Robot Cleaner/Cordless Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description:

Product Description

As our brand-new robot vacuum cleaner, compared with our former robot vacuum cleaner, this model has many advanced features as below:
1. Dust-Detect function.
2. Automatically sweep, vacuum and mop the floors simultaneously
3. Extra-big dust capacity (1 liter)
4. UV lamp sterilization.
5. Non-collision Bumper
6. Self-rescue function
7. LED display
8. The walking speed can be adjusted.
9. More powerful suction improve its cleaning efficiency.

Main material: ABS, POM
Input voltage of charger: 100-240V AC
Output voltage of charger: 24V DC
Voltage of battery: 14.4V
Unit average power: 45watt
Charge time of battery pack: 6 hours
Working time of battery: 70minutes
Unit size: Diameter35*8CM.

Disclaimer: These product is not for German market.

Materials:ABS, POM
Input voltage:100-240V
Output voltage:24V DC
Voltage of battery:14.4V Li battery
Unit average power:45-60W
Suction power:10-15W
Airflow:100 dm3/m
Dust capacity:1L
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Charge time:3-4hours
Working time:1 hour
Unit size:Φ35x10.5cm
Packing:Each one in color box
Load quantity: 900PCS/20' container 1800PCS/40' container 2200PCS/40' HQ container  

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Q:Why do my BRAND NEW vacuum cleaners always stop working right after only a few weeks?
First time it happens again, don't buy a new vacuum cleaner right away, but go back to the shop and tell them about the problem. They should try to help you, because it's their product that sucks (no pun intended) and they want happy customers.
Q:My pitbull is viciously aggressive?
You must understand that bully breeds are extremely strong willed in order to tame her you must take the time out to establish who is the most dominant being in the house. Bully breeds have developed a bad reputation over the years with their highly aggressive behaviors which is not there simply because it is in their genetics but because many of them have had owners who did not know the proper way to handle them. Another reason is because she is still in her puppy years which means it is the best time to perhaps take her to a dog trainer. I did this with my bull terrier 4 years ago who was extremely hyper. The trainer helped alot and gave me alot of advice that put an end to his hardheaded behavior.
Q:Where can I find parts for my Panasonic vacuum?
defiantly try their website
Q:POLL: Do you like the sound a vacuum makes when it sucks up stuff?
haha yes! i love vacuuming and that sound makes everything feel so clean! :P especially the sound of sand getting sucked up
Q:Vacuum Cleaner Assistance?
I went onto customer comments and did a sprint prognosis. I certainly have pets so i replace into incredibly searching for something that would get each and all the puppy hair up, fee replace into no longer a factor for me. decrease than their suggestion of customer superb purchase, i offered a Eureka at Walmart no much less for around $one hundred twenty.00, and that i like it!! it incredibly is a 12 amp with a sealed hepa filter out, and each and all the attachments. I certainly have wood flooring and carpet and it does a great activity on the two. It has a change to transform to regardless of floor you're vacuuming on the time, and an adjustment for the peak of carpet. good success.
Q:a retailer sold 50 vacuum cleaners at $90 and 35 vacuum cleaners at $140...what is the weighted mean price of?
Weighted price = Total Income / Total number of vacuum cleaners Weighted price = (50*90 + 35*140) / (50 + 35) = $110.59
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner for concrete floors?
I think there are the best vacuum cleaner for concrete floors, There are given below : 1. TV3F-62L SERIES 2. TV3F-LONGOPAC SERIES 3. TV-RPS 40/160L
Q:canister vacuum cleaners?
We have used several vacuums over the years..The one that does best is the Rainbow..They are more expensive..but they really work.. the dust stays in the container.
Q:I would like to know which vacuum cleaners are better - Hoover Vs Kenmore?
hoover by far the best never had one problem with mine still has the same powerful suction it had when I bought it (2 yr ago) when the filter gets dirty you just bang it on your outside wall put it back in your hoover
Q:Does Panasonic make vacuum cleaners for Kenmore?
Most Kenmore vacuums are made by Panasonic (Matsushita Electric Corporation of America).

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