Robot Smart Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping

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Quick Details:

· LED touch screen

· Two side brushes

· Water tank+big mop for wet cleaning

· With big mopping cloth

· Strong suction power

· UV lamp

· Auto charging

· Remote control

· Scheduling function

· HEPA Filter

· Super quiet

Main Function Description

1. Automatic Cleaning

It automatically cleans your floor without any hand labor while you enjoy life.

2. Suitable for various types of floors including carpet, wood, tile and linoleum

3. Anti-falling and Non-colliding

Five pairs of wall sensors and three pairs of cliff sensors allow the robot to sense barriers and stairs and adjust its route timely. Therefore, the robot can better protect your wall and furniture.

4. Automatic routes selection

The robot can automatically select various cleaning routes, such as straight line, fold line, around pillar, wall following, U shape, spiral.

5. Anti-winding Main Brushes

The latest design of main brush can prevent the machine from being winded by wire and hair.

6. Automatic Recharge

The robot will search the station and charge automatically when the power is low.

7. Scheduling function

Robot will start to work at the designated time every day

8. UV Sterilization

It has two UV lamps and the UV light can kill most bacteria and viruses of the floors.

9. Space Isolator

The user can limit the clean range of the robot through the space isolator.

10. No Secondary Pollution

Double filter design, the primary and HEPA, can effectively avoid secondary air pollution.

11. Low Noise

The operating noise is less than 55db. It is quieter and does not freak your children or cat out.

12. Easy Cleaning Design

The reasonable modular bottom design facilitates users to detach brushes, dust bin and other parts by hands more easily.

13. Wireless Remote Control

The wireless remote control can be operated much more easily and conveniently than IR remote control.



1.Is sample available ? 

Yes , we can provide samples . 

2.What's the payment term ? 

TT or LC at sight . 

3.How long is the delivery time ? 

25-30 working days . 




Robot Smart Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping

Robot Smart Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping

Robot Smart Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping

Robot Smart Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping

Robot Smart Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping


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Q:Is there such a thing as a quiet vacuum cleaner?
I'm a Vac Tech! Wow this is the first time I can say this. You have gotten a lot of good answers. The Central Vac is the quietest, because its mounted out in the garage. You can barely hear it, and it is the absolute cleanest way to vacuum. 100% of what you vacuum is removed from the living area. You can install C-vacs in most existing homes with very little if any at all damage to your walls. Its rare for us to have to do a patch job. Beam is the best brand. Good advice, have the dealer run the machines. Make the dude sell it to you. Run every machine in the shop if you have to, thats what they are there for. If I had to recommend a portable unit, Kevin nailed it. The miele S5 series. Thats it! Thats the one you want. Super quiet. Best on the market. One of the most durable units out there. German built, and here's an interesting fact. Miele is the only company that hepa rates the exhuast on the vacuum itself and not just the filter. It really does what it claims. I've tested it with a particulate counter myself. No other company can boast that.
Q:How do I repair the belt of the vacuum cleaner?
Release the belt from the pulley of the motor and remove it from the vibration lever
Q:Whats the best Hardwood floor vacuum?
I use an Oreck vacuum on my hardwood floors. I've had many vacuum cleaners in my life and now only use and Oreck, its the best IMO. It's lightweight so you don't feel like you're hauling a monster around, easy maneuverable, suction power is fantastic, the service is great too. Just an excellent cleaner.
Q:Good deal on vacuum cleaners?
walmart-Dust Devil.
Q:When did Amish people stop using elephants as vacuum cleaners?
Heh. You don't know much about the Amish, do you?
Q:Which came first, the vacuum or the carpet?
Vacuum. Since before human civilization there has existed the vacuum of space. The Vacuum Cleaner itself was invented around 1860 as seen in the wikipedia link below. I couldn't find a date for Wall to Wall carpet. I'm thinking that if anything it's probably wasn't until the 20th Century that Wall to Wall carpets were common place, maybe in the early 1920's? But it looks like the Vacuum would be first.
Q:what is green light for on heritage II vacuum cleaners?
your unit is full?
Q:Is there a dual central vacuum cleaner and wood stove vacuum cleaner ? See additional details Please !?
II wouldn't invest in a central unit because if you suck up wood ashes with a vacuum the house is going to burn down and the new central vac will go with it. Shovel out the ashes to a securely covered galvanized trash can. The can should be outside away from the house. Didn't your mama ever tell you not to play with fire? My brother made a good living off of people such as you, he was a fireman.
Q:Why did God make men with British and Australian accents so good at selling vacuum cleaners on American TV?
They excel at selling blenders and car wax as well
Q:Do you think that witches are extinct species for reason...?
Witches are far from extinct. There are many more pagans around than most folks even know about. People are beginning to realise that organized religion isnt always operating in their best interests. And by the way, brooms are only used for sweeping.

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