Road Roller Sr18m-2 18tons

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Road Roller  Sr18m-2 18tons

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Basic Info.

Transmission Type:Manual



Emission Standard:Euro 2





Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.


Product Description

Model SR18M 
Operating Weight kg 18000 
Operating mass distribution Front axle 9000 
Rear axle 9000 
Front wheel Number 1 
Diameter x Width mm 1550x2140 
Rear tyre Number 2 
Width mm 23.1 
Tyre air pressure Mpa 0.18~2.1 
Centrifugal force KN 335/190 
Vibrating frequency Hz 30 
Theoretic amplitude mm 2.0/ 1.0 
Driving type Mechanical 
Vibration driving type Hydraulic 
Steering driving type Hydraulic 
Travelling speed Forward 1st Km/h 0-2.2 
2ND 0-4.3 
3ND 0-9.1 
Reverse 1st 0-2.2 
2ND 0-4.3 
Min. Turning radius m 6.1 
Climbing ability % 30

Vehicle  model
Cabin  seat/width(mm)
2  seat/1540
2seat, sleeper/1540
Overall  dimension(mm):
Size  of  cargo  body(mm):
Driving  type:
Wheel  base(mm):
Wheel  track(F/R):
Engine  model:
Horse  power(hp):
Fuel  type:
Engine  type:
Four  cylinder, water  cooling  , in  line, direct  injection
Emission  standard:
Euro  1
Piston  of  displacement
Rear  axle
Gear  box:
Vacuum  booster
Tyre  :
MAX  payload(kg):

Road Roller  Sr18m-2 18tons

Road Roller  Sr18m-2 18tons

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Q:Brief introduction of tyre roller
The compacted asphalt mixture conforms to the requirements of compactness and smoothnessSelect reasonable roller combination method and rolling steps to achieve the best results. The asphalt mixture is compacted by a steel cylinder type static roller and a tire roller or a vibratory roller. The number of rollers is determined according to the production site.The compaction of asphalt mixture is carried out in three stages: initial pressure, compound pressure and final pressure (including molding). The roller is rolled at a slow and uniform speed.The initial pressure of asphalt mixture meets the following requirementsThe initial A. pressure roller soosai eng DD-110 in mixture paving after high temperature, and shall not have any time, hair crack, compaction temperature according to the consistency of asphalt, roller type, temperature paving layer thickness, mixture type is determined by the pressure test with test.B. roller is rolled from the outside to the center. The adjacent rolling zone should overlap with 1/3 - 1/2 wheel width. At last, the center part of the rolling road will be compressed at full amplitude. When the edge of the baffle, kerb, shoulder and other files, should be close to the file roller. When the edge without retaining, can mix the edge rake rake slightly high, then the outer wheel roller rolling out 10cm above the edge.
Q:Roller roller do large objective
Only two can press the road more tightly, so as to achieve a certain degree of compaction, width is to work efficiency, the greater the area of contact, the pressure will rise faster.
Q:Why is it forbidden to apply diesel to the roller? In the process of roller compaction, to prevent the wheel sticking of asphalt mixture,
Diesel oil is very corrosive to asphalt, and it must have potential quality problems, but it is not too bigIf you are in the construction process, supervision, the owner does not allow you to use diesel oil,
Q:Who knows, a long work, Xiagong, Liugong roller defect?
Roller is actually Xugong's reputation, followed by Luoyang is also good
Q:When the asphalt surface is rolled, why should the driving wheel of the roller be geared to the paver?
When paving asphalt surface, rollers usually use steel rollers, steel rollers are compacted without leaving traces (Che Zhe). The driving wheel of the roller is toward the paver, that is, the power wheel faces the asphalt concrete, the material is out of order and the direction is not compacted. In this way, the driving wheel can not form the wave shape because the power is insufficient, and the asphalt concrete is pushed forwards and forwards, so that the smoothness of the surface layer is more easily controlled. At present, most rollers are driven by two wheels.
Q:How do the rollers see dual vibration, single vibration, double drive, single drive, double steel single steel?
There is only one drive motor for single drive.Double vibration means that a vibration motor is arranged on the side of the front and rear two steel wheels, and the vibration motor can drive the eccentric shaft inside the steel wheel to generate centrifugal force so as to realize vibration compaction. Single vibration is that there is only one vibration motor (in front or rear wheels).
Q:The front wheel diameter of the roller is 1.6m, and the width is 2m. What is the area of the roller that rotates for one week? M2
Solution: it is known that the front diameter of the roller is 1.6 meters and the width is 2 meters,The front wheel is rotated for one week, the area of the roller = the front wheel's perimeter * width=3.14 * front wheel diameter * width=3.14 * 1.6 * 2=10.048 square metersA: the front wheel is rotated for one week. The area of the roller is 10.048 square meters.
Q:What are the world famous manufacturers of roller compactors?
At present, the foreign brand rollers are sold as follows in the Chinese market:National manufacturer brandSweden Dynapac DynapacBMW BMW, GermanyWittgen Hummer GermanyGerman Bal Taco Bal TacoAmerican Carter Biller Carter BillerThe United States Volvo Volvo (former Ingersoll Rand)Sakai SakaiSmall hand roller rollers are well-known brands abroad:Brunswick, GermanyThree li and three li in Japan
Q:Sheepsfoot road and a distinction between what work?
Sheepsfoot do stone dam project is still alive.A main work on earth, no difference, and the effect on.
Q:Is the steel roller roller a vibratory roller?
There are many types of rollers, which are divided into diesel and gasoline hand vibration rollers according to the difference of hydraulic oil burning. The oil used in the maintenance parts is also different! You can Baidu Shandong Jin Yao under detailed instructions!

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