Resin P305

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Product Description:

 Introduction of Resin P305

Novolac Epoxy vinyl ester resin, premium, dimensionally stable formulations w/LPA. Used for the parts ‘under the hood’, such as diesel engine, oil pump, valve covers, heat shields, etc.


Technical Specification of Resin P305





light yellow, liquid


Acid Value, mgKOH/g

33.0 ± 5.0

GB/T 2895-2008

Viscosity, mPa · s   (25Deg.C)

2500 ± 500

GB/T 7193-2008

*Gel Time, min(SPI)

28.5 ± 6.5

GB/T 7193-2008

*Curing Time, min(SPI)

33.0 ± 7.0

GB/T 7193-2008

*Exothermic peak, Deg. C


GB/T 7193-2008

Density, g/cm3     (25 Deg. C)

1.037 ± 0.012


Thermal Stability, hr  (80 Deg. C)


GB/T 7193-2008

*add 98% BPO 1.0% into 82 Deg. C water bath.


Mechanical peoperty of casting of Resin P305




Tensile Strength, MPa


ASTM D 638

Tensile Modulus, GPa


ASTM D 638

Breaking Elongation, %


ASTM D 638

Flexural Strength, MPa


ASTM D 790

Flexural Modulus, GPa


ASTM D 790

Barcol Hardness


 ASTM D 2583

Note: The listed data is typical physical property, not to be construed as product specification.


SMC Mechanical Property of Resin P305




Tensile Strength, MPa


ASTM D 638

Flexural Strength, MPa


ASTM D 790

Heat Distortion Temperature, °C (1.8MPa)


ASTM D 648

Note: The listed data is based on SMC sheet thickness 4mm thick, the recipe is based: Resin: TBPB: ZINC STEARATE: MgO: fiberglass strand as 59: 0.8: 2.5: 1.7: 36 (weight), press temperature 150 Deg. C, and pressure 83MPa, temperature maintain time 180s.


Proposed recipe of Resin P305


Value for general application


Value for auto part


MFE 757



Shrinkage agent






















Fiberglass strand




(1’’ length)


Package and Storage of  Resin P305

The product should be packed into clean, dry, safe and sealed container, net weight 200 Kg.

Stored in cool and well ventilated place, six months below 25Deg. C..



 Resin P305  



 Resin P305  



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Q:What is the difference between the composition of glass fiber reinforced plastic and resin?
Resins are made from a mixture of resins, acids, resins, alcohols, resins, hydrocarbons, and some of their higher polymers. In recent years, studies have known that these compounds are mostly two terpenes, three terpene derivatives, and sometimes lignans.
Q:What is resin and classification of resins?
Resins are normally considered as normal metabolites or secretions of plant tissues, often in the ducts of ducts or ducts, especially in the heartwood of perennial woody plants, in combination with volatile oils. A mixture of a variety of ingredients, usually amorphous solids, having a slightly shiny surface, hard and brittle, and a few semi solids
Q:Why multistage dilution is used in the later production process of resin?
The chemical composition of epoxy resin is the main component: phenolic resin; phenolic resin is composed of phenol formaldehyde resin, under the condition of the catalyst by neutralization and washing and made of the phenol and formaldehyde resin as the most important. It is also the earliest synthetic polymer which is still very important in the world.
Q:Is it harmful to human beings to drink water with resin?
Acrylic pigments are synthetic synthetic pigments. They were invented in 1950s and are made from pigment powder and acrylic latex. Acrylic acid emulsion is also called acrylic resin emulsion. There are many kinds of acrylic resins, such as methacrylic resin, so there are many kinds of acrylic pigments. Foreign pigments manufacturers have produced propylene products, such as acrylic pigments, semi - acrylic pigments and glossy acrylic pigments, as well as acrylic matt oil, polishing oil, molding ointment, and so on.
Q:EVA material is plastic or rubber?
Is a relatively common in bottom material, usually called a foam have buffer action, but this material is very slippery, so the general and hard rubber mixed with EVA, is a kind of common material in many sports shoes are in effect but it is difficult to compete with the AIR.
Q:Principle of resin purifying water quality
The resin in the water softener also has the function of regeneration, which makes the use cycle grow
Q:I'd like to use talcum powder as fiberglass resin filler. I don't know what specifications
Glass steel products general filling material 400 mesh and 800 collocation is feasible, it is fine, coarse not too thick (easy to precipitate), a filling requirement is not high enough, more personal experience for your reference.
Q:Proportion of unsaturated resins to curing agents and accelerators
The general ratio is: resin: accelerator: curing agent =100:3:3, its filling material can be controlled in less than 120 copies. There is no proportion between the curing agent and the promoter.
Q:What is the difference between polyester and resin?
This is equivalent to the metal and resin appellation. It has two meanings, one refers to the material, the equivalent alloy, such as phenolic resin, which is equivalent to the mean. Just a copper aluminum alloy material name. The second meaning refers to the initial does not add any substance...
Q:The difference between resin and plastic
Plastic refers to the resin (or in the process of using monomer polymerization) as the main ingredient, such as plasticizers, fillers, lubricants, additives such as colorants as auxiliary components, can flow in the process of forming materials.
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Company Certifications ISO 9001

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Nearest Port Tianjin
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Factory Size: Above 3000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 5
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered
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