gave up on the cheaper Vacs a few yrs ago, always losing power and something. The next best is the can go on line to check them out or to a store in your area that sells them.
Q:why hoover fusion vaccum too loud?
Vacuum cleaners usually are rather loud. But they're silent when they're turned off.
Q:Do Kirby vacuum cleaners really live up to the hype?
I thought Kirby's were fantastic until I used a new $300 dollar Hoover at a friends house. The Hoover was much, much more powerful and cleaned in one pass. It also weighed about 1/4 of the Kirby (those of you with stairs know what I'm talking about). I've changed my mind, Kirby's are extremely overrated.
Q:How to repair the vacuum cleaner fan?
Unscrew or remove the dust fan from the motor shaft, check and clean the back of the fan
Q:Are vacuum cleaners tax free right now?
Depending upon where you live they would be. Some states are having a tax free week-end that ends today (Sunday) Some states like (New Hampshire) a vacuum cleaner is tax free all the time.
Q:canister vacuum cleaners?
Some canisters vacs are good, but you will pay for a good one. On a canister, the motor is away from the dirt, you have to rely on suction, which will eventually fade as time goes by. As for an upright, the motor is on the head or closer to the dirt. When you have a motor on the head, you have a better suction, for a longer time, plus the motor will help vibrate the dirt in the carpet. idk where to find them on-line, I always go to sears, or buy a Kirby from a salesman. If you want the best canister, buy a Filter Queen or a Rainbow. If you want the best upright buy a Kirby or a Dysonex (check spelling)

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