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The rhombic form traveller has the advantages of simple structure, clear
stress, big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation
and removal, etc..
The form traveller adopts wheels with bearing while rolling forward which
reduce the frictional resistance greatly during movement; At the same
time, the stainless steel paltes are welded on the rails which reduced
the frictional resistance bewwen the sliding bearing and the rails during
movement. The combination of these reduce the movement cycle of the
form traveler by simple and convinient operation.
In terms of safety, the form traveler is equiped with walking protection
system which guarantee the absolute safety during working. It’s safe, easy
and practical.

● Low gravity of front trancerse beam

● Applicable to large-scale stay-cable cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck

● Safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during walking

● Big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation and removal

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Q:The construction of the hanging basket of the bridge needs to be pre - pressed in each suspension section
. After the completion of the construction of this paragraph, the hanging basket symmetrical move forward a section, the next beam section construction, progressive, until the cantilever beam section of the pouring completed.
Q:Hanging basket in the construction of the 2 block construction is also need to press it
First, the height of the test results. In line with the requirements do not pre pressure, followed by hanging basket construction 0# block is the most important, pre pressure pouring. Down to the basket pre pressure, that is, 1# block, in the continuous beam hanging basket in addition to 0# block 1# is the most important, in the 1# pre pressure when the basket has been removed from the non elastic deformation, so no need to hang the basket that is 2# block pre pressure.
Q:This paper puts forward the quality control points and methods of hanging basket continuous casting box girder
The hanging basket in the process of walking, the two should be a walking anchor beam as a whole, to prevent the process of walking anchor beam deviation affect the normal walking, if found walking anchor beam walking by right, should immediately stop walking, the first of its position is adjusted during walking, should additional insurance is hard on walking anchor, anchor in order to adjust the position of the beam;After hanging blue in place, should immediately after the anchor, the box and the top of the box sling anchor, it is strictly prohibited to use internal and external guide beam frame for box beam concrete construction.
Q:80m hanging basket construction section of how to pull the longitudinal tensile reinforcement
Continuous beam is internal chamber, it is possible to access the internal chamber from both sides of the pier, which is convenient for operation after checking; besides first side span closure to midspan, we at the time of construction, span closure has no inside tooth block tensioned, longitudinal prestress only long the length is at the ends of the tension, and not in Never mind.
Q:How does the prestressed tensioning in the construction of the bridge hanging basket?
After pouring a concrete, such as the strength of the aging period, the tension of a paragraph, and then continue to the next section of constructionSpecific construction process and other prestressed construction process the same
Q:Operating rules for hanging baskets
The above adjustment process, on-site construction management personnel and engineering and technical personnel must grasp the seven technical problems o A1 pay attention to the relationship between the turning point elevation, to coincide with the design of 2B1 through the side of the mold bottom to adjust the tension screw
Q:What is the naut form of an inter-dimensional traveler?
Internaut? ;) I don't think one exists yet. You could try making it up. If Cosmos is the universe and inter-dimensional travel is travelling between different parallel universes, maybe it should be Cosmonaut (though the Russians already took that one...)
Q:Construction technology of hanging basket construction:
2 reserved holes shall be accurate and shall not be allowed to bend.3 the pre tension of the hanging basket should be set according to the design.4 anchor bolts to be tightened by means of jack.5 the outer side of the mold at the anchor plate do not pack dead.6 when you walk in the basket, be sure to move smoothly.7 cantilever pouring concrete should be from the basket to the front of the basket to the end of the basket.8 jack is an important tool in construction, must be carefully maintained.9 walking system should be lubricated regularly.
Q:Composition management of hanging basket
Double guide beam system: to grasp the overall stability. The system uses four rows of reinforcing Bailey structure, each single guide beam through the self-made connector integrally formed, two guide beams connected by horizontal system. Operation management, pay close attention to the root and the overall stability, to ensure that the beam after the force does not distort. It has two functions: one is to move forward as a whole, and the other is to bear the weight of the reinforced concrete and the weight of the hanging basket template.
Q:What is the meaning of the bridge basket and bridge system
As for the bridge engineering refers to the transformation of the system, refers to the bridge structure of the force system changes

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