Robot Cleaner/Vacuum Cleaner, Robot Cleaner for Household

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Product Description:

Product Description

Smart Robotic
Wireless with remote control
Home charging base

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Vacuum Cleaner, Robot Cleaner for HouseholdVacuum Cleaner, Robot Cleaner for HouseholdVacuum Cleaner, Robot Cleaner for Household
Product Description
Auto Charging
Sonic wall (Virtual wall)
Anti-falling Sensor
RF Remote control
Non-collided and Soft-touched
80 minute variable cleaning time
2 Rolling brush by triangle allocation.
2 Side brush.
UV Light
Noise Max. 55dB
(Brushless Suction Motor)
Battery Type Ni MH 2800mAH
Fast charging Time Max 2.6hrs

 Product Dimensions 13 (Diameter)X 3.15 Inches(H)
 Weigh 3.9kg
 Suction Power Speed 1.2meters Per Second, 11500rmp Vacuum Motor
 Fast Adapter/ Charger Output 20VDC 1000mA Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz
 Battery Ni-MH 14.4V, 2.5ah Rechargeable, 2.6 Hours of Char
 Noise 55dbat Distance of 1m (3ft)
 Lift Time of UV Ray 6000hours Continuously
 Capacity of Dust Bin 0.32 Liter
 Moving Speed of Machine 18.5-20.5cm/Sec
 Types of Movement 5 Types: Spot Spiral, Special Bounce, Along Wall,

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Q:how many watts does a vacuum normally use?
If you mean a vacuum cleaner, it depends on model and manufacturer. I would doubt that most domestic ones use more than 750 watts, though. But there should be a nameplate with that information on it. Now, industrial vacuum cleaners can be a bit bigger and use more power - like hundreds of horsepower.
Q:Does dog hair ruin vacuum cleaners? And if so, what do you recommend for pet hair control?
It doesn't ruin your vacuum,except for maybe over use. Make sure, after every time you use it that hair balls aren't stuck in the wand or in the brushes. If your vacuum is the bagless variety, clean out the canister after each use.. The Dyson brand vacuum is supposed to be one of the best but really expensive. You basically have to vacuum everyday. I've seen these like magnetic brooms demonstrated at dog shows that seem to really pick up the hair- sorry I don't know what they are officially called or where you get them. I hope someone has a better answer because with 3 dogs and a cat there's a lot of hair in my house...
Q:Is a Sebo Vacuum approved by the?
Well upon doing a little search i found this excerpt from All SEBO vacuum cleaners are of anti-allergy design, indeed a SEBO machine was the first vacuum cleaner to be endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation for its overall anti-allergy design as opposed to just its filtration.
Q:How do I use a vacuum cleaner as a masturbation aid?
This Site Might Help You. RE: How do I use a vacuum cleaner as a masturbation aid? I hear stories about guys using vacuum cleaners for stuff other than housework. Is that for real, how you doin' that? Which is the best model to use, AC or DC? Which buttons do I need to press? How do I clean up the aftermath? What other electrical appliances can be used for self...
Q:whats the difference between vacuum cleaners in 1901 and vacuum now?
Back then some of them ran on gasoline. Click below and you can get the full history of the vacuum cleaner.
Q:How many products can you name that are intended to only last a short time?
anything that has to do with medicine
Q:What is the deal with dogs and vacuum cleaners?
It is crazy! One dog just hides with the cats-yea! The other used to bark at and try to attack the vacuum and the broom or rake and the leaf blower! I started out just removing the animals when I did these things. Now, when I get out the vacuum, I let them see it and leave space for the hiding one to run to his crate and I tell the other dog to go downstairs, if I'm upstairs, or ask her if she wants to go out. And I did do the teaching not to be fearful of noises, etc., the person quoting Dog Whisperer and all training books describe. But, my goal was to keep them out from underfoot for this, so allowing them to think the vacuum's powers are to be awed, and keep your distance from, was a good thing. I just turned the lunging behavior into one of getting away from me.
Q:I need help in choosing a vacuum?
Q:Any Toy Vacuum Cleaners that actually pick stuff up?
Junior Hoover Upright Vacuum Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum
Q:Is there a silent vacuum cleaner?
a broom

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