Road Roller from China LDD210H with CE ISO Certificate

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China main port
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1 set
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100 set/month

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Product Description:

Quick details:

Condition: New

Model Number: LDD210H

Place of Origin: Liaoning, China (Mainland)

Type: road roller

Moving Type: Other

Dimension(Long * Breadth * High):5080x2270x2920 mm

Rated Load: 10 ton

Certification: CE, GOST-R

Warranty: 6 months or 1200 hours

After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available

Engine brand: Cummins

Engine power: 82 Kw

characteristics of our products :

 1.Mechanical travel drive, double amplitude, hydraulic vibration and steering with optimal function/price ratio and reliable performance.

  1.  2.Reliable Cummins or chinese diesel engine for convenient operation and maintenance.
     3.Two sets of brake devices, a hand brake and foot pedal brake, assure the machine's safety and dependability.
     4.Spacious and comfortable cab mounted on top quality rubber damping elements.
     5.World advanced technology is adopted for the hydraulic vibration technology, high in reliability, simple and convenient in maintenance, and low in cost.
     6.Equipped with padfoot or removal padfoot as option. 

specification of the products:

Road Roller from China  LDD210H with CE ISO Certificate

Road Roller from China  LDD210H with CE ISO Certificate


1.How about the shipment?

1. The loader machine load one 40HQ container.

2. The loader disassemble into 3 parts, major machine, bucket and cabin.

3. Before shipment, we have done the rust-proof and antiseptic treatment.

2. What about your service?

We have our factory, we can meet customers needs as soon as possible.

We have first rate professional technology and provide good after-sales service.

3. What Can we Do For You?                                                                 

1. During the period of 12 months or 2000 working hours warranty, Chaogong factory are responsible for maintenance and replacement of spare parts.

2. We attend the machinery exhibition in your country and please contact us when we are with you at that time and solve the problem you have.

3. For the sole agents, we will go with senior engineer to your country and offer the technical service. 

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Q:I'm looking for an old toy truck that went around a track and changed tops from a dump truck to a bulldozer?
we supply undercarriage parts for bulldozer in china,welcome you.
Q:How would you take Bulldozer XL5000 a pre workout and intra workout?
You have to play with the dosage to find what works. This will depend on your weight and tolerance level, for pre always start with 1 scoop and up it if you desire to 1.5 scoops 30-45 minutes before the gym. For Intra workout, just mix 1 scoop with dextrose or Gatorade or just water and consume during your workout and just sip on it until you finish the last portion after your final set. Studies have shown that there are benefits of taking creatine as pre and intra/post. This will ensure that you are getting your BCAAs and Glutamine to feed your muscle throughout your workout session. As you progress, and if you are on a calorie strict diet then I would recommended adding 5 grams of Glutamine and 5-10 grams of BCAA with the mix for your Intra-Workout
Q:What are the best computer specification for programming and gaming?
While AMD Bulldozer is not out yet you should only look at i5 2500K or i7 2600K as your best options. Add 8GB RAM and good video card like GTX 460 or similar. Good case and PSU, reliable HDD and preferably SSD will make excellent computer and not very expensive too :-) Good luck
Q:How do you operate a Caterpillar D4H bulldozer?
First one i used was a old cable dozer D8. I just crawled on it and went. figure it out as you go. You learn fast that way.
Q:Bulldozer hydraulic problems, any thoughs?
I would have though someone would check to see that it had hydraulic fluid in the tank and the shut off valve was in the on position. After that you need to go to the pump it will be in the front driven off the crank shaft. There are U-joints that might be broken and the pump is not turning. There is also a valve on the output side of the pump (smaller line) that allows the fluid to be pumped back to tank if there is no demand for pressure IE: trying to move the blade. There should be a test port on the pressure side on the hydraulic system you will need to look for that I'm not sure if it will be on the hydraulic valve at the pump or at the 4 way valve which the hand control go to. Pressure under no load should be about 50 lbs but you will need a gauge that can handle over two thousand pounds which is what it should pump before the relief valve comes in. It is not likely that the pump is so far gone that it will not try to move the blade so do the easy things first like make sure the oil is on and that the handle is connected to the 4 way valve then check the drive shaft to the pump and the dirverter valve on the pump. You may need to remove that valve to inspect it. There is one more thing that will stop the blade from moving and that would be the packing in the hydraulic cylinder. If it is bad enough in one of the cylinders the fluid could be just pumped back to tank. You may be able to find that out with a stereoscope by putting it on the cylinder and listen for fluid movement on each cylinder. In fact if there is enough fluid movement you could feel it with your hands. You do know someone will have to hold the handle in the up movement.
Q:Bulldozer rental
The break even point is 16 thousand, which is equivalent to the bank deposit.
Q:Can loaders and bulldozers work in conjunction with earthworks?
Bulldozer earthmoving, loader and dump truck with earth, earth, sprinkler, sprinkler, bulldozer flat, flat machine end, roller molding, this is the whole earthwork required machinery. Or excavator with the dump truck, soil, sprinkler, sprinkler, bulldozers flat, flat machine end flat, roller mill rolling molding
Q:What are the common faults of bulldozers?
2 、 the main clutch lever is heavyThe main reasons are as follows: the oil filter is blocked and the oil supply is insufficient; the booster is not working; the main clutch hydraulic system is short of oil; the booster is damaged or the booster safety valve is defective; the double metal sleeve in the moving sleeve is burnt out. When the clutch lever heavy fault, whether the oil level should first check the hydraulic system to meet the requirements; if the oil level is appropriate, can temporarily remove the oil filter, and then the main clutch lever, the lever changes if you feel the strength, the oil filter is blocked, the only oil filter cleaning or replacement can be. If the circuit is normal, but the main clutch lever is heavy, they can check the safety valve and the power is stuck or oil leakage, if the booster safety valve is no problem, you must check or check mobile booster; sleeve double metal sleeve is burning, is necessary for the new.
Q:I want to know what the yearly cost of maintenance cost of a Bulldozer would be including monthly cost.?
My husband, his brother and Dad all work for a family business and my husband runs a Caterpillar D8T Bulldozer. I know from experience the cost of maintenance on the heavy equipment relies a lot on how often you grease and do checks on all the fluids. My husband checks his fluids daily, greases daily and does the recommened oil changes as needed. I'm not real clear on an exact amount but I can say ball park would be close to 2500.00 dollars a month and that's if NOTHING is wrong with the tractor. That amount included the fuel to run it as well. I'm sure you can write out a cost analysis and figure out the price of the grease, fluids, fuel, filter and what not and then average the cost by days of use and how much it costs to service (down time and what not) and go from there. I also know that when my husband works four days he pays for the lease on his tractor and all the other equipment for the company (for the month), he makes a bunch of money for the company. Good Luck! Don't forget insurance too!
Q:Can AMD motherboard that use an FX Bulldozer processor use an AM3 socket processor?
if the FX Bulldozer processor is AM3+ socket you can use it! but be sure you have enough cooling system and also get a power supply micro-ATX with 400 watts at least! just a reminder if you want to get a gaming video card make sure get a power supply with a six-pin PCI-Express power cord!

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