Robot Vacuum Cleaner A301 upgrade for Home

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Product Description:

Best Selling Mist Spray Mop As Seen On TV is with spray function of spray scour water or cleaning liquid from the head & makes the floor wet to clean easily.

 Product Features:  

1) Water or cleaning solution sprays after squeezing trigger lightly.

2) One microfiber pad thoroughly cleans multiple rooms approximately 1000 square feet.

3) Microfiber pad easily scrubs away heavy duty dirt,grease and grime.

4) No harm to your hands & protecting furniture.

Application: wood floor,ceramic tiles,marble and etc.


1.Unscrew bottle cap and fill with water.

2. Add cleaning solution if desired. Please add ½ teaspoons of cleaning solution to one spray mop bottle of water,then screw the cap tightly and shake to mixing.

 3.Squeeze trigger to release a fine mist of liquid onto the floor, dirt and grease will be trapped in mircofiber pad.

 4.When finished cleaning, peel off microfiber pad, it can be washed and reused. 

Productmicrofiber mop ,microfiber floor mop ,microfiber spray mop
Size110g mop
Packing color paper card,opp bag,pvc bag
Sample time3-4 days
Sample chargefree
Production time20-25 days
Payment T/T , Paypal , L/C

Robot Vacuum Cleaner A301 upgrade for Home


1. How long is the lifetime of machine? How long the battery can be used? How long we can use after one charge?

 Answer: Please be assured that the life of V-BOT could be 5 years, as materials are very durable, generally will not bad, unless one day you are in a bad mood, kick it, it is estimated that will leave scars. 
Battery can be used from 800 to 1000 times, an average of once a day can also be used for more than 2 years. Here we have all the accessories for machine, there is need to call us, ready supply! Machine filled with battery, you can use about one hour or so, if you use mopping mode alone, using time will be longer.


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Q:what gas law is applicable to vacuum cleaners?
Boyle's law * for a fixed amount of gas kept at a fixed temperature, pressure and volume are inversely proportional (while one increases, the other decreases). PV = k P = pressure V = volume k = constant value representative of the pressure and volume of the system.
Q:Which WASH VACUUM CLEANERS are the most practical for apartment with hardwood floors?
You . Good luck!
Q:How come some dogs are afraid of hoovers?
My younger dog thinks vacuuming is a fantastic game. He's outside, and when the vacuum goes anywhere near the door, you see his head go down, his eyes lock, and he stalks the thing through our door. He barks and leaps and wags his entire behind. Nutter. My older one, on the other hand, couldn't run fast enough. Hates it. Both dogs hate the hose, though. And the younger cannot stand scooters, prams, other dogs, skateboards, strangers, and children. He doesn't attack, except other dogs, he just hides behind me. I think this is partly my fault- I hate everything on that list, except other dogs, so I probably don't help.
Q:Why are black women always going on about vacuum cleaners. It's getting me really bored?
cuz we like clean floors dam!! is that a problem?
Q:What do you call the type of person who buys a vacuum cleaner to use it once and then returns it?
A real slob, if they vacuum so infrequently. I'm sure the retail industry has a name for people who buy a dress, wear it to a party, then return it, but I'm not sure what it is. Butthead is the usual term I hear. :)
Q:eureka boss 12 amp or dirt-devil 10 amp vacuum cleaners?
The Eureka. Better suction.
Q:⚫️ Poll: When you were wee little, were you afraid of vacuum cleaners?
No. By the time the vacuum cleaners really hit Indian markets, I was a brave old kid of the ripe age of 12.
Q:What is the most powerful canister vacuum on the market today?
Q:Would this be a good vacuum cleaner?
The reviews for it seem to be good overall, 57% of them were five stars out of five. Because it's so affordable it can't hurt to give it a try.
Q:What does cleaning effectiveness mean regarding Vacuum Cleaners? What is better? Amps, Volts, Watts?
Go If you have any more questions on this just e-mail me k.

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