Robot Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner 750,Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner

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China main port
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1000 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:


wet and dry vacuum cleaner
Manufacturer with much more competitive price
OEM,ODM provided
CE, Rohs cert.


The product main applicable to home, hotal rooms and small office, 

is good for clearning to various short-haired carpet,

wood floor, hard foor. ceramic tile. etc.

1.Professional Robotic Cleaner Manufacturer

2.Factory Direct-Sale
3.Provide OEM/ODM service
4. High quality with low price


6. Sweep,vacuum,mop,sterilize 

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 Technical Specification:


Main Material:



Dry and wet

Input Voltage of charger:

AC 100-240V

OutputVoltage of charger:

24V DC 

Input Voltage of battery:

DC 24V

Output Voltage of battery:

DC 14.8V

Main Body Power:


Unit average Power:

20 W



AC/DC adaptor:

AC 100/240V-50/60Hz DC 24V 1.0A 

Wireless Remote:

ISM Frequency Band 2.4GHz

Temperature Range:

-10°C- 45°C

Humidity Range:

≤ 85RH

Noise Level:


Battery Type:          

Rechargable Battery

Battery Capacity:

NI-MH 2500MA

Charging Time:


Working Time:


Dust Bin Capacity:


Outside Diameter:






Filter Material:




1.Anti-tangle function

2.Dirt Perceiving(Patented)

3.Disposable Bags for dustbin(Patented):

4.Preset clean time function

5. Works on carpet,hardwood,linoleum & tile.

6.Low noise < 55dB 

7.Large Capacity Dustbin-0.7L: more place for operating dustbin+Dust anti-falling( Patented).

8. Multi- modes for cleaning: 

9.Alarm Function

10.Display Indicates Charging Status:During the charging process, the display will show the charging status.

11.Virtual Wall:

12.Flexible 2 side brushes:

13. Mopping function:

14. Remote Controller: control the robot within 6 meters.

15.Anti-falling function: It could observe an altitude of 8 height as a warning, thus it will not fall down to the stairs.

16.Self-charging Function: When the robot fell itself is in low power, it will go and search the charing station for charing.

17.Negative ions(Patend): to purify the air

18. Anti-collision: 7 groups of electronic eyes make it avoid hitting the objects in front of it.

19.Intelligent voice.

20.Touch Screen.

21.Mini Body:

Robot Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner 750,Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner


What is your packaging of robot vacuum cleaner?

It's according to client's  requests.we can also accept OEM.

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Q:carpet pro vacuum?
try this OKorder store
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Q:Has anyone bought one of the Irobot Roomba vacuum cleaners?
Check,and check it out.OKorder always has a customer comment section on their products.You can read what other people that have bought them say about them.
Q:cleaning without vacuum?
can you go to garage sales or a thrift store to buy a vacuum?
Q:kirby vacuum cleaners?
We bought a used '94 Kirby in 1996. We paid $400. for it. I like the powerful suction, but it also comes with drawbacks. The following are my opinions about this Kirby: 1. I don't like the cost of replacing the filters (they're about $8. a bag and only have 3 bags in a package. 2. It's not easy to change from vacuum to using the hose. 3. It's kind of heavy and bulky and doesn't maneuver easily. In my opinion, it's not worth it. You can purchase a bagless Dyson for around $500. and they work great. Does the $1800. price include all of the attachments? Do you need all those attachments? Are all the bells whistles worth $1800.?
Q:In your opinion, what is the best vacuum brand/model available today?
This might be something you would want to check out. I just did a review on this particular vacuum, I hope you like it.
Q:Is it possible to have a fear like this one?
Flo-Beephobia you should take psyhcology there is a fear ar phobia for basically everything. it usually happens because something may have triggered it when you were younger .
Q:Does anyone know why my vacuum smells so bad?
I was going to say change the bag, but okay, that's not it. But a vacuum cleaner has other parts that can retain specks of stuff, and whatever is decaying can be there instead.
Q:Why are our pets so afraid of vacuum cleaners?
Probably because... well... it makes a big noise. I don't know why but all I know is that when I turn on my vacuum, my dog runs like his life is at stake... Ah the joy of having pets...
Q:vacuum cleaners, i know nothing. :p?
What a shltty gift. Never buy a woman a gift that has a handle or a cord. Don't you know that?

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