Robot Lawn Mover

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Robot lawn wover :

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Robotic Mowers


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with shelter for charge,three blades to cut grass , and 24 Voltage Ni-Mh battery rechargeable .With CE and ROHS certification

we especially produce robot mower  located in Hangzhou ,Zhejiang Provic ,China .We cooperate with Zhejiang University that is the top 3 university in China  . The technology power is strong .We supply the high quality  product with lower price .wish sincerely cooperate with you . 

the character of the mower

1.  Intelligent Running

2.  Prevention of Collisions

3.  Blades  security contro

4.  Intelligent Test lawn

5.  Electronic fence(Setting up the work region)

6.  Intelligent Safety Testing

7.  Back charging automatically

8.  Taking rainshelter automatically

9.  Remote control function


 Mower Robot s Function parameters

   Cutting width              320mm

   Exterior Dimensions        590×580×230mm

   Cutting power             130W

   Host weight             10.6kg

   Charging time            4-8H

   Working voltage          24V

   Working hours(average)   2.5-3H

   Cutting scope            500-800m*m

   Noise                    69db   

   Rotate Speed             6000rpm

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Q:How to distinguish Thai origin of Honda lawn mower engine?
Honda mowers are basically fakes. The market marked Honda Wang, Guangzhou Honda, Suzuki Wang, Yamaha are all fake, no manufacturer name,
Q:Can the two-stroke lawn mower engine add oil to the crankcase?
You think the engine problems can be opened to clean up, two-stroke engine only carburetor for precision components, simple structure, do not worry, wash and wash is very easy.
Q:Mower schematic and principle
Each roller is equipped with articulated 2 ~ 6 blade under the cutter, the adjacent blade on the blade of the rotary track has a certain amount of overlap, in order to avoid leakage.
Q:Mower does not ring how to do the heat
Improve the quality of the oil and the proportion of concentration, so that the carburetor spray into the cylinder concentration increases, but also can extend the time of heat engine flameout. Strengthen the external heat dissipation and internal heat dissipation of the cylinder.
Q:Back mower for cutting rice?
Advantage, mower can be finished 2 hours a mu of rice, the speed of whiz, faster than the sickle, rice is a direction cut.
Q:Mower electric and petrol which is better
The other is a new type of battery as a power source of the power system. This power system is characterized by: work noise is small, smooth operation, its biggest drawback is the power less, continuous working time is short, need to always charge, not suitable for work away from the charging power supply.
Q:HONDA Mower engine does not ignite what is the reason
Do not fire, for only the same model (or the corresponding model) spark plug, the ignition is broken spark. Still no fire, that is, the ignition coil is broken. To see if it is not high-voltage line where bad contact, if it is, then re-take. If the coil is broken, can not repair, then had to change.
Q:How does the lawnmower blade work?
Roller lawn mower, grass machine. A drum lawn mower is generally equipped with juxtaposed 1 to 4 vertical cylindrical or conical rollers. Each roller is equipped with articulated 2 ~ 6 blade under the cutter, the adjacent blade on the blade of the rotary track has a certain amount of overlap, in order to avoid leakage. The drum is driven by tape or bevel gear, and the adjacent rollers are relatively rotated. The cut grass is laid under a pair of rollers and laid back into a neat grass. Can meet the requirements of low cutting, but the structure is not compact enough.
Q:How to change the lawn mower?
Mower new machine after the first operation of 5 hours after the oil should be changed, the future use of 30-50 hours each time to change the oil.
Q:The lawn of the lawn is better
Gear mower blade is a multi-blade blade, rectangular is 2 blade blade, the working principle is the same, are high-speed rotation mowing

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