Ring hammer crusher used on mining, metallurgy and cement plant

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The ring hammer coal crusher is widely used for coal crushing for chemical industry, coal, thermal power generation etc. it is efficient, energy conservation, stable working, low noise and low blast volume. The main part consists of frame, rotor, grid plate, synchronization regulation device, top cover hydraulic starting device. The main body will started by elasticity steel plate coupler and motor.


Base on introduction of the crusher from the crusher company of Pennsylvania American, our company have developed totally localization light and heavy two series and 10 types crusher which combine with our company experience of design, manufacturing of hammer and impact crusher.


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Q:What bearing does the crusher use?
The bearings used in the crusher are single row cylindrical roller bearings, double row cylindrical roller bearings
Q:How many categories are there in iron ore crushers?
The jaw crusher consists of two jaw plates of moving jaw and static jaw, crushing chamber, simulating the two jaw movement of animal, and crushing machine for crushing material. Widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries, a variety of ore and bulk materials of medium grain crushing. The maximum compressive strength of the crushed material is 320Mpa.
Q:What's the price of metal crusher, scrap can crusher, scrap iron and aluminium crusher?
The choice for crusher much type according to your specific circumstances, this kind of crusher general market price is not much, but the quality is big gap, Henan prochange machinery and the price is high, you can go and see.
Q:What type of bearing does the crusher use?
Depends on what type, I sell various types of bearings
Q:Operation rules for hammer crusher
To observe the discharge pit is there more than bulk feed size requirements, if found, should immediately limit feed processing machine.
Q:What's the difference between counter attack and cone break?
The cone crusher, the rotation of the motor through a belt pulley or coupling, drive shaft and cone crusher cone crusher cone force in the eccentric sleeve moving around a week, fixed point swing movement. Thus the crushing cone crushing wall and near and sometimes from fixed on the surface of the adjusting sleeve the rolling mortar wall, crushing cavity ore in the unceasing impact, extrusion and bending and crushing ore achieved. The motor driven by a bevel gear eccentric sleeve to rotate, broken cone to perform swing movement.
Q:How does the crusher discharge too much?
Open the crushing process in the three paragraph of coarse and medium crushing and fine crushing, according to the production requirements of the final product size, (manual or automatic) set crusher discharge mouth, through the crushing machine load constant control system, adjust the volume of ore crusher is crushing machine feed, so fine the broken machine running under full load; crushing machine load constant system, according to the crushing load value (or the amount of ore required value) and the broken machine load, adjustment or random discharge amount of ore, the broken machine maintenance work at full load, and the the discharge amount according to the third generation of fine sand making machine broken system requirements change, thus make the crusher also maintain work at full load; crushing machine for ore crushing machine is discharging quantity of the system by adjusting the amount of ore crushing machine to change in the third generation of crushed sand making machine the amount of ore, In the realization of crushing machine load constant control for coal mud drying machine with multi section crusher load and discharge control, according to each crusher detection load value and processing equipment [discharge size, discharge automatically adjust crusher or amount of ore, in the final product size and broken efficiency to achieve the requirements of the process conditions, so that each crusher is in full load operation of multi section crusher, cone ball mill and negative charge discharge controlIn the production process of multistage continuous crushing, the crushing ratio of each section will be uneven if it is not properly matched
Q:What kind of crusher is used for the second crushing?
1, stone production line, second crushing, counterattack crusher2, sand production line second crushing with counterattack efficient sand making machine1 、 main equipment of stone production line:Stone production line, crushing material hardness is less than 320Mpa, such as granite, basalt, is suitable for two stage crushing process, the main equipment are: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher (a broken stone crusher (two) - can be broken, crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen) - finished stone, in the middle of the belt conveyor transmission material.Stone production line flow:First of all, the stone from the feeder evenly sent an initial coarse crusher crushing, and then produced into the coarse material by belt conveyor to the two stage crusher (crusher, hammer breaking) for further crushing, fine crushing stone into the shaker distinguish different specifications of stones, to meet the requirements of the stones size by finished belt conveyor to finished material pile; gravel does not meet the size requirements by belt conveyor feed back to the crusher are broken again, forming a closed loop several times. The particle size of the finished product can be assembled and graded according to the user's requirements. It can be equipped with auxiliary dust removal equipment to protect the environment.2 、 main equipment of sand and gravel production line:Sand production line of general material for quartz stone, limestone, sand production line production process is basically the same, the main equipment: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher (usually two, PE and PEX thick broken jaw crusher, jaw crusher thin broken stone hardness is low, you can omit the thick broken) - sand (general machine for shock type, can also be used instead of roller crusher) - shaker - sand washing machine, sand product, in the middle of the belt conveyor transmission material.
Q:Can the concrete pavement be broken down and can be loaded directly with the loader?
Because the concrete broken out of the area of relatively large and irregular type, easily broken car plates when unloading loader, double car is no problem, because the thick iron sheet
Q:How much can the fineness modulus of the sand machine produce in the mechanism of the crusher production? Which manufacturer has a good grain shape?
Fineness modulus is an important index to evaluate the quality of artificial sand, which directly affects the workability, strength, impermeability and economic index of concrete.

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