Rising Stem Solid Wedge Gate Valve

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Product Description:


Non-Rising Stem


Body:  Cast Iron / Ductile Iron

Wedge:  Cast Iron / Ductile Iron Encapsulated with EPDM

Seat: EPDM / NBR

Shaft: SS410

Stem Nut: Brass

O-ring: EPDM, NBR

Wedge Nut: Brass / Bronze

Hand Wheel: Ductile Iron


Hand Wheel / Bevel Gearing / Square head / Electric actuator

Face to Face:

BS5163: 1986, DIN 3202 F4-F5, JIS B2002, ANSI B16.10


BS4504, DIN 2532, JIS B2212, ANSI B16.10/ANSI B16.50

Working Pressure:

16 Bar(200 PSI)

Design  and Manufacturer Standard


BS5163, DIN 3352, JIS B2043

Test Standard:

API 598  BS6755 DIN 3230  JIS B2003


Water works, Sewage, Public facilties, Building industry, Petroleum, Chemical, Steel, Metallurgy, Paper Making Industry, Foods, Beverage, HVAC

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Q:a few questions on prosthetic heart valves?
why is a biological valve replacement weak? in the way it does not last much longer that ten years? --- Its not weak its just that it can fail like the original valve did. Most Doctors prefer to use a mechanical valve(such as titanium) because there is a lot less changes that it will fail and the surgery will have to be repeated. The St. Jude valve is one that is comonly used by doctors(thats the one I have in my heart) Mechanical valves make a ticking sound(kind of like a watch) as your heart pumps blood, this can accually be heard when your next to a person with one in a quiet place(I've freaked some pople out when they heard mine). why do blood clots form with a mechanical valve replacement? --- Blood can clot around anything that is foreign in the body, its part of the human body's natural defenses. what kind of bleeding problem can the anticoagulant medication cause? --- anticoagulants(or blood thinners) do not really cause bleeding problems as long as you have your INR monitored and controlled. those people on anticoagulants(such as Comadin) may bleed a little longer then someone not on them. a person on anticoagulants may bruise easier then someone not on them and the bruise may last a little longer. They bleed a little more but its usually not anything to worry about. A person on blood thiners may also feel colder more often due to the thin blood. Diet can also affect anticoagulents, foods such as leafy greens, alcohol, all affect these medications. Leafy Greens are high in vitaman K wich thinkens the blood. Alcohol thins your blood.
Q:why do valves need to be adjusted and shimed on amotorcycle?
Your prospective Hyosung may require some more frequent adjustments because the initial wear on its machined surfaces would still be polishing each other off.... surfaces like your hardened valve seats against the sealing surfaces of the valves... Or, the hardened surfaces of the cam lobes against the rocker arms. If your Hyosung's engine has been properly engineered, then its components have been properly case hardened. After their initial microscopic machined imperfections have been polished smooth, they shouldn't have to be checked as often. The Hyosung 250 was designed in Hamamatsu Japan by the same people who design Suzukis. It should turn out to be a great motorcycle. Perhaps frequent valve checks are because it's high revving and air cooled.?.? I owned an air cooled KZ550 Kawasaki, once. It required valve checks every 3000 miles. On the other hand, my wife has a 2007 Corolla. It has a low revving, Double Over Head Cam, 4 valve per cylinder LIQUID cooled engine. It requires valve adjustments every 60,000 miles.
Q:Volvo 850 blue smoke exhaust. Most likley Valve seals? or valve guides..or something with the valves.?
a valve guide is basically a round tube that is press fit ito the cylinder head, the stem of the valve rides up and down inside this sleeve as the valve opens and closes. the stem seal fits on the spring end of the valve guide and seals against the valve stem keeping oil out of the guide [and running down the stem and getting into the combustion area when the valve opens] valve stem diameter and guide bore dimensions are close fitting but the stem is always smaller than the bore [very little oil is available to lubricate this area under normal circumstances] so both the guide and stem can wear [the guide is of a much softer material than the valve so it does most of the wearing] high mileage engines can have very egg shaped guide bores allowing stem movement which if not corrected will ruin a new set of stem seals in short order i hope that i have been clear on this but if you have more questions please ask,as there are several very knowledgeable people who answer volvo questions at this site. NOTE: the valve seat is concentric with the valve guide bore. due to machineing tolerances when the guide is replaced the valve seat will no longer be concentric with the new bore and the valve will not seal properly so the seats will have to be re-machined off of the new guide and then the valve faces will have to be machined to the proper fresh sealing angle of the new seat [hence a complete valve job as far as costs go if memory serves this job pays approx 9 hrs. labor,.plus machine shop work.[generallywith new guides seals resurfacing and a pressure test and cleaning about 400+ or- and related gaskets seals fluids timing componants i suspect the final bill may be above 2 grand but if you kept up with oil changes and the bottom end is't hurt your car is well worth this expense
