RN1 Indoor high-voltage current limit fuse

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This product can be used in indoor system of AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 3~35kV to protect electric facilities and electric transformer from overlood or short circuit.

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Q:My fuel pump on my 1992 Saab will not get any power to it/not work.Any suggestions?
Check fuses and relays, you need the wiring diagram and component locator. The wiring diagram will help you trace the circuit. The ECM usually provides the relay ground circuit and the relay provides the power to the pump.
Q:Aftermarket headlights, wiring issues. Shortages.?
Hi i would be surprised if anything worked the Body module that other computer which works with the engine management system is confused now.
Q:What was the first electronic device in the history of mankind.?
Baghdad potato it was used for a light bulb
Q:TV repair question?
one of the 4 large rectifier diodes is shorted causing the fuse to blow. The diodes are part # 1N4608. Replaced the shorted diode and fuse and you will be in business.
Q:computer won't turn on?
Plug it in.
Q:Define the quantityand units of?
the SI unit of conductance is more commonly the siemens, but mho is also correct!
Q:12v 1700mA power supply?
You can use the power supply. The key is, it provides the correct voltage. The mixer will pull the amount of current that it needs. The power supply must have a equal or higher current rating than the mixer pulls.
Q:microwave problem?
Did you know (true story) when microwaves first came out the companies selling them employed a scientist to do a report on them to see if they were safe. He tested them thoroughly, and announced that yes, they were safe. Then went home and threw out his microwave. This is a true story.
Q:Easy way to clean car engine?
oven purifier will east up the coating of the wires. thats effective stuff, itll decrease via to oil on the wires and shop going! your engine became no longer made to shield concentrated corrosion like that. next time basically purchase the gunk engine purifier its like 4 dollars for quite an excellent can of the stuff!
Q:What can you do to check a distributor and fuses in a 1993 Toyota Camry?
Best to take it to Mechanic or garage dealing with Toyotas and Japanese autombiles but we use to have a 1993 Toyota Camry LE (kept it like 12 years and had 211,000 miles when my wife and her sisters upgraded to SUVs as she now drives 2005 Toyota Highlander 6 cylinder AWD) and FYI replacing the distrbutor itself is very expensive part for just the electrical component itself plus labor and yes it does eventually go If you are planning to keep this 1993 Camry for some time in excess of 1 year, then my advice would be to pay extra for genuine Toyota distributor part rather than just OEM substitute bec I made this mistake before and the OEM part itself was $200 and died in month 13 after the parts warranty expired. I had previously replaced the distributor cap, 4 spark plugs and spark plug wires myself before with genuine Toyota parts but basically my mechanic confirmed my worse nightmare when the distributor failed again and had to be towed saying that there was no spark coming when he pulled the wire Again this can be costly repair so best to take to reputable garage as they will stand behind repairfor 90 days on labor and part 12 months. Hope the Above Info Helps!

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