Robot Cleaner/Cordless Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description:

Product Description

As our brand-new robot vacuum cleaner, compared with our former robot vacuum cleaner, this model has many advanced features as below:
1. Dust-Detect function.
2. Automatically sweep, vacuum and mop the floors simultaneously
3. Extra-big dust capacity (1 liter)
4. UV lamp sterilization.
5. Non-collision Bumper
6. Self-rescue function
7. LED display
8. The walking speed can be adjusted.
9. More powerful suction improve its cleaning efficiency.

Main material: ABS, POM
Input voltage of charger: 100-240V AC
Output voltage of charger: 24V DC
Voltage of battery: 14.4V
Unit average power: 45watt
Charge time of battery pack: 6 hours
Working time of battery: 70minutes
Unit size: Diameter35*8CM.

Disclaimer: These product is not for German market.

Materials:ABS, POM
Input voltage:100-240V
Output voltage:24V DC
Voltage of battery:14.4V Li battery
Unit average power:45-60W
Suction power:10-15W
Airflow:100 dm3/m
Dust capacity:1L
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Charge time:3-4hours
Working time:1 hour
Unit size:Φ35x10.5cm
Packing:Each one in color box
Load quantity: 900PCS/20' container 1800PCS/40' container 2200PCS/40' HQ container  

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Q:which Vacuum cleaner company will be the first to used the phrase our vacuum's suck to promote their product?
LOL...............I think that could be very clever! I would laugh,,,,,,,,,,,,,and I would watch that commercial!
Q:People!, Why many people buy USA Donald Trump vacuum cleaners? Why?
Lol, no such thing.
Q:Question about my vacuum?
yes it should spin by hand it sounds like a bearing has seized these may be part of the motor itself and non replaceable good sign of this is any grinding noise when trying to turn the motor, or the motor brushes have worn down or cracked and this can jam the motor
Q:help with vacuum cleaners...?
Oreck.It's an upright.There are several models,One is $299.00.I'ts very lightweight,suction is powerful.Great household vacuum.
Q:What company produces the world's most efficient vacuum cleaners?
Sebo dart is the best we have ever used. We have had all the other makes including Dyson and this knocks spots off them all. It is used by many professional carpet cleaners
Q:Which suck worse: leeches or vacuum cleaners?
I bet a vacuum cleaner could suck out more blood than a leech. If you put it on a cut.
Q:How have machines been harmful AND helpful to our society?
they've been both; harmful and helpful! yet we cant live without them xox
Q:Which is more powerful-amps or volts?
Now I m confused ...There are several motors measured in amps! There are several tools that list amps and/volts and NOT both. Even electric motors will be 6.5, 10, 12, 13 Amps... 24, 40 Volts. The 2 that I looked at last I noticed the amps were corded and the volts were battery operated But I m sure if I looked at more that may not be a general rule.... there may be another corded mower that says amps... Again, I am way more confused by these posts now
Q:Is it possible to have a fear like this one?
Of course. maybe you developed that fear when you were young. Fear is developed out of associations. For example in your case, the vacuum cleaner at first was just a neutral stimulus to you but maybe there was a aversive stimulus that you have associated with the vacuum cleaner. After several subsequent pairing of the Vacuum cleaner and that aversive stimulus, your fear of the aversive stimulus has been passed on to the cleaner. now even without the presence of the aversive stimulus, because of conditioning, you developed that fear.
Q:Please recommend a vacuum cleaner for a 750 sqft house with small carpet?
we've a Morphy Richards Cyclonic Pets Bagless - 2000w vacuum (No.73362) after years with a Panasonic (do certainly no longer get certainly one of those!!). i incredibly do no longer understand how i've got lived for all those years with out this outstanding piece of kit. It wasn't low-value (and that i did no longer choose a Dyson as a results of fact for me they are too heavy) despite if that's properly worth each penny. till now my vac used to skim over the carpet and nonetheless bypass away it finding 'filmy'. This one takes all of it up (and we've had numbers of hounds). won't be in a position to propose it adequate, incredibly! Oh and that's an upright, with each and all the strategies.

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