Q:My boiler fill valve isnt letting water supply in boiler.?
I work on antique steam boilers and engines for a hobby and if your supply valve isn't letting feedwater into the boiler, I'm going to tell you right now that you potentially have a VERY dangerous situation on your hands. Until you get this issue resolved, I would recommend that you not steam this boiler up under any circumstances, unless you have a backup feedwater delivery system that is working correctly. Many people don't know this, but a low water condition in a boiler under steam is essentially a ticking time bomb and can result in a fatal explosion. As to what may be causing it, I would say it's possibly one of two things: 1.) The check valve has been installed backwards and the flow of water is basically pushing it shut. 2.) The check valve is installed correctly, but is frozen shut due to corrosion and scale. Either way, I would have a certified boiler inspector come out and take a look at it; he can probably tell you more than I can.
Q:why do they use pigs heart valves for humans?
We recently demonstrated a third possible replacement material: fresh porcine valves . Fresh porcine valves are immunologically privileged, as they do not express -Gal, the carbohydrate antigen that is responsible for the rejection of porcine hearts. Consequently, even when wild-type porcine hearts are destroyed by primate immunoglobulin M (IgM) and membrane attack complex (MAC) deposition within 60 minutes, the valves remain structurally pristine.
Q:Isuzu Rodeo OBDII code P0440: EVAP purge valve solenoid?
I have seen many of the Rodeo's purge valves malfunction causing rough idle and that clicking coming from the valve. It is not normal behavior for that purge valve. Double check all hoses for any hair line cracks, they tend to crack on the bottom side alot. Otherwise replace the purge valve it make a huge differnce in the vehicles idle and performance. Also a intake cleaning service helps quite a bit too, most lube centers and shops can do it for about 50-60$. That cleans all the carbon out of your intake plenum, port runners, valves. It may help the valve to stop malfunctioning also, have seen that service clear all codes and bring back lost power and rough idles clear up.
Q:Subs killing EGR Valve?
next time state year/make/model/mileage. most egr valves operate via vacuum. your subs can't affect a vacuum operated egr valve. if the o2 sensor didn't help out, you probably have a bad vacuum hose somewhere. that will cause the system to go into havoc because the car computer can't compensate for the excessive air being sucked in. a cap does not help with anything except for a loud THUMP. the THUMP causes a voltage spike and stresses the charging system. the cap takes care of the thump safer, it's not a complete solution.
Q:Are valve cover gaskets easy to change?
least confusing to purely do away with the valve hide thoroughly and then there could be adequate of the broken bolt left to get a pair of vice grips on it and unscrew it out, pass to factors shop and get a clean bolt and a clean valve hide gasket and reinstall.in case you tension the motor vehicle the way it incredibly is it may leak slightly oil around the broken bolt.
Q:hi guys..What is different between globe valve and stop check globe? Is that stop check globe=SDNR JIS std?
Sdnr Globe Valve
Q:Tricuspid Valve Question?
Tricupsid regurgitation (TR) can be mild, moderate or severe. The tricupsid valve is located on the right side of the heart and separates the right atrium from the right ventricle. During the contraction of the right ventricle, the tricupsid valve is normally closed and does not allow blood to travel backwards into the right atrium. The severity of TR is determined by the amount of blood that regurgitates back into the right atrium instead of going into the pulmonary artery like it normally should. If a small amount of blood is regurgitated, then it is considered mild. If a significant amount of blood is regurgitated then it is considered severe. Moderate is between the two. Cardiologists frequently use the term moderate to severe to indicate that it is somewhere in the middle.

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