Rising Stem Solid Wedge Gate Valve DIN3352

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Product Description:


Non-Rising Stem


Body:  Cast Iron / Ductile Iron

Wedge:  Cast Iron / Ductile Iron Encapsulated with EPDM

Seat: EPDM / NBR

Shaft: SS410

Stem Nut: Brass

O-ring: EPDM, NBR

Wedge Nut: Brass / Bronze

Hand Wheel: Ductile Iron


Hand Wheel / Bevel Gearing / Square head / Electric actuator

Face to Face:

BS5163: 1986, DIN 3202 F4-F5, JIS B2002, ANSI B16.10


BS4504, DIN 2532, JIS B2212, ANSI B16.10/ANSI B16.50

Working Pressure:

16 Bar(200 PSI)

Design  and Manufacturer Standard


BS5163, DIN 3352, JIS B2043

Test Standard:

API 598  BS6755 DIN 3230  JIS B2003


Water works, Sewage, Public facilties, Building industry, Petroleum, Chemical, Steel, Metallurgy, Paper Making Industry, Foods, Beverage, HVAC

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Q:Does any one knows were i could buy a VALVE COVER for a 1999 mazda miata?
www.okorder.com/ 1999 Valve Cover Mazda Miata MX5 A 07-204 $100 Maz-Toy Auto Recycling -PAR USA-OR(Troutdale)
Q:Has the longevity of the use of tissue valves for heart valve replacement been proven yet?
Aortic valve alternative is a surgery wherein a affected person's aortic valve is replaced by a distinctive valve. The aortic valve could properly be stricken by a extensive selection illnesses and require aortic valve alternative. The valve can the two grow to be leaky (regurgitant or inadequate) or caught partly close (stenotic). Aortic valve alternative presently demands open heart surgical operation. learn is being achieved now directly to advance valves that is implanted utilising a catheter without open heart surgical operation. There are 2 uncomplicated varieties of synthetic heart valve, mechanical valves and tissue valves. Tissue heart valves are many times produced from animal tissues, the two animal heart valve tissue or animal pericardial tissue. The tissue is dealt with to avert rejection and to avert calcification. there are possibilities to animal tissue valves. on occasion a human aortic valve could properly be implanted. those are stated as homografts. Homograft valves are donated by sufferers and harvested after the affected person expires. the sturdiness of homograft valves is probable the comparable for porcine tissue valves. yet another technique for aortic valve alternative is the Ross technique or pulmonary autograft. The Ross technique includes going to surgical operation to have the aortic valve bumped off and changing it with the affected person's own pulmonary valve. A pulmonary homograft (a pulmonary valve taken from a cadaver) is then used to swap the sufferers own pulmonary valve. Mitral regurgitation (MR), additionally conventional as mitral insufficiency, is the strange leaking of blood interior the path of the mitral valve, from the left ventricle into the left atrium of the middle.
Q:Trumpet Valves Question?
Instead of valve oil, try kerosine. This is no joke. I found that kerosine cleans the **** out of the valves, and makes for smoother valve action. Put about a 1/2 pint in to a a peanut butter jar, and you can let the valves soak a for a few seconds before you put them back in. i got this tip from a trumpet player who played professionally in a dance band.
Q:Water main valve broke off?
Near the curb on your street you will see the Concrete box with the metal lid. Take the whole lid off. The valve should be inside. You need a tool for this or you can do what I do. Put a Big crescent wrench on the valve. Then take larger Chanel locks and grab the crescent wrench and turn a full 180 degrees. Check your sinks for the results.
Q:hot water heater relief valve?
it should be run outside but most people don,t even use one. you can get a catch pan that fits under the heater but you,ll have to raise your heater up to install it.
Q:Issue with Weil McLain water heater - Zone Valve?
Located in most zone valves is a end switch. The end switch closes when the zone valve opens. It sends a signal to the AquaStat to bring on the boiler. The pump runs as soon as there is a call for heat on any zone. Now if the water temp in the boiler has reached its high limit than the boiler will not come on. It will wait until the temp drops in the boiler and then it will ignite. So watch it for a few minutes. The end switch or connections may be to blame if the boiler does not come on at all after a reasonable amount of time. The end switch does fail on occasion. Best bet is to call a professional if you continue to have problems
Q:Who knows anything about a leaking heart valve?
You have not stated which valve is leaking. Most probably Valve complaints are due to mitral valve and/or aortic valve. Heart valves are damaged due to rheumatic fever. Mitral stenosis (MS) is narrowing of the mitral orifice impeding blood flow from the left atrium to the left ventricle. The (almost) invariable cause is rheumatic fever. Common complications are pulmonary hypertension, atrial fibrillation, and thromboembolism. Symptoms are those of heart failure; signs include an opening snap and a diastolic murmur. Diagnosis is by physical examination and echocardiography. Prognosis is good. Medical treatment includes diuretics, β-blockers or rate-limiting Ca channel blockers, and anticoagulants; effective treatment for more severe disease consists of balloon valvotomy, surgical commissurotomy, or valve replacement. Mitral regurgitation (MR) is incompetency of the mitral valve causing flow from the left ventricle (LV) into the left atrium during systole. Common causes include mitral valve prolapse, ischemic papillary muscle dysfunction, rheumatic fever, and annular dilation secondary to LV systolic dysfunction and dilation. Complications include progressive heart failure, arrhythmias, and endocarditis. Symptoms and signs include palpitations, dyspnea, and a holosystolic apical murmur. Diagnosis is by physical examination and echocardiography. Prognosis depends on LV function and severity and duration of MR. Patients with mild, asymptomatic MR may be monitored, but progressive or symptomatic MR requires mitral valve repair or replacement.
Q:Installing kitchen faucet/shut off valves?
can't get your picture to load. is it the hot? is there a dishwasher a wee bit away from sink? is there something water related on the other side of the wall?
Q:hot water gate valve problems?
freeze the line coming to the valve, with a co2 fire extinguisher, or dry ice, then swap the valve, and let it thaw
Q:Volvo valve cover replacement?
Valve Cover Gasket is a tuff thing to fix alone. I would say, take it to the shop and pay the $650.00- look at it like this, at least you will have a garentee if anything goes wrong you take that bad boy back and have them hook it up the right way! Best of Luck!

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