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Product Description:



Product Description

Patent Product Robot Vacuum Cleaner Cleanmate QQ5-TV

Main Function Description
1. Automatic Cleaning
It automatically cleans your floor without any hand labor while you enjoy life.
2. Suitable for various types of floors including carpet, wood, tile and linoleum
3. Anti-falling and Non-colliding
Ultrasonic detection  sensors and four pairs of cliff sensors allow the robot to sense barriers and stairs and adjust its route timely. Therefore, the robot can better protect your wall and furniture.
4. Automatic routes selection
The robot can automatically select various cleaning routes, such as straight line, fold line, around pillar, wall following, U shape, spiral.
5. Anti-winding Main Brushes
The latest design of main brush can prevent the machine from being winded by wire and hair.
6. Automatic Recharge
The robot will search the station and charge automatically when the power is low.

7.  With UV lamp 
UV lamp to kill the bacteria on the floor
8.Virtual wall
If you need clean one room/a certain area only, you may open the virtual wall, the cleaner will never go out the room/area
9. Scheduling function
Charging time can be set to clean at a certain time any day or days each week
10. No Secondary Pollution
Double filter design, the primary and HEPA, can effectively avoid secondary air pollution.
11. Low Noise
The operating noise is less than 55db. It is quieter and does not freak your children or cat out.
12. Easy Cleaning Design
The reasonable modular bottom design facilitates users to detach brushes, dust bin and other parts by hands more easily.

13.Wireless Remote Control
The wireless remote control can be operated much more easily and conveniently than IR remote control.

Newest Automatic Cleaner with UV Light, Auto-Recharging, Virtual Wall, Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Newest Automatic Cleaner with UV Light, Auto-Recharging, Virtual Wall, Robot Vacuum Cleaner

How many times have you put off, or thought about putting off, the house work because you just couldn't find the time or the energy after dealing with everything else in your busy life? Let me introduce you to QQ5-TV: He is the 3in 1 cleaner who is about to make your life easier! This Intelligent robot will:

Automatic vacuuming robot that can be controlled by you!

QQ5-TV is programmable to fit your schedule. You just tell him the days and the times you want him to clean. You can for example set him to work when you are leaving home, and he will have it clean by the time you get back

Unique gift for your loved ones!

Everyone would appreciate some extra worry-free time to do important things, like spend time with family, exercise, or plan a night out. QQ5-TV is not just another thing that's going to take your time and space. QQ5-TV is the gift of time and space!

Product name: Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Item No.: QQ5-TV

Color:  Black  White 

Our Robot Vacuum Cleaner Descriptions:

This model has many advanced features including 
Extremely low noise ( lowest level among this industry) 

Sonic-Wall ---- Virtual blocking unit

Schedule work, "full go" cleaning, 
Wireless remote controller 
2 option clean method---Non-collided and Soft-touched
Non-collision bumper with better performance 
Sweeping, vacuuming,UVsterilization

Our Robot Vacuum Cleaner Detailed Character: 
1. Automatically cleans your floor without any hand labor while you enjoy life, you can preset working time, working/rest days. 
2. Remote Controller lets you guide the cleaner in any direction to clean specific areas. 
3. Stair Avoidance Detector assure the unit won't drop from the stairs and table. 
4. It will escape automatically by itself when it was stuck by the furniture bottom or something else 
5. UV light sterilization kill most bacteria and viruses of the floors. 
6. A mop can be installed on it to improve the cleaning efficiency. 
7. Virtual Wall with two-way infrared signal transmitters make sure the cleaner work at the confirmed area which you want to clean. 
8. Wall Following Sensor make sure this unit can clean most ground surface along the wall. 
9. Self-adjusting cleaning head automatically traverses uneven floor transitions as it cleans carpet, 
Hardwood, linoleum, and tile. 
6 drop sensors to keep unit from falling off

High and silence vacuum suction


Our Robot Vacuum Cleaner Specification: 
Main material: ABS Input of charger: 100-240V AC 
Output voltage of charger: 20V DC Voltage of battery: 14.4V 
Unit average power: 24 watt Charge time: about 3 hours 
Working time: about 80-120minutes Unit size: Diameter 33*8.0CM

Battery: 2800-3600mhA NI-MH


Our Robot Vacuum Cleaner Certifications:




Model NO.: QQ5-TV
Application: Dry
Feature: Without Bag
Classification: Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Type: Cyclone
Certification: CE
Color: Black ,white
Diameter :33cm
Dust Bin Capaci t y:0.32 liter
Speed :18.5~20.5 cm/sec
Voltage: DC 14.4V
Power consumption: 25W
Remote controller type :RF
Indicator type :LED with pattern
Noise Level: Max. 55dB
Suction Power :2.0m/sec
Sweep capacity :rubbish size L: 6cm , Section : 0.9 cm x 0.9 cm
Cleaning Algorithms
Charging Time: 2.5hours
Battery : Ni-MH 2800-3600mA
Running Time: Min. 80 minutes
Room coverage :4.8m*4m in 20min.
Crawling up ability :8.0mmMax.
Non-colliding-sensor detected heightmin. 5.5cm
Non-colliding-sensor detected width45°in ahead  >6.5cm ; -22.5°~-82.5°>2.5cm ; +22.5°~+82.5°>2.5cm    
Non-colliding-sensor detected distance<5cm< td="">


