RN1 Indoor high-voltage current limit fuse

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This product can be used in indoor system of AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 3~35kV to protect electric facilities and electric transformer from overlood or short circuit.

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Q:No radio or clock in 2001 hyundai elantra?
Double check the fuses tor the dome light and cigar lighter, its easy to miss a bad fuse If you have a test light or DVOM (multi meter) use it to check both sides of the fuse for power, obviously an open in the fuse is going to cause one side of it to have power and not the other. You will need these tool to verify the fuse is getting power, check the condition of the fuse, and trace the power to the individual components on that circuit. For backyard mechanics, Harbor Freight has these tool for the $5-10 range that work great for occasional use. Good luck man! If you need any further help with open / short diagnosis just let me know.
Q:Blown fuses (subs?) amp in protect mode now? Helppp?
you probably blew your subs, or fried the amp
Q:why does my moped/ scooters' electric start work but no other electrical components?
if you have fuses it might be that. if that isn't it, remember that all these accessories must all run from the same electrical point. trace one of those wires back toward the off/on switch until you find the problem.Have you checked the ground. some time the starter is a grounded alone. also turn one of these things on and check to see if you actually have power to it. its tough to answer this in a good way to get right to the exact problem partner.
Q:Fuse or instrument cluster?
Hey Jasmin, Well, I think you must've hit the wrong button 'cause your question got posted in the Jeep section not the VW section. But hey, no worries. Most modern cars have a protection circuit that will set off a fuse or some other device to prevent serious damage to the engine computers (and other components) if someone gets their positives mixed up with their negatives when jumping the battery. I would suggest you bring it in to either a highly regarded independent shop specializing in European autos (usually BMW, VW, Mercedes and Volvo) or to the dealership. Depending on the car, you may have no choice but to bring it to the dealership if there is some type of special factory software that needs to be used to repair it. I would check in with an independent shop first tell 'em what happened and what's going wrong and they should be able to send you in the right direction (their shop or the dealership). Just be aware this might cost you some large coin to fix just be ready for that.
Q:Fuses and circuit breakers are used to what?
there is a thin piece of metal inside, too much current makes the metal get hot and breaksaving the system
Q:Whats wrong with the electrics in my car?
you obviosly have a short to ground somewhere
Q:What would cause wide open throttle to blow the ASD fuse?
Why don't you do a amp test on the fuel pump circuit and keep in mind that if a fuse blows black inside that indicates a short. Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way I'd try supplying the ASD circuit with a whole new ground and then see what occurs bec I still believe that its a wiring issue or bad ground or bad connection etc. Rick is right bec the PCM does monitor and control the ASD relay circuit but even the PCM could have a bad ground so check the grounds.
Q:high amp alternator or capacitor?
both thats alot of stuff
Q:why did i lose my dash lights on my ford escape?
check the fuses one may have blown. if so change it and see if it blows again. if this happens, take the instrument cluster back out and check for a pinched or naked wire
Q:My car won't start!!!?
i'm guessing that you are talking about the fuse for the fuel pump two things can cause the fuse to blow. bad fuel pump, or a short in the wiring.

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