RGB LED Neon with 14.4W/M

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Product Description:

 RGB LED Flexible Neon


1. Advantages: 



1) Energy Saving and Environmental Friendly


2) Compatible with DMX512 RGB Controller


3) Waterproof IP65 suitable for indoor & outdoor application


4) High brightness with 5050 SMD LED, Epistar Chips


5) Completely flexible to bend and make in any wording


6) More luxurious for building decoration


7) Unbreakable and durable


8) Long lifespan



2. Cases:

Our LED Neon is using new structure and high-tech LED technology, it is duarable and long lifespan in any environment.

In addition to use high bright LEDs, the unique case design also have very good transparency, which makes it more beautiful.


Our LED Neon is completely filled with PVC, no shadow and perfect performance when light up. While some competitor’s is hollow. 

We add a coat “UV stable Out Plastic Jacket” outside (see photo below), and the advantage is below:

a) protect LEDs, make it longer lifespan

b) make the light more brightness

c) make the light more homogeneous(see picture)

Case 1:


our RGB LED neon light use in  a new sports- and cultural venue called "Multiversum" in town "Schwechat" near Vienna, Which is built by a famous Austrian table tennis champion "Werner Schlager" a world champion in 2003 for table tennis, I think this man is known by many Chinese table tennis players!

Case 2:


Our RGB LED Neon Flex Light is using for OSCARS "THE 84TH ACADEMY AWARDS" on 26th Feb. 2012.

Here enclose some pictures that is from this "THE 84TH ACADEMY AWARDS" .


3. Specifications:

1). 2 X Pure copper wire (0.75 sq . m . measure) as conducting wire, reducing line loss and volt. drop , more stable & safer.


2). Optically modified PVC extrusion : UV stable ; and PVC with heat/cool stabilizer, extremely high /low temp. resistant .


3). Complete kit including adapters, connectors & mounting clips enables easy installation.


4). Flexible, bendable, unbreakable & cuttable (cut at cutting marks).

5). SMD 2835 LED - 0.2W/LED (60mA)  -  Super Bright 

6). No cold weather start problems or color shift.


7). Vivid NEON lighting effect, uniform light, no dots.


8). Waterproof IP65 , ok for indoor / outdoor use.


9). Eco-friendly, energy-effcient, durable, long-life.


4. pictures :

RGB LED Neon with 14.4W/M

RGB LED Neon with 14.4W/M

RGB LED Neon with 14.4W/M


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Q:Will neon lights be replaced by LED instead of LED?
The price of neon light is much cheaper than that of LED of the same length and brightness.The working voltage of neon light is several thousand times of LED, so the security is not good, and it is not suitable for the place where people can approach.
Q:What's the difference between a neon light and a LED light?
Neon lights rely on high voltage electric field at both ends of the lamp
Q:LED and neon lights have different advantages. Can LED replace neon lights and neon lights can be eliminated?
LED has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high brightness, large lumens and long service life. Moreover, the power supply part is not complicated,
Q:LED neon effect making software
I've used a neon light software, and it's OK, address: http://www.duote.com/soft/4906.html
Q:Led how much is the neon light?
LED flexible light band, also known as flexible neon tube, is the latest and most popular LED breakthrough product. Its appearance is to make up for the lack of glass neon tube and optical fiber, thus completely replace. It is widely used in building outline,
Q:LED flexible neon lights work well?
Flexible neon lamp is a new neon light, low voltage 12 volts, safe and energy-saving, life 4 to fifty thousand hours
Q:LED how to install the neon tube on the dry hanging marble?
With the impact drilling expansion screw fixation and internal marble glue to be fixed,Rubber plastic plugs can only be installed with lighter light belts and lamps, such as wall washing lamps, light strips, light strips, wall lamps
Q:Will the LED neon lights go out?
Use 8 hours a day, 360 days per year, 100 square meters as an example. Take 1 yuan / kWh of ordinary industrial electricity as an example.LED colorfulThe power consumption of 30 watts per square meter, 100 square meters per day of electricity is: 30w/m2 * 100m2 * 1000w/ 8 hours / hour = 24 degrees / dayAt the cost of 1 yuan per kilowatt hour, the total cost of electricity is about 24 degrees per day * 360 days * 1 yuan, =8640 yuan / yearOrdinary neon lampThe power consumption of 300 watts per square meter, 100 square meters per day of electricity is: 300w/m2 * 100m2 * 8 hours, 1000w/ hours / day of =240At the cost of 1 yuan per kilowatt hour, the total cost of electricity is about 240 degrees per day * 360 days * 1 yuan, =86400 yuan / yearEvery year LED colorful than neon lights to save electricity about 77 thousand and 600 yuan
Q:What's the price of LED neon tube?
Small size, rich color performance: high brightness, wide angle, spot uniformity, decline of small, low power consumption, long service life, maintenance free, low driving voltage, safe to use. Quality guarantee, shelf life of 1 years;
Q:LED can neon lights be connected in different colors?
Different colors of LED neon belt, as long as the use of voltage and current requirements of the same, you can connect to use together.

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