ColorBlack, whiteRunning TimeMin. 70 minutes
VoltageDC 14.4VWorking Area4.8M*4.0Min 20 min.
Power25WCharging Time2.5hours
Noise LevelMax.65dBG...W4.7KG
Size33cm*8cm(Dia*H)N. W3.7KG
BatteryNi-MH2500mAGift box size52.7cm*39cm*13.9cm
Dust Bin Capacity320mlCarton Size54*58.5*41cm(4PCS/CTN)


What`s in thecolorbox?
1 XMain unit
1 X Charging base
1 X box of spare parts ( side brush *2 + filter* 2 )
1 X Remote Control 
1 X SonicWall 
1 X Battery pack
1 X Charger
1 X Manual
1 X Cleaner brush ( on the top of dust bin)
1 X Rolling brush cleaner ( on the back of charging base )


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Q:Does Dyson really make the best vacuum cleaners?
No but if you go on consumer reports you can see what is the best. I got the fourth on the list and thats a Windtunnel and it wasn't to evpensive either.
Q:what are the best brands of upright vacuum cleaners?
I have had a Miele for years.
Q:Do Steam cleaners work the same as vacuums?
Yeah i am a foremost expert on carpet cleaning,believe me it is way better than a vaccum.It sucks the dirt as well clean your carpet.I use The RugDoctor myself when i`m slaving around the house.Well good luck with that!
Q:Does anyone have an opinion on Miele vs. Kenmore vacuum cleaners?
Have used Kenmore for years, also based on C/R ratings. Mine is a cannister; works well on dog fur. As I recall, Miele's biggest problem was initial cost, so if it's working ok, stick with it, but if you NEED to replace it, go with Kenmore. (My sister-in-law, whose kids have asthma, also swears by Kenmore.)
Q:What can anyone tell me about Rainbowsystem Vacuums.?
without going into a long answer,I will tell you you would be better off getting a Hepa vacuum with washable filters,and a dirt chamber that is removable than spending big money on a vacuum that is over rated and very expensive.
Q:why are cars made as little boys toys but boys AND girls grow up and drive?
I don't buy a lot of cheesy plastic toys (I HATE them) so this doesn't apply much to the brands I favor. Take a look at the Haba and Plan Toy collections. They are wooden and usually made in primary colors. They are not designated for boys or for girls in most cases, and I like that. We buy our daughter cars AND dolls. If we ever have a boy he will get the same. I agree that people pigeonhole kids into gender roles all too often. I have a psych degree and in one of my classes we watched a video about a study in which a woman took her little boy and dressed him in his regular clothes and let a stranger watch him for a few minutes. They were videotaping the interaction. The subjects encouraged the boy to move around, go for toys, etc. Then they dressed him as a girl and repeated the exercise with different people. Thinking he was a girl, there was a big difference in how they treated him. They held her in their laps and stuck dolls in her face. Toy companies have figured out that parents will buy their little girls stereotypical girl stuff, and their boys boy stuff. That is how girls get stuck with junk like Bratz dolls, and boys end up with violent action figures. Anyway, I think it's important to buy a child of either gender a nice, neutral sampling of tools, dolls, cars, musical instruments, etc. Then they can decide what they prefer. But the market is driven by what parents buy and what children nag parents to death for. And I agree that it's partially due to a child's impression of what the parent would like to see them play with (ie, my mom insisted I be a girly girl, and what did I ask for? Lil Miss Makeup!).
Q:anyone know how well the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum works?
I don't know about that one. I do have a suggestion if you can afford to spend a little more money though. The Dyson vacuum cleaners are excellent. We have one and have three cats and a dog and it really does a great job.
Q:How good are the Kirby Vacuum cleaners?
We bought a Kirby and the demo was great, we bought some attachments (which we NEVER used) and had it about 2 years. It was heavy and took up space since it had all the attachments. It was the worst investment I have ever made. After the kirby we bought a Hoover bagless for about 300.00, and have had it ever since (about 3 years). It still works like it did the first day we bought it! I would not recommend the Kirby, save your money, buy a Hoover and take a small vacation with the rest...
Q:Would this be a good advertising slogan?
Good one Gerry Man. What would they be called,The New Improved Mega Power Sucks (of course new and improved is always better, fo' sure)
Q:I need to buy a new Vacuum and need some input please?
Myself I like the uprights. They put a little more weight on the carpet and picks up more dirt. Also it has a dirt bag that I can check how dirty my floor is. I vacuum up to three times a day. I has been picking up the dirt the old canister vac did not pick up

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