restaurant use aluminum alloy entrance mat

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Quick Details

  • Material: aluminum profile,rubber/fiber/brush

  • Technics: Aluminum alloy frame with Heavy duty carpet

  • Age Group: Adults

  • Design: Based on your requirements

  • Feature: Waterproof, Corrosion-Resistant, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Slip

  • Use: Door, Floor, Outdoor

  • Size: Customed

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • color: Red,Tabocco,Steel grey,Antricite and so on

  • UV protection:: >=5000hrs

  • Life for usage: > 5 years stable usage, durable

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:PP woven bag with stirp
Delivery Detail:30 days



1.The thickness of the aluminum is 1.0-2.0mm ,the height can reach 22mm .

2.The carpet has been carbonized  and   can  scrap the  sand ,hide the dust and absorb   water .

3.It can strongly anti slip ,clean dust , anti flame and  heat resisting .

restaurant use aluminum entrance mat/aluminum entrance matting/aluminum door carpets/aluminum door mat /aluminum floor mat  

1.High cleaning efficiency.
2.Resistant to wear and tear.
3.Draining system leads off water and dirt.
4.Wide range of carpets and colors.
5.Decorative capacity.
6.Installs indoors or outdoors.

7. Crush resistance:1500kg - 3000kg/m2

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Q:What brand of foam mat is good?
Children crawling pad now has many aliases, baby climbing pad, baby play mat, baby play mat, is refers to the baby crawling pad, the Dongguan animation R & D and production of small manufacturers led the Han bean sound mushroom crawling pad will crawl cushion industry to a new peak, not only can crawl, and touch the text or the pattern can talk, sing, tell a story. There are many, now the baby crawling pad brands are: small beans, mushrooms, vine Paula, Meilong, CaiTian, cauby Bei Boshi, parklon etc..
Q:Is it necessary to pad the treadmill?
One pad can be used to lower the noise on the ground floor, but the ground mat should not be too thick. If it's too thick, it will make the machine unstable.
Q:Which antiskid effect is good, such as the Puzzle Mat and the climbing mat?
This I know, my baby is to buy a crawling pad age, I was born under a twin but can only buy two copies of crawling pad, simply buy all of the two, two children were not love puzzle climbing pad has a special liking for the whole situation, they often climb a crawling pad, or a big attraction, I do not know how to choose, is to teach my evaluation web crawling pad, you see.
Q:The puzzle block is poisonous. How should we use it to reduce the damage to our body?
Formamide: also known as amino formaldehyde, colorless transparent liquid like oil, slightly ammonia flavor, low toxic compounds. EVA and PE these two materials are non-toxic, but in the production of foam pad, in order to make plastic foam, expansion and softening, often used as a blowing agent amide. In particular, some small manufacturers, in order to reduce costs, the use of recycled plastic reprocessing, need to re foaming molding, the use of larger doses of formamide and other blowing agents.
Q:Which brand is good for the aluminum alloy mat?
Service life: the traditional aluminum alloy structure makes the trample gravity all pressure on the blanket surface, causes the blanket surface to bear all the weight, causes the rug surface to be easy to damage. The improvement of the new structure makes the gravity of the tread evenly distributed on the aluminum alloy bearing frame and carpet surface, which makes the bearing gravity more average and has a longer service life.
Q:Would you please tell me how to warm the floor with cork mats?
This question you want too much, there is a special cushion, you don't have to worry about this, there is a word on the mat, I know it at a glance
Q:What material is best for foam mat EVA? PE cotton? PVC? XPE cotton?
PVC: very soft, compared to the high-end XPE, it belongs to high-end, floor mats, now only Japan and South Korea imported. The disadvantage is that it is too heavy, about five times the size of the XPE. Toxicity can occur under certain temperature conditions
Q:How do you pad your old clothes?
The old clothes weaving pad method DIY:1, first to wear clothes cut into strips, the thickness of their own decisions.2. String a long string into a twist.3, good Twist Rope sewn round. The size of the end stitched round mat is determined by personal preference.
Q:Consult the laying of composite floors, with keel or ground mat treasure?
You can use the cement, foot feeling, comfort is better, also will not deformation, if future treasure in some places mats will sink, the foot can obviously feel the price of two, almost a matter of fact, my original is mat Bao, later in the house, one in the floor installation for many years the teacher suggested that I use the cement, feel good now, you can also cement, in a thin layer of cushions, of course, you can also use the keel, but personally I think it is not necessary, because the general is not used after a few years in the wood floor.
Q:What exactly is a cork mat?
It is recommended to use a mat made of yarn. The face is soft and non slip, and the thickness is 1.5-2cm. Specifications have the smallest 40*60cm, the largest 100*150cm. placed in the room and show high-grade, that is, children fall on the ground mat will not hurt.

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