Rhombic Form Traveller

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The rhombic form traveller has the advantages of simple structure, clear
stress, big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation
and removal, etc..
The form traveller adopts wheels with bearing while rolling forward which
reduce the frictional resistance greatly during movement; At the same
time, the stainless steel paltes are welded on the rails which reduced
the frictional resistance bewwen the sliding bearing and the rails during
movement. The combination of these reduce the movement cycle of the
form traveler by simple and convinient operation.
In terms of safety, the form traveler is equiped with walking protection
system which guarantee the absolute safety during working. It’s safe, easy
and practical.

● Low gravity of front trancerse beam

● Applicable to large-scale stay-cable cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck

● Safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during walking

● Big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation and removal

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Q:Unit price analysis of hanging basket service
First, you need to determine what you need, I can help you analyze!
Q:Hanging basket in the construction of the 2 block construction is also need to press it
6 when you walk in the basket, be sure to move smoothly.7 cantilever pouring concrete should be from the basket to the front of the basket to the end of the basket.8 jack is an important tool in construction, must be carefully maintained.9 walking system should be lubricated regularly.
Q:Summary of the hanging basket construction
And so on, which make it develop rapidly.The main feature of the cable-stayed bridge is to use the cable as the elastic intermediate support, which is used to improve Liang Kua.Improve the span of the beam. Of course, the elastic supporting effect of the inclined cable on the beam can only be fully realized when the cable is in a tight state. So it is necessary to pre pull the cable before the load. This pretension can also reduce the stress variation of inclined cables, cable stiffness increase, thereby improving the stress condition of the structure, in addition, axial horizontal component of inclined cables on the girder of the pressure can enhance the crack resistance of the girder, saving the amount of high strength steel. Cable stayed bridge is a composite structure composed of cable, tower and beam. In cable-stayed bridge. The beam and the tower are the main load-bearing components, and the whole structure is formed by the cable group. According to the way of supporting beam, including connection beam and tower or piers, composed of the parent structure of different forms, but all through the beam in the form of inclined cables hanging elastic support on the tower, the intermediate elastic support (inclined cables) to enhance the stiffness of the beam, forming a multi point elastic variable cross section support continuous beam, cantilever beam, single T rigid frame and continuous rigid frame. The 1 main girder according to different material combined into three types of steel, concrete and steel beam with concrete bridge deck. The steel beam is divided into two types: steel truss and solid beam. The section of the beam is shown as follows: the section of concrete beam is as follows:
Q:Hanging basket construction and demolition of blue construction should meet the following requirements
(4) for the increase in the basket on the facilities (such as anti canopy, cold shed, shaft frame etc.), must be on the overall stability of the hanging basket is checked, and shall not damage the hanging basket structure and change the stress form.(5) during the assembling process of the hanging basket, it is strictly prohibited to cut and enlarge the hole of the bolt at any time, and it is necessary to obtain the consent of the hanging basket design unit. It is strictly prohibited to carry out electric welding and fire on the steel bar of the finish rolling. All of the finished steel bars must be locked with double nuts.
Q:Technical requirements for hanging baskets
The design of a hanging basket shall conform to the following requirements in addition to the requirements of strength, rigidity and stability:1 the total weight of the hanging basket shall not exceed 10% of the design weight.2 the safety factor and the safety factor of the self anchored system should not be less than 2 when the concrete is poured into the concrete section.3 protective measures should be taken when using the finishing thread reinforcing steel bar as suspender.
Q:Are there any hanging baskets on both sides of the hanging beam 0
In the 1# pre pressure when the basket has been removed from the non elastic deformation, so no need to hang basket that is 2# block pre pressure.
Q:On the problem of hanging basket preloading procedure
Install side span closure section, installation of hanging mold closure segment skeleton, formwork, steel banding, installation of prestressed pipe and the core concrete pouring, side span closure segment and maintenance - tension closure segment longitudinal, transverse and vertical prestressed grouting, removing the side line and cross - - side span closure segment construction support the landing gear box girder.
Q:Hanging basket construction must be both sides at the same time construction?
Please rest assured that the calculation of the load of the bridge structure is huge, just hanging basket this little temporary construction load is not a piece of cake!Only from the point of gravity load on the bridge, there is no problem. But whether the requirements of the construction process, construction organization, or starting or starting from the schedule to rush period, it should be different.
Q:How is the prestressed reinforcement in the hanging basket method
The general construction of prestressed concrete box girder with cantilever hanging basket construction scheme, the box girder hanging basket, formwork, reinforced after installation, concrete pouring, the concrete reaches the design strength value after tensioning the beam segments each segment between the prestressed tendons (tendons connected according to the design of short or long beam the layout of the beam.) after grouting, demolition template
Q:The definition of hanging basket construction, historical background
With the development of material science and computer science, a lot of cable-stayed bridges have been built at home and abroad since the Stromsun bridge in 1956 started the apex of modern cable-stayed bridge. The cable-stayed bridge has been developed rapidly because of its advantages such as large span, good structural performance, simple construction, easy maintenance, low cost and attractive appearance.